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Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar Guide and its Competitors

Why do you need a Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar? We don’t know what type of vehicles you have, but the Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar is compatible with most vehicle types: SUVs, trucks, and Vans.

We believe safety is the most critical factor when transporting cargo on vehicles, so you must use the method to enhance the stability of your luggage or gear and keep it in position when your car is in motion. What is the best solution to deal with this? A cargo bar may be the most effective tool that you can use to organize and immobilize your stuff in the trunk or on the truck bed.

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You can use a Keeper Cargo Bar to increase the stability of your cargo, and it fits different widths on different vehicles with its adjustable ratcheting system. The Keeper Cargo separator Bar can effectively prevent the shifting of your cargo during transit and minimize the possibility of movement. It also provides safe driving conditions for drivers without unsecured cargo.

We don’t know what you want to transport in your car, and we are sure that the Keeper Cargo Bar helps safely deliver furniture, appliances, construction materials, sporting gear, luggage bags, and other bulky items. For example, if you want to take your family to enjoy a cross-country road trip, you may require to prepare enough space in your car to store the luggage and equipment you may need during the trip; as a result, you should consider using rooftop cargo carriers or hitch-mounted cargo carriers to increase the loading capacity for your vehicle and use a cargo bar to organize the road-needed items in the trunk. If you follow these tips, you can make your future family road trips more enjoyable with enough road essential items to deal with unexpected outdoor environments.

Most cargo bars are easy to install and use, so you don’t need to be a professional with specific skills. You can utilize the adjustable quick-release mechanism on each Keeper Cargo Bar to make it suitable for different widths in the trunks of Vans or SUVs or on the truck bed. You can assemble several nets on the Keeper Cargo separator Bar to store small devices and protect them from shifting during transit.

For these reasons, we recommend you get one or several Keeper Cargo Bars to organize your cargo.

Cargo Safety:

What can a Keeper Cargo Bar do for you?

When you have lots of luggage in the trunk or on the truck bed, the luggage may move or shift during transportation and cause unexpected damage after reaching the destination; therefore, you want something to stop the movement of your belongings and keep them in position. You can use one or multiple Keeper Cargo separator Bars to separate your cargo and keep them in positions where you want them to stay.

The primary reason for having a Keeper Cargo Bar is to keep your cargo safe on outdoor journeys.

cargo bar in use to separate items in the car trunk


You can use keeper Cargo Bars for most outdoor activities like skiing, golfing, fishing, hunting, road trips, camping, outdoor training, and more. A Keeper Cargo separator Bar cannot create extra loading space on your vehicle but make your cargo more organized. If you want to create extra space on your car to load more stuff, you should consider investing in cargo carriers, which offer 10 to 20 cubic feet of loading space.

Your belongings become safer with the protection from Keeper Cargo Bars.


Each Keeper Cargo Bar can adjust from 40 to 70 inches, and you can use one on different types of vehicles; however, you should know the width of the trunk or the truck bed to ensure you can use the Keeper Cargo Bar. Each Keeper Cargo separator Bar has two rubber feet to stand on the sides of the car trunk or the truck bed, and the rubber materials won’t create scratches in your car.

When a Keeper Cargo Bar is not in use, you can minimize the length of it and store it in the trunk or somewhere in the car. 

Cargo Net:

The Keeper Cargo Bars can provide extra safe loading space with cargo nets, and you can use two clips to add a set of cargo nets on a Keeper Cargo separator Bar to make additional safe space for smaller devices. The dimensions of a cargo box are 60 x 24 inches. 

You can get a Keeper Cargo separator Bar with or without a cargo net, depending on your demands. 

cargo bar in use on truck trunk bed

How to use a Keeper Cargo Bar?

If you want to get one, you should get a clear understanding of how to use a Keeper Cargo bar with steps. We have the information for your needs. Follow the content below to learn the most accurate way to use a Keeper Cargo separator Bar for cargo management.

When you get a Keeper Cargo separator Bar with a ratchet mechanism, you can press on the ratchet handler to release the hidden part of the bar and maximize the length of it. Now, you can adjust the length of the bar to fit the width of the trunk or the truck bed. When the Keeper Cargo Bar is at a suitable length, you can flatten the ratchet handle to lock the bar. The ratchet handle can move 180 degrees for locking and extending.


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Can you use a Ratcheting Cargo Bar in a rooftop cargo box?

Yes, you can. You can use one or multiple ratcheting cargo separator bars in a hardshell cargo box to separate items and keep them away from others to prevent scratches from shifting or movement; however, most cargo carriers provide internal straps to tighten down items for immobilizing.


In this guide, you can get familiar with ratcheting cargo bars and their features. You also can compare some popular cargo bars with the Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bars to find their differences. These car accessories are mainly for cargo management, so you can stay on our site to discover more ideas on organizing your cargo for future outdoor life.

Cargo bar in use on fully loaded trunk
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