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Car Roof Box FAQ

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The best is the most fitted. There is not a regular answer for this question. Everyone has different needs on using a car roof box, so the best car roof box should fit your needs, budget, and your vehicle. We have an article about this topic about Best Car Roof Boxes for 2020 and 2021.

It is depending on your requirements and your lifestyle. For example, if you use the car roof box very often in a week, you should consider purchasing one instead of renting one. Renting one is not that cheap as you thought it was, so, sometimes, buying a new one for long term use is a better solution for many people.

A car roof box is much better than a roof bag because a car roof box can be more safety and hard, but a roof box occupies a large room in your garage when it is not in use. On the other hand, the car roof bag is much cheaper and much easy to store at any corner around you, even in your car, but the car roof bag is easy to be break and damage. For long term usage, car roof boxes are the correct choice. Learn More…

You have to ask the rental company for allowance.

You have to read the description of the product before you are going to buy a car roof box, and you have to make sure the manufacture states that the box is waterproof. Otherwise, you are going to be disappointed with the wet items at the end of your trip.

Yes. You can use the bars from your car manufacture or buy one that fits your car style. If you cannot find any car roof bars that fit your car, you can consider using a car roof bag for your purposes. Some of the bags are not requiring roof bars.

It is pretty easy to do the installation for a car roof box, and you can do it with the manual guide inside the roof box package. Once you have done the installation, you are good to go with it for the next time uninstallation or reinstallation.

There is not a regular answer for you. You have to ask the ferry company about the regulation on car height and roof boxes. Usually, there is no extra fee for roof boxes on a ferry.

Yes, it does. You have to notify your insurance company that you do have a car roof box, and the insurance company will write the related knowledge on your insurance paper and will charge extra insurance fees to cover your roof box.

It is a great question, and the answer is also very dependable on conditions. Those hard surface boxes are better than those soft bags, but we should not keep expensive items inside a roof box very long time. The locking system of roof boxes is not that strong as your door lockers, so when you do not need the roof box, please unload it. Is it safe to use a car roof box?

Yes, it creates noise while it is moving in the windy condition, especially on the highway.

There are options for you about how to store your car roof box: garage, inside the car, yard, or at home. In general, you can keep your roof box in the garage for convenience, or you can put it at a corner of your yard with the rain cover on top, you also can carry it home every time after using, you even can store it inside your car if your car is huge enough.

Yes, it is safe of driving with a roof box. However, you should not drive over speed limitation on the high way with a roof box because driving too fast will lead to stronger wind towards your car roof box to cause potential risks to you and your car. Can you drive with an empty car roof box?

No. You can read how to choose a car roof box to find the answer to this question. In general, car roof boxes are working on rack bars. What kind of rack system do you have will decide what brand and type of car roof boxes suit your car.

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