rooftop cargo carrier for VW Tiguan car

5 Better Cargo Carriers For Volkswagen Tiguan

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

Are you looking for a rooftop cargo carrier for your Volkswagen Tiguan Car? Are you wondering what size and brand rooftop box to buy for your car? Are you considering traveling in your car to a far-away place with many luggage? You can continue to read this article to locate the right option of a cargo carrier for your next road trips.

A rooftop cargo carrier can help you carry many belongings on your road trips, and it also creates many conveniences and much satisfaction on the roads.

If you are a lover of road journeys, you might have experienced many hassles and frustrations when you traveled with many belongings. When you want to take a pair of shoes out from your belongings, it is hard to find and reach; thus, you will never experience the happiness and fun of a road trip. However, is there any solution to this awkward situation? Yes, a cargo box can help you out from the inconvenience and bring much happiness and fun to your next road travels.

However, before you are getting started to know more about roof boxes, you must understand that safety is the priority of everything. We recommend that you should drive under speed-limitation and not drive with sleepy eyes. 
Below, we will first list five cargo boxes for the Volkswagen Tiguan. If you are rushing on time, you can use the quick-pick list to choose one. Then we will describe these cargo boxes in detail and provide our advice to help you choose the perfect one.

rooftop cargo carrier for VW Tiguan Car
Rooftop Cargo Carriers For VW Tiguan

If you are looking for cargo bars, you can visit the VW official one below.
Are you looking for 2018 – 2019 Tiguan Base Roof Rack ?
If you want to find more options of VW Tiguan roof rack, you can visit the link.

Quick-Pick List of Rooftop Cargo Carrier for VW Tiguan

thule motion xt
  • Product: Thule Motion XT
  • Volume: 16 cu ft
  • Dimensions: L: 90″ W: 35″ H: 15″
  • Opening: Both sides

inno wedge cargo box
  • Product: INNO Wedge
  • Volume: 13 cu ft
  • Dimensions: L: 73″ W: 33″ H: 14″
  • Opening: Both sides

sportrack vista roof box
  • Product: SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box
  • Volume: 18 cu ft
  • Dimensions: L: 63″ W: 38″ H: 19
  • Opening: Rear

yakima skybox roof box
  • Product: Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box
  • Volume: 21 cu ft
  • Dimensions: L: 90″ W: 36″ H: 12″
  • Opening: Both Sides

SportRack Horizon
  • Product: SportRack Horizon Cargo Box
  • Volume: 11 cu ft
  • Dimensions: L: 89″ W: 21″ H: 16″
  • Opening: Passenger

5 Top-Selling Cargo Bags For All Cars

If you don’t want a cargo box for adding extra storage space for your car, you can consider using cargo bags as alternatives. Roof Bags are foldable for easy keeping, and they are much cheaper than cargo boxes. When you don’t need it, you even can put it in your backpack.

A list of best cargo baskets for your VW Tiguan – Most people use cargo baskets as roof racks.

Details about Rooftop Cargo Carriers for VW Tiguan

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

It is the best option for many vehicles because of its high-tech materials, enhanced lock system, large internal storage, and aesthetic aerodynamic design. For both your needs and your VW Tiguan car, this is a suitable one.

Thule Motion XT Cargo Boxes Buyer Guide

The high-tech plastic materials make the Thule Motion XT very hard to break, so your belongings are 100% safe inside of this rooftop carrier. It is water-resistant, and you can use it in extreme weather conditions.

For safety reasons, Thule built this cargo box with an enhanced lock system that ensures that your belongings are protected not only by a sturdy, durable box body but also a smart, hard-break lock system. On the other hand, you can open the cargo box from either side of your car without interfering with your hatchback. 

When you open it, you can find that the lid-lifter helps you to hold the lid open until you manually pull it down. Besides, when you close it, you can notice that the slide-lock system automatically locks it.

There are many roof boxes for Volkswagen Tiguan, but we highly recommend that you pick the Thule Motion XT as an added storage space. It fits not only your VW Tiguan but also other brands: FordBMWVW Golf, and Audi Q5.

INNO Wedge Rooftop Cargo Carrier

It is another choice for your VW Tiguan, and INNO offers four different color options for you. INNO products have many positive feedbacks that ensure you can trust the quality of INNO’s products and services.
It is easy to install with its universal mount system, so it is compatible with most factory roof racks and after-market rack bars.
Also, the ABS plastic material has strong and durable characteristics that offer high-class quality to the INNO roof box. Waterproof is another must-have attribute of the INNO cargo boxes, and it will ensure that your belongings stay dry during a long way road trip.
This cargo box is dual-opening, and it provides the best convenience to the users. When you park your car on the side of the road or in a parking spot, you can easily reach your belongings from both sides of your vehicle. In comparison to other roof boxes, the INNO Wedge cargo carrier is much better in quality.

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

The construction of the SportRack Vista XL Rear cargo box is sturdy and durable, so it will stay on top of your car without a chance to fail off while it is in motion. You can trust its mounting components, and you can relax on driving. The perfect aerodynamic design will not create any wind-noise on the highway. We should thank the SportRack for manufacturing this type of high-quality product to the market for us.

SportRack Vista Cargo Boxes Information

ABS material is protecting this cargo box from outside breaking and water. Your luggage will stay safe and dry on your way to your vacation destinations.

UV resistant is another outstanding benefit of the SportRack roof box. You do not worry about the fading of it after you have used it for a long time. The color is going to stay as it was because of the UV resistant attribute of the Cargo carrier. We highly recommend this rooftop cargo carrier to you, and we believe that you will be happy with it.

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you are looking for a cargo box for your VW Tiguan, you are on the right page. Moreover, if you are trying to find a cargo box for your gears of sport such as skiing, you are reading the right content. The Yakima company can satisfy your needs with its high-quality cargo roof boxes.

Yakima SkyBox Cargo Boxes Information

We often give Yakima a thumb-up on their products because of their quality and functions. The Skybox Carbonite roof box comes with its aesthetic aerodynamic design for wind-noise decreasing and energy saving. As a result, you will not hear much noise when you drive on the highways; furthermore, your gas mileage will not change abnormally.

When you open the Skybox cargo box, you can find a lid stiffener that holds the lid up while the roof box is open. Consequently, you don’t need to hold up the lid-cover while the cargo box is fully-open for packing. The advanced lock system also protects your belongings from stolen or damage.

Many people are leaving it as an accessory part on top of their vehicles for even a whole year; consequently, they did not complain about having driving difficulties, a drop in gas mileage, and other poor experiences.

SportRack Horizon Cargo Box

side view of the SportRack cargo box
Side look of SportRack Horizon Cargo Box

It is another ABS-made (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) rooftop cargo box, and it has six characteristics because of ABS.

  • Impact Resistance
  • Structural Strength and Stiffness
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent High and Low-Temperature Performance
  • Great Electrical Insulation Properties
  • Easy to Paint and Glue

SportRack Horizon Cargo Boxes Buyer Guide

You can believe that the roof box will protect your belongings in almost any situation, even in an accident. The waterproof, sturdy, and strong cargo box can be tough enough to receive any challenges on the road.
The SportRack cargo rooftop box also has a memorial mount system that provides you the extra convenience of installing it on top of your car. You can disassemble it in minutes.
The SportRack Horizon cargo box has an aesthetic shape and an aerodynamic design, and it can reduce wind noise and decrease the pushing power of the coming air in motion.

SportRack Horizon rooftop cargo carrier for VW Tiguan
Internal look of SportRack Horizon Cargo Box

Cargo Boxes On Volkswagen Tiguan


In this article, we listed 5 top rooftop cargo carriers for your VW Tiguan car, and you can select one as your favorite one. When you are driving with a cargo box in your vacation time, you will experience many conveniences. You can enjoy the fun of your road journeys because your belongings are safe.

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