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How to drive with a roof cargo box?

After using a rooftop cargo box, you must follow some tips to drive safely without potential risks for yourself and other drivers. In this article, you can gain safety tips for driving safely with a rooftop cargo carrier.

There are many different types of cargo carriers on the market, and cargo boxes are one of these carriers. These rooftop cargo carriers provide extra loading space on top of your vehicle, and you can use them to carry almost everything without occupying the passenger room or the trunk. These products make our outdoor life much easier, and they bring much fun to our outdoor adventures.

When taking your family on a long-distance road trip, you can put all luggage in the cargo carrier to create a large passenger room for your families and make them comfortable on the roads. People can stretch their legs and arms when they want to. 

You have to remember putting road needed stuff in the car for convenience; otherwise, you will need to stop to find what you need while driving on the highways.

Before Driving Out

What do you need to know and do before driving out with a rooftop cargo box? You have to check the installation and test it for safety reasons. You must pack it like a pro and watch the weight balance. You can manually shake the roof box to four directions with gradually increased force (the froce should be close to how much the installation will face on the roads) until the installation successfully pass the testing.

how to safely drive with a roof cargo box

What is your car’s roof loading limit? You have to find out the car manual and look for the roof loading limit before packing the roof box or other types of cargo carriers. It is important.

Although you have purchased a large roof cargo box, you can not fully load it if your car roof loading limit is not allowed for the weight. As a result, people should buy a suitable roof box for their cars.

Overloading a roof cargo box is super dangerous, and you can find some Dos and Dons in another article. 

You also need to check the position of the roof box and make sure the clamps or clips are functioning. You must ensure that the roof cargo box is in line with the passenger side for easy accessibility. If your car is high, you can use the Car Door Step to stand higher to reach the luggage and close the box. 

Before heading out on the roads, you must check the installation, pack the roof boxadjust the position, and maintain the weight balance. After preparation, you are about to start.

Weight Distribution

It is significant before driving out. Whatever you will load in the roof box, you should distribute the weight evenly in the box. 

A fully loaded roof cargo box rises the car’s gravity center, and it can make your car different to handle than usual. For example, you should use a long brake to avoid the potential risks when braking on highways. When turning the vehicle, you must drive slow to prevent rolling over. Another super highlighted tip for drivers who usually travel with a roof box is the speed limit. You can follow a guide to find how fast you can drive with a roof cargo box.

Extra Height 

After installing a roof cargo box, your car has additional height on top of it. Consequently, you should pay attention to the extra addon when driving through places like underground parking or your garage. Some people accidentally maneuver into the garage without taking off the roof box, and the garage gate damages the cargo box. 

You can follow a guide to learn how to fix small holes or scratches on a roof cargo box.

Car Insurance

When you communicate with the car insurance company, you can tell her about your newly purchased roof cargo box. If it is possible, the car insurance can cover the roof box. It is necessary for people who use rooftop cargo carriers at high frequency.

Do you need a license for your roof box? Most people wonder if they need to put a license plate on their roof cargo boxes. 

On The Roads

  • Wind noise – if you hear strange sounds, you can follow a guide to minimizing the noise as much as possible.
  • Gas mileage – if a roof cargo box affects the gas mileage, you can read an article to find answers.
  • Speed limit – the most important thing repeat three times, you must follow the speed limit while driving with a rooftop cargo carrier.
  • Extra height – you should always remember there is an extra height on top of your car while driving through places that have height limitations.
  • Anti-thefts – you can follow a guide to learn some tactics to protect your roof cargo box on the roads
  • Empty cargo box – can you drive with an empty roof cargo box? Follow a guide to find why and how…
  • Safe Distance – please keep safe distance with the front cars when driving with a cargo box because you need longer time to stop.
  • Straps – You can use straps to tighten items down to the bottom of the cargo box to make sure your belongings won’t move on the roads.

After Trips

After driving with a roof cargo box, you should take it off and clean it for storing it in the garage. You cannot use an automatic carwash service when the roof box is on top of your car. 

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