roof racks or crossbars for Mini Coopers

4 Roof Racks or Crossbars For Mini Cooper

Can you put roof racks on a Mini Cooper? Yes, you can equip roof racks on a Mini Cooper to create extra loading storage to transport belongings or equipment on the roads. After having roof racks on a Mini Cooper, you can mount different rooftop cargo carriers to deliver a wide range of items between locations. The most popular roof-mounted cargo carriers are cargo boxes, baskets, soft cargo bags, bike carriers, kayak carriers, and ski carriers; furthermore, you can use these particular car racks to carry luggage, bicycles, kayaks, canoes, skis, snowboards, camping equipment, tents, sporting gear, golf clubs, fishing rods, and more.

When adding roof racks to a car, most people are confused about roof rails, crossbars, and roof racks; therefore, you can follow a post to get ideas about the differences and relationships between these car accessories on the car roof. Roof racks don’t universally fit on most car models, so you must consult local car dealers to find compatible items that work with your Mini Cooper. However, most OEM or factory roof racks are more expensive than aftermarket roof bars. We find some high-quality aftermarket roof racks for your consideration. You should avoid using cheap or low-quality roof racks or crossbars on Mini Cooper because these items can bring potential safety risks when holding high cargo weight.

Mini Cooper with roof-mounted cargo baskets
Mini Cooper with roof-mounted cargo baskets

Most car models have different roof loading limits, which regulate the weight limit you can load on its roof; as a result, you should read the car manual and find the exact weight limit you can follow when packing luggage or gear on the roof racks. We believe Mini Cooper can hold up to 75 kg or 165 pounds of weight on its roof, and the weight limit includes everything above the car roof, not only the luggage you carry. Most roof racks or cargo carriers have designated loading capacities, but you must follow Mini Cooper’s roof loading limit to load belongings.

We don’t know the model of your Mini Cooper, but we know there are 4-Door Hardtop Mini Coopers and 2-Door Hardtop Mini Coopers with two different types of car roofs: bare roofs and roofs with flush roof rails.

We have some recommended reading for people who want to add roof racks or crossbars for their Mini Coopers:

Most people have concerns if roof racks or crossbars can damage their car, so we have created a post with the most accurate information to explain the questions.

Quick-Pick List of Roof Racks For Mini Coopers

For 2-Door or 4-Door HardTop Mini Coopers with factory-installed flush roof rails

61YI5UQYWJL. AC SL1372 2024Yakima CoreBar  50-inch Aerodynamic crossbarsCheck Price on Amazon
41O0alLWB1L. AC SL1500 20244 Yakima SightLine Towers to connect with CoreBar roof barsCheck Price on Amazon
61yPPd3Fv3L. AC SL1500 2024 Yakima SightClip Vehicle-fit hooks for Mini CoopersCheck Price on Amazon

For 4-Door hardtop Mini Cooper with a bare roof (without existing roof rails)

61 G0rmMe5L. AC SL1200 2024 Thule WingBar EVO 47-inch Aluminum crossbars Check Price On Amazon
7126nsFqEuL. AC SL1500 2024 Thule EVO Mounting Towers with locking systemCheck Price On Amazon
51f L EEEbL. AC SL1000 2024 vehicle-fit clips for Mini CooperCheck Price On Amazon

For 2-door or 4-door hardtop Mini Cooper without existing roof rails or with a bare roof

61BsMDRS2oL. AC SL1000 2024SeaSucker Vacuum-mount Car Roof crossbars 47-inchCheck Price on Amazon

For 2-door or 4-door Mini Coopers with flush roof rails

5106wvzbN1L. AC SL1500 2024 Yakima HD crossbars 55-inch Check Price on Amazon
41O0alLWB1L. AC SL1500 2024Yakima SightLine Mounting Towers Check Price on Amazon
513T0k1Wk6L. AC SL1000 2024 Yakima HD crossbars SightLine Tower AdaptersCheck Price on Amazon
51wqanFheRL. AC SL1500 2024 Yakima SightLine Feet Vehicle-fit ClipsCheck Price on Amazon

Detail of 4 Roof Racks or Crossbars For 2-Door or 4-Door Mini Coopers

Yakima CoreBar Crossbars For Mini Cooper

Yakima CoreBar roof rack system for Mini Cooper with flush roof rails

It is the first choice for 2-Door or 4-Door HardTop Mini Coopers with factory-installed flush roof rails. What are flush roof rails? When you see two horizontal tracks that run from the front to the back on your Mini Cooper’s roof, you can call them the flush roof rails. Whether your Mini Cooper is 2-door or 4-door, you can consider using Yakima CoreBar Crossbars to create a cargo management platform for mounting rooftop cargo carriers.

Yakima is a well-known manufacturer that produces reliable roof racks for most SUVs, sedans, trucks, and Vans. Yakima CoreBar roof racks are steel-made and sturdier than aluminum ones. Each CoreBar crossbar has an advanced aerodynamic tear-drop shape to minimize the wind effects when the airflow flies over it. Yakima CoreBar roof racks have multiple length options: 50, 60, 70, and 80 inches, but you must use the 50-inch model on your Mini Coopers.

According to Yakima, two CoreBar crossbars can hold up to 220 pounds of items, but you must follow the Mini Cooper’s 165 lbs roof loading capacity to organize your cargo weight. You better obey the rule and not overload the roof racks for any reason because most experts and manufacturers seriously prohibit overloading.

When installing Yakima CoreBar crossbars on Mini Cooper with flush roof rails, you can use compatible mounting towers and vehicle-fit clips to create a complete roof rack system.

The entire assembly process is easy to follow, and you better read the installation guide several times to understand each step when combining these accessories with a pair of CoreBar crossbars. First, you should get the two CoreBar crossbars ready by removing the endcaps on each bar and inserting brackets to two heads on each bar. Then, you can reassemble each endcap on both roof bars.

When the two roof bars are ready for the final step, you can assemble vehicle-fit clips on SightLine mounting towers. After removing the back cover on a SightLine mounting leg, you can find where to lock a compatible hook. When tightening four clips on mounting towers, you can add protective rubber pads under these clips to avoid damage to the roof rails.

It is time to attach each CoreBar crossbar to two SightLine towers with a torque tool. After the installation, you should manually shake the bars to test their stability and the tightness of the connection with the roof rails.

What you need:

A pair of Yakima CoreBar roof racks

4 Yakima SightLine Mounting Feet

4 Yakima SightClip

Thule WingBar EVO Roof Racks

Thule WingBar EVO roof rack system for MINI Cooper with bare roof

It is the second option for a 4-Door hardtop Mini Cooper with a bare roof (without existing roof rails). Thule WingBar EVO offers multiple size options: 43, 47, 50, 53, and 60 inches, but you should choose the 47-inch model to suit the roof size of your 4-door Mini Cooper. When selecting roof racks or crossbars, you cannot use shorter roof bars; however, longer bars can work, but you need to ensure that they are not longer than the distance between two outside edges on two side mirrors.

Thule WingBar EVO is an aluminum-made crossbar with an inner hollow BoxBeam structure, which makes it light in weight, but even sturdier than steel bars. It is one of the most low-profile and aerodynamic aftermarket crossbars.

Each Thule WingEVO roof bar has triangle-shaped strips on its top channel to cut the airflow to reduce wind dragging and whistling noise; furthermore, each WingBar EVO crossbar has an elliptical body to increase the ability to minimize the effects of wind force. These wind-diffusing designs make the Thule WingBar EVO crossbars quiet and gas-saving. You don’t need to purchase extra fairing accessories for Thule Wingbar EVO roof racks.

It is easy to install or assemble the Thule WingBar EVO roof bars with compatible EVO Clamp Legs, and you can finish the assembly in minutes with a torque tool. You can switch and open EndCaps on each Wingbar roof bar to find T-slots, which you can insert each EVO Clamp tower to the right place. When sliding EVO clamps on the T-slots, you can use the ruler markers at the bottom of each EVO roof bar to find the accurate position for each mounting tower.

After combining two WingBar EVO crossbars with four EVO Clamp Feet, it is time to set four vehicle-fit hooks on those mounting towers. After all these processes, you get a complete Thule WingBar EVO roof rack system for your Mini Cooper with a bare roof. You can place rubber-made protective pads underneath the hooks to prevent damage to the door jambs where the mounting towers stand. You can adjust the distance between two crossbars to meet the bar spreads requirement of specific cargo carriers.

What you need:

A pair of Thule WingBar EVO Crossbars

EVO mounting towers

Vehicle-fit attachment clips

SeaSucker Monkey Roof Racks

SeaSucker Monkey car rooftop crossbars or roof racks with vacuum caps

It is the third option for people who drive a 2-door or 4-door hardtop Mini Cooper without existing roof rails or with a bare roof. It is another aluminum-made option that won’t occupy too much roof loading limit.

SeaSucker Monkey crossbars are unique vacuum-mount roof bars that work for cars without roof rails, not only for Mini Coopers. You can easily remove these vacuum-mount crossbars in minutes without a tool, so it is perfect for people who want to install rooftop cargo carriers on a rental car. You can use round or oval vacuum cups to suck on a naked car roof and hold two round crossbars for carrying rooftop cargo carriers like cargo boxes, baskets, bags, bike carriers, ski carriers, and kayak carriers.

You can put up to 150 pounds on SeaSucker roof bars, and these crossbars’ loading capacity is 15 pounds less than your Mini Cooper’s roof loading limit. You can use six vacuum caps to attach the crossbars to a naked car roof, and each vacuum sucker provides 210 pounds of suction, a total of 1260 suction on six vacuum caps.

What you need:

SeaSucker Monkey crossbars 47-inch model

Yakima HD Aluminum Roof Racks or Crossbars

Yakima HD Heavy-duty roof racks for Mini Coopers

It is another choice for 2-door or 4-door Mini Coopers with flush roof rails. You should pick the 55-inch model Yakima HD roof bars to suit the width of the roofs on Mini Coopers. You can use compatible mounting towers and vehicle-fit clamps to build a Yakima HD roof rack system on 2-door and 4-door Mini Coopers.

Yakima HD crossbars can support up to 500 pounds, and you can use it for most heavy-duty jobs and off-roading activities. You need four SightLine mounting feet to connect on two HD crossbars, and you also require to combine four HD Bar SL Adapters on these mounting towers. After adding four adapters on two HD bars, you can tighten four SightLine towers with two HD roof bars; furthermore, You can attach four vehicle-fit clamps on SightLine towers and get a complete Yakima HD roof rack system ready for hooking on Mini Coopers with flush roof rails.

What you need:

A pair of Yakima HD roof bars

4 Yakima SightLine Mounting Feet

Yakima HD bar Sightline adapters

Vehicle-fit clamps


In this article, you can find 4 compatible roof racks or crossbars for 2-door or 4-door hardtop Mini Coopers with flush roof rails or a bare roof. After having roof racks or crossbars, you can mount roof-mounted cargo carriers to transport luggage, equipment, or sporting gear.

Mini Cooper with rooftop cargo box

What you can mount on a pair of crossbars:

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