5 top cargo bags for your car

6 Top Cargo Bags For Your Car

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

You can use cargo bags as alternatives to the cargo boxes for your vehicle, and most cargo bags fit all types of cars. Some cargo boxes are expensive, and they are not convenient to use when you don’t have a garage to store them. Consequently, you can consider using a roof bag to transport your items on the roads. However, cargo bags have disadvantages that may not be as sturdy, durable, waterproof as cargo boxes are. Cargo bags are much cheaper than hardshell roof boxes, so you can consider having two or three roof bags for your active life.

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When you want to buy a roof bag, you need to select your favorite one from almost a hundred compatible roof bags on the market. We help you with picking out the best five ones for your consideration.

Quick-Pick List of 5 Top Cargo Bags

Image Product Weight Capacity Opening Dimensions Links
5 cargo bags74  Fivklemnz Cargo Bag  6.6 Pounds  15 Cubic Feet  Zipper system  20.43 x 14.84 x 7.32 inches Check Price
5 cargo bags75  ToolGuards Car Top Carrier  9.44 pounds  15 Cubic Feet  Zipper system  17.72 x 14.37 x 6.54 inches Check Price
5 cargo bags76  Vetoos Cargo Bag  11.62 pounds  21 Cubic Feet  Zipper system  14.5 x 12.7 x 8 inches Check Price
5 cargo bags77  RoofBag Cargo Carrier  8 Pounds  15 Cubic Feet  Zipper system  48 x 38 x 14.5 inches Check Price
5 cargo bags78  MIDABAO Roof Bag  9.13 pounds  20 Cubic Feet  Zipper system  51.1” x 39” x 17” Check Price
61ejv neZpS. AC SL1500 2023 Waterproof Car Roof Bag 6.59 pounds 15 cubic feet zipper system with flap cover 44” (L) X 34” (W) X 17” (H)  Check Price

Detail of 5 Best Cargo Bags For All Vehicles

Fivklemnz 15 Cubic Feet cargo bag

It is the first option for your car. It fits most passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks, and you can use it with or without a roof rack. The manufacturer provides eight super-reinforced straps for firmly attaching the cargo bag to your car roof, and there is an anti-slip mat inside the roof bag for preventing your items from sliding while your car is in motion. The roof bag offers 15 cubic feet of interior space for holding 4 to 6 regular-sized suitcases or other necessary stuff for your active life. It weighs 6.6 pounds, and you can store it in your car trunk or even in a backpack. It is a combination of 700D Oxford cloth with a waterproof zipper system; thus, you can use it under extreme weather conditions. When it is fully open for use, its dimensions are ‎20.43 x 14.84 x 7.32 inches. This product has more than 2800 customer feedback on Amazon, and its rating score is 4.5 out of 5

ToolGuards Car Top Carrier cargo bag

It is another option for your vehicle. It gives you 15 cubic feet of inner space for transporting your gear between locations. It also has a larger size that offers 20 cubic feet of space as an added storage space for your vehicle. It is a combination of heavy-duty tarpaulin materials, and it has a waterproof zipper system. You can attach it to your car with or without a roof rack, and the installation process is super simple. When it is fully open for use, its dimensions are 17.72 x 14.37 x 6.54 inches; furthermore, it weighs 9.44 lbs. You can store it somewhere in the trunk or even in a bag. If you want to know detail about how to install this cargo bag on a car, you can read the installation guide here.

Vetoos 21 cubic feet Cargo Bag

vetoos cargo bag is 100% waterproof
anti-extreme weather conditions
you can use Vetoos cargo bag to enjoy a road trip with your family.
large 21 cubic feet interior space

It is the third alternative to cargo boxes. This product has two color options: orange and blue. It gives you 21 cubic feet of internal space for carrying items for a family of 5 to 6 people. It has three layers of high-density PVC fabric, and it is 100% waterproof, anti-extreme weather, and long-lasting. It provides a zipper flap to prevent water get into the bag during rainy days, and the flap keeps your items super dry. When you want to attach it to your car roof, you can use four hooks and eight straps for that purpose. It weighs 11.62 lbs, and its dimensions are 14.5 x 12.7 x 8 inches. It is foldable, and you can store it somewhere in the trunk when you don’t need it. 

RoofBag Cargo Carrier

RoofBag cargo bag is another option for your car, and you can use it to transport lots of items on the roads.

It is the fourth option for your car. It weighs 8 lbs, and its dimensions are 48 x 38 x 14.5 inches. When you don’t need it, you can fold it up for storage. It is convenient to use and install, and it comes with two heavy-duty straps.

MIDABAO 20 cubic feet waterproof cargo carrier

Watch this video to get a clear understanding of how to use the MIDABAO cargo carrier

It is the fifth option for your road trips. It offers 20 cubic feet of interior space for stowing things during your outdoor adventures. You can use it with or without a roof rack, and it fits all vehicles. When it is fully open, its dimensions are 51.1” x 39” x 17”. You can use six short straps and two long straps to firmly attach it to your car in minutes without a tool. It weighs 9.13 pounds, and it is foldable for easy storage. It has 745 customer feedback on Amazon, and its rating score is 4.5 out of 5.

MeeFar Rooftop Cargo Carrier Roof Bag

MeeFar Rooftop Cargo Carrier Car Roof Bag 20 Cubic Feet. 100% Waterproof Car Top Carrier, Fits All Vehicle with / Without Rack, Include Anti-Slip Mat,10.

The MeeFar rooftop cargo bag is made of 100% waterproof 800D PVC tarpaulin, so it has the quality to stop water from getting inside and wetting your stuff. The soft roof bag comes with door hooks that provide security to your belongings and make the cargo bag more reliable.
The bag has 20 cubic feet of loading space to load 4 sleep bags, 4-6 suitcases, or 2 double tents, and you can use the cargo carrier to transport other items for your road trips or other outdoor activities.
You can use the roof bag with roof racks or without roof racks, and the roof bag comes with an anti-slip mat for preventing swinging and protecting the car roof.
If your car has a panoramic sunroof, you probably need to think twice before using a roof bag for transportation on holidays.

61GPyyADWEL. AC SL1500 2023

If you feel that your budget is not ok for those expensive hardshell cargo boxes, you can consider getting a cheaper soft cargo bag for carrying what you need for outdoor needs. There are differences between cargo boxes and cargo bags, and you can refer to a guide for detail.
If you want to try a soft cargo bag, we recommend the MeeFar roof bag to be your travel companion. This MeeFar rooftop cargo carrier comes with two size options, so you can choose between the 15 cubic feet option and the 20 cubic feet option.
The manufacturer uses high-density 700D PVC tarpaulin to construct this roof bag, and it is waterproof, sturdy, durable, and anti-weather. You can use it in extreme weather conditions. It comes with an anti-slip mat that prevents damage to your car roof, and the 6 security hooks can hold the bag in position and make sure the bag won’t slide during the trips.
This roof bag doesn’t like most cargo boxes that may not work for specific crossbars, and the MeeFar bag can work with or without roof racks. When the MeeFar bag is fully packed, its dimensions are 51 x 40 x 17 inches. You can load almost everything in the bag like camping tents, carry-on luggage bags, sleeping bags, and more.
When you don’t need the bag, you can fold it up and store it in the trunk. This is much more convenient than other rooftop cargo carriers. It helps in making long road trips comfortable and relaxed. It is easy to install and use.

Waterproof Car Roof Top Cargo Carrier Bag

ASANI roof bag for vehicle to create extra storage on the roof
what does it look like after installation

It is another high-quality roof bag that you can use on top of your vehicle to create an added 15 cubic feet of storage space. You can use straps to stabilize the bag and load items in it for transportation. The roof bag is made of triple layers of tarpaulin, and it is waterproof.
It is also easy to store when you don’t need it. For example, you can put this car rooftop bag in the trunk. The roof bag has a zipper flap that prevents the water from getting in the bag. However, most roof bags don’t perform well when keeping items dry on rainy days.
The cargo bag can carry up to 99 lbs of items, according to the manufacturer’s descriptions. Its dimensions are 44″ x 34″ x 17″, and you can use the measurement to estimate if it fits your belongings’ length or height.
You can use 8 strong straps to tighten the bag to the roof racks, and the roof bag doesn’t work for cars that don’t have crossbars. You can mount the roof bag to a pair of crossbars in minutes without a tool.

In Conclusion

You can find some soft rooftop cargo bags that can boost your car’s loading capacity. You can load more luggage and equipment on top of your vehicle for many different outdoor adventures. When choosing a soft cargo bag, you need to pay attention to its materials and dimensions and its mounting method; in addition, you better choose one with an anti-slip mat to protect the car roof when the bag is fully loaded. Without a protection mat, it is possible to damage the car roof or the expensive panoramic sunroof. If your car roof is empty, it is ok to use a soft roof bag because cargo bags often can work without roof racks (crossbars).

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