3 cargo carriers for TOYOTA RAV 4

3 Rooftop Cargo Carriers For Toyota RAV 4

While you are enjoying the fun of driving your Toyota RAV 4, you are probably thinking about how to generate extra storage room for your car without a large investment. You may think about taking your family or friends to the woods for a vacation camping trip or taking yourself to the mountain for skiing. 

However, if you want to realize all your dreams of outdoor adventures, you first need to add storage space to your Toyota RAV 4. How to do that? We are going to list three cargo carriers for Toyota RAV 4 in this article. Thus, you can read our information to learn and decide if you need one for your family or not. 

Find Cargo Carriers For Toyota RAV4

Additionally, If you have never heard about cargo carriers, on our site, some articles will build up some basic knowledge about what cargo carriers are and why you need them.

Roof Rack for Toyota RAV 4

If you are looking for a pair of roof bars for a Toyota RAV4, you can contact your local dealers or get one online from Amazon or Ebay. We find a list of compatible roof racks or crossbars for Toyota Rav4, you can give them a check for consideration.

Toyota RAV4 blue color
Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV4

Quick-Pick list of 3 Cargo Carriers For Toyota RAV 4

thule sidekick cargo box side look
  • Product: Thule Sidekick Cargo Box
  • Capacity: 8 cubic ft
  • Size: L: 54″ W: 25″ H: 15.5″
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Opening: Passenger side

thule force xt roof box for vehicle
  • Product: Thule Force XT XXL
  • Capacity: 22 cubic ft
  • Size: L: 90.5″ W: 35.5″ H: 18.5″
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Opening: Both sides

Inno Wedge Cargo Box for Car
  • Product: INNO Wedge Cargo Box
  • Capacity: 13 cubic ft
  • Size: L: 66.1″ W: 25.6″ H: 11.2″
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Opening: Both sides
  • More INNO models

Thule vector medium cargo box for Toyota Rav 4
  • Product: Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box
  • Capacity: 13 cubic ft
  • Size: 83.5 x 34.5 x 14 in
  • Weight: 59.3 lb
  • Opening: Both sides

Yakima GrandTour 18 Cargo Carrier

Cargo Bags For Toyota RAV 4

After checking out the above cargo boxes, you may lose interest in using a roof box as the extra space on your car. What about cargo bags? They are foldable for keeping, and they are cheaper for the budget. We have a list of 5 best-selling cargo bags for your Toyota RAV 4.

A list of cargo baskets for all SUVs, Sedans, Vans, and Trucks – cargo baskets are platforms that can be used as roof racks for mounting other rooftop cargo carriers. After having a pair of crossbars on the roof of your Toyota RAV4, you can mount bike carriers to transport bicycles for bike hiking events.

Details about 3 Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV 4

Thule Sidekick Cargo Box

a view Thule sidekick cargo box after installation

In Thule’s cargo boxes family, the Sidekick rooftop carrier is the smallest. It will not occupy the entire roof rack of your Toyota RAV 4, so you can also assemble other gears on your rack system. The Sidekick rooftop cargo box makes of ABS plastic materials that offer waterproof, sturdy, and durable characteristics.

If you want a light and small cargo box, this is the perfect option for you. For example, a family size of 2 or 3 people is just right to have it for road trips, camping vacations, or other outdoor adventures.

Thule SideKick Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes Buyer Guide

It provides 8 cubic feet of inner space that allows you to carry up to 110 lbs of items. You can assemble it on most factory rack systems, and the rooftop carrier’s U-bolt/knob mounting hardware ensures that you can install it on crossbars in minutes without a tool.

If you are a fan of winter sports such as skiing, you can load your skis or snowboards into it; however, its dimension is 54 L x 25 W x 15.5″ H inches, so you have to make sure that your gears are shorter than 54 inches. We recommend you consider using longer cargo boxes for winter sporting gear because the Thule Sidekick is the smallest roof box in the Thule cargo boxes’ family.

The Sidekick Thule rooftop cargo carrier can open only from the passenger side, so when you assemble it on top of your car, you have to set its position close to the passenger side to conveniently pack it

There are two locks on the side of it that provides added security to your belongings. Its construction is UV-resistant, so its color will not fade away after a long time of use under the sun.

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

thule force xt cargo box dimensions

It is another cool option that comes from the Thule family. The Thule Force rooftop cargo box is a large one that has 22 cubic feet of interior space for stowing your luggage. Its dimensions are 90.5 L x 35.5 W x 18.5 H(inches), so you can load most of the snowboards, skis, or other long equipment into it.

In Thule Force XT’s family, there are four options. The XXL car rooftop box is the largest one, and its weight is 52 lbs. 

Thule Force Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes Specs Guide

You can load up to 165 lbs of stuff in it on the go. For skis and snowboards, you can load 5 to 7 pairs of skis or 3 to 5 snowboards in the cargo box. According to the manufacturer’s info, the maximum length of skis that can be loaded into it is 215cm. By doing some research online, we found that the latch component of the lock system is plastic! We do not like it at all.

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INNO BRM624BK Wedge Cargo Box

side view of the INNO wedge cargo box

Next, we will introduce the INNO Wedge cargo box to you. It has a beautiful aerodynamic design that closely resembles the new shape of modern car design. The INNO has innovated a new aluminum structure to replace the traditional structural support on the inside with strong structural integrity.

The dual-side opening allows you to use it conveniently. The memorial mount hardware can set the distance between 4 clips to fit the measurement of your roof rack, and you can install it on the top of your Toyota RAV in minutes without a tool.

Its original color is black, and you can print it to match the color of your car. Moreover, its aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and has no impact on your gas mileage. For example, a real customer said that she only lost 1 Mile Per Gallon at highway speed.

A complete video shows you the process of installing an INNO wedge roof box on top of a Porsche sports car. If you like this video, please share it on your social network as a Thank You to the author.

Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box

what it looks like after installing the Thule Vector cargo box on top of a compact SUV

It is the most expensive cargo box on the market because of its luxurious appearance and advanced features. It is a premium product from the Thule brand, and it has two size options: Alpine and Medium.
If you want to use the cargo box to carry gear like skis or snowboards, you can use the Alpine model to transport long items or equipment.

If you want to use the roof box to carry luggage for road trips or camping vacations, you can choose the Medium model.
We pick the Thule Vector Medium option for your Toyota RAV 4 because of its ample interior space.
Its dimensions are 83.5 x 34.5 x 14 inches, and you can use the measurement to check if you can load your luggage into the rooftop carrier or not. Otherwise, when having a cargo box above your RAV 4’s roof, you have to ensure that the added height allows you to drive into the garage without scratches between the garage gate and the top of the roof box.
It is the only cargo box that comes with motion-activated LED lights, and you can pack or unload it in the dark.
The Vector cargo boxes open from both sides for bringing convenience to users, and the lid holders support the lid until users close it manually.
You can load 3 to 5 pairs of skis or snowboards into the cargo box for winter sporting seasons. Furthermore, you can use the cargo box to stow fishing poles and golf clubs when fishing or golfing on holidays.

Yakima GrandTour 18 Cargo Carrier

Yakima GrandTour Premium Cargo Box on Toyota RAV4

It is another car rooftop luggage carrier you can mount on top of your Toyota RAV with roof racks or crossbars. When shopping for a hardshell car roof box, you must ensure the fitment between your existing roof bars and the cargo box’s mounting hardware. According to the Yakima, you must adjust the two crossbars to have a bar spread between 24 and 39 inches to meet the requirement to use a Yakima GrandTour Premium Cargo Carrier.

The Yakima GrandTour car roof boxes have three size options: 16, 18, and Low-profile. Each of these models has the same features and functions but different dimensions. Consequently, you can choose one that fits your items and carry them on outdoor journeys. We pick the 18 cubic feet option for your consideration.

What benefits do you get after having an 18 Cubic Feet Yakima GrandTour cargo carrier?

After successfully mounting a Yakima GrandTour 18 on a Toyota RAV4, you can get an extra storage space for carrying items for all outdoor activities. With the added loading space on the car roof, you can free up the trunk and passenger room for road-needed belongings and travel companions. If you want to transport long gear like skis or snowboards, you can choose the Yakima GrandTour Low Profile model for the job or find other slim cargo boxes to deliver your long items.

Why the Yakima GrandTour cargo boxes are here on this list?

We like their ample loading space and their flat inner bottom to provide more loading space. We can open each Yakima GrandTour cargo box on either side for easy loading. The integrated SKS locking system protects your belongings on the roads, but you should learn some tactics to increase security when using a rooftop cargo carrier. Each Yakima GrandTour cargo box has two lid stiffeners to hold the lid while the roof box is open, and these lid stiffeners bring many conveniences when loading or unloading items in the roof box.

What else do you want to know about the Yakima GrandTour 18 cargo box?

It weighs 60.5 pounds, and you should invite someone when lifting the cargo box for installation. Its dimensions are 91 x 37 x 17 inches or 231.14 x 93.98 x 43.18 cm, and you can use these numbers to estimate if the Yakima GrandTour 18 fits your items’ measurements. The maximum length that the Yakima GrandTour 18 allowed is 215cm. We recommend the Yakima crossbars to work with a GroundTour cargo box if your Toyota RAV4 has flush roof rails.

When installing a Yakima GrandTour cargo carrier on roof bars, you must adjust four mounting clamps forward or backward to avoid interference between the open hatchback and back of a cargo box, not only the GrandTour series. You can check the PDFs below to learn how to install a Yakima GrandTour and accurately operate the mounting hardware.

Installation Manual

Cargo Boxes On Toyota RAV 4 Gallery


In this article, we have discussed three cargo boxes for Toyota RAV 4 with their detailed information. After reading this article, have you decided which one of them will be your option? If you haven’t decided yet, you may still consider what you can do with a cargo box and why you need it. For your Toyota RAV 4, there are other fitted cargo boxes on the market, and you can search again for better results on Amazon.

Other car rooftop or rear cargo carriers for bikes, kayaks, luggage, and more.

Finally, If we have helped you, please share our content on your social networks. We will appreciate that so much, and we will do better in the future. 

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