roof cargo boxes for Kia Sportage

5 Cargo Boxes For Kia Sportage

If you have a roof storage box on the top of your Kia Sportage car, you will be physically well-being and relieved on a road trip. If you don’t have a cargo box on a road trip, you will not have enough space for your luggage which brings you many troubles.

When you need something on a road trip, you will feel worried if you don’t have it around you. However, if you have a roof storage box, you can store it there for unpredictable situations. Besides, the cargo boxes have ample room that allows you to take all your accessories for a comfortable and enjoyable road journey.

You know yourself better than anyone else, so you know how much room, in general, you need when you go for a road vacation. You will choose a roof box that perfect for your needs, not too large or too small. On the market, every roof box has its capacity that shows you how much room it has for your luggage, so you need to read its descriptions carefully. 

We have done the research for you, and we list the five most suitable cargo boxes below for your Kia Sportage.

find compatible rooftop cargo boxes for Kia Sportage in minutes
Finding a compatible cargo box for your Kia Sportage

Finding Roof Racks

If you are looking for roof racks for Kia Sportage, you can consider getting one online. You also can find one on Amazon. We recommend you to contact your local auto dealer to get one.

A list of universal roof racks for all vehicles – these universal racks can work with your Kia Sportage

cargo boxes for kia sportage
Cargo Boxes For Kia Sportage

Quick-pick List of Roof Storage Box For Kia Sportage

thule pulse cargo box side view
  • Product: Thule Pulse Cargo Box
  • Volume: 16 cu ft
  • Size: L:89″ W:26″ H: 13″
  • Opening: Passenger

plenty of room for gear for up to 2 campers fits snowboards and skis up to 210 cm
  • Product: Yakima Showcase Rooftop Cargo Box
  • Volume: 9 cu ft
  • Size: L:47″ W: 27″ H: 17″
  • Opening: Passenger

bullet box cargo box for kia sportage
  • Product: Pro-Series 63150 Bullet Box
  • Volume: 13 cu ft
  • Size: L:72″ W: 17″ H: 24″
  • Opening: Passenger

goplus black roof box for Kia Sportage
  • Product: Goplus Cargo Box
  • Volume: 14 cu ft
  • Size: L: 63″ W: 31″ L: 15″
  • Opening: Both Sides

side view of the SportRack cargo box
  • Product: SportRack SR7016 Horizon Cargo Box
  • Volume: 16 cu ft
  • Size: L:76″ W: 33″ H:16″
  • Opening: Passenger

Yakima GroundTour cargo carrier 18 cubic feet
  • Product: Yakima GrandTour 18 Cubic Feet
  • Volume: 18 cu ft
  • Size: 91 x 37 x 17 inches/231.14 x 93.98 x 43.18 cm
  • Opening: Both Sides
  • More Information about It

5 Best Cargo Bags For Kia Sportage

When you decide to leave this page with no interest in cargo boxes because of their price and size, you can consider using a roof bag as the added space to your vehicle. We list 5 best-selling cargo bags that may fit your demands, and they are much cheaper and foldable for keeping.

A list of cargo baskets for all SUVs, Sedans, Vans, and Trucks – Most people use cargo baskets

what benefits you get after having rooftop cargo carrier on Kia Sportage? You will know...

Details about Car Roof Storage Boxes for Kia Sportage

Thule Pulse Car Roof Box

Thule Pulse roof box on Kia Sportage

The Thule company has a positive reputation on the market, and it produces many high-quality cargo boxes and other automotive accessories. Safety is the priority of Thule’s products, so we recommend Thule’s products to most of our visitors. 

For your Kia Sportage, the Thule Pulse roof box is the best option for both your family and your car. You might want to ask why it is the best out of the five in this article. 

For Safety: Thule Pulse cargo box makes of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) high-tech plastic materials, and the cargo box will protect your belongings from water, heavy stroke, and accident. It opens from the passenger side, and you won’t face any risk when you load or unload it on the highways.

For Mounting Hardware: Thule Pulse roof box is suitable for most factory racks on the market, so it is easy to install or disassemble it from the roof of your Kia Sportage.

For Lock system: Your belongings will be locked in the Thule Pulse roof box forever if you don’t open it with the right key. You can park your car and leave to enjoy the beach sunshine without any possibility of losing your stuff while you are relaxing.

All in all, we recommend the Thule Pulse cargo box to you as the best option for your Kia Sportage.

Yakima Showcase 15 Cargo Box

yakima showcase cargo box side view

For your Kia Sportage, a smaller car roof storage box is better for both appearance and use. The Yakima Showcase 15 cargo box has a suitable size for your car. You can put this roof box on your wishlist for consideration.

There is a specially designed sensitive latch on the lid of the Yakima Showcase 15 that ensures your luggage is under protection all the time on your way traveling. Moreover, a lid-lifter helps you to hold the lid cover when you load or unload items.

Yakima Showcase top cargo carrier on Kia Sportage

Additionally, Yakima Showcase 15 has an aesthetic, aerodynamic, and high-gloss design that is attractive. The aerodynamic shape reduces wind noise while your car is in motion, and it does not have a significant impact on your gas mileage.

The Dual-opening of it is another highlighted advantage that ensures you can access your belongings conveniently from both sides of your car.

You don’t need to worry about the interferences between the cargo box and the hatchback because there is enough free space to allow the opening of all of them at the same time.

All in all, this Yakima Showcase 15 cargo box is another perfect option for your Kia Sportage.

Pro-Series 63150 Bullet Box

Pro-series 63150 bullet cargo box for kia sportage

Pro-series 63150 bullet car roof box is a pre-assembled product, so you only need to assemble it onto your roof rack. The easy installation steps will save both your energy and time, and you can install it without any assistance from others or tools. However, we recommend you call someone else to help you lift it to the top of your vehicle because it is a large guy.

The 63150 roof box can install on most roof racks, so there is no worry about the roof rack selection. 

There are 13 cubic feet of space in the roof box, and it is enough for regular use for most people. However, if you travel with your family, you can consider selecting a large roof box to have more room for a large amount of luggage.

The hinges of it help you to keep the box open while it is in use. The hinges are the same as lid-stiffeners, so you will not be hit on your arms or fingers by a sudden-drop lid.

The 13 cubic feet of stowing room allows you to carry as many as 110 pounds of items in it. 

You can watch a video of this cargo box on Youtube.

Goplus Car Roof Box

On the market, the Goplus cargo boxes offer three colors for better color-matching to customers’ vehicles. Goplus also makes its cargo boxes with ABS materials that make the box strong and durable. The aerodynamic design offers a reduction of wind noise and no impact on gas mileage. As with other high-glass cargo storage boxes, it also has a lid-stiffener that ensures that the lid will keep opening while you use it for loading or unloading.

Dual-opening and quick installation are advantages of the Goplus cargo box. The dual-opening allows you to open the cargo box from both sides, and it creates many conveniences on your road trips. However, we want to remind you that you better not use the traffic side when you are parking on the side of the highway for safety reasons. The quick installation is easy to perform by one person without tools.

Additionally, it allows you to load 165 pounds of items in it, so it is perfect for a big family. 

With a type of cargo box like this one, you can maximize your fun and enjoyment on your road trips with your friends or families. If you like to drive your small Kia Sportage with a larger roof box, this is a good option. You can put all your sport-equipment into the box and go to a far place to experience a camping or skiing season.

SportRack SR7016 Horizon Cargo Box

SportRack roof box open for loading items for kia sportage owners

We thank SportRack to produce a car roof storage box like this because we are using it now. Horizon roof box has an aerodynamic design, ABS-material components, an advanced lock system, lid lifters, a simple mount system, and color options. 

If you plan to have a road trip with some belongings, you can buy the SportRack horizon cargo box to carry items for you. SportRack has its rack system, but its cargo box can fit most of the rack systems on the market. 

10sportageboxes 2024

The Horizon roof box is only 75.9 inches long, but it can store several skis or snowboards without a problem of closing.

The easy mounting system is simple to operate in minutes for installing or disassembling, and it is a one-person job with bare hands. 

You can watch a video about this car roof storage box on youtube.

Cargo Boxes On Kia Sportage Gallery


In this article, we listed five high-quality cargo boxes for your Kia Sportage. You have to consider and learn something before you are going to purchase one for your car. You must understand the size, capacity, lock, and material of your chosen roof box, for you will put it onto your car top and drive with it on the highways. If you pick the wrong one, the potential danger can be risky for both you and your vehicle. 

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