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5 Better Rooftop Cargo Boxes For Lexus LX

You can use a rooftop cargo box to add waterproof storage space on the roof of your Lexus LX. The Lexus LX is a full-size luxury SUV that has a large passenger room for seven people and an expandable trunk space from 11 to 64 cubic feet room for carrying luggage; however, if you want to get 64 cubic feet of storage space, you need to fold the rear seats down. 

We don’t see any person that would like to travel alone, so you may not have a chance to fully utilize the entire 64 cubic feet of interior storage space. When you want to drive out for an outdoor event like camping, you must go with many companions and their luggage. What to do with the entire luggage on the floor? 

You can use cargo carriers to carry belongings on top or at the back of your Lexus LX. What options do you have? Rooftop cargo carriers are more convenient to use and install than hitch-mounted luggage carriers; thus, we recommend the rooftop cargo boxes for your consideration because they are the most secure storage solutions compared to roof bags and baskets.

make sure you know what to prepare before adding roof cargo carriers to your Lexus LX

Quick-Pick List Of 5 Cargo Boxes For Lexus LX

daeb710b 0665 4be9 889b cb1d518c15a9. CR0,1057,1500,1500 PT0 SX300 V1 2024 Thule Pulse 36.0 pounds Large (16 Cubic Feet) 110 lb Passenger-Side Lid Opening 76″ x 33″ x 16.5″ inches (highest)Check Price
51Xnm8Pt8UL. AC SL1200 2024Heavy Duty Hard Shell Roof Top ‎39 pounds 11 Cubic Feet and up to 110 LBSPassenger Side53″ x 34″ x 15″ Check Price
e19f9f10 2d6c 4056 9d75 29df4bd805ea. SR300,300 2024 INNO Shadow Cargo Box 42 lbs. 13 cubic feet Dual-Side Opening 78.7 x 31.9 x 13.4 inches (longest and thinnest)Check Price
612 KMAclyL. AC SL1500 2024 Perflex Bosphorus Rooftop Cargo Box 35 lbs (15.8 kg) 17 Cubic Feet (480 L)  DUAL-SIDE OPENING 73 x 34 x 16 inches

Check Price
61IruvghB8L. AC SL1470 2024 YAKIMA RocketBox Pro 50.8 Pounds14 cubic feetDual-sided opening74.00 x 33.00 x 16.00 inches

Check Price

We have two guides that introduce the differences between rooftop luggage carriers: 

You can follow these guides to understand why rooftop cargo boxes are the best options for most outdoor needs. The manufacturer suggests that you have to read through the car manual to find the roof loading limit before buying a rooftop cargo carrier because you need to follow the limit to control the weight of your cargo. If you cannot find the paper manual, you can use this link to find it on the Lexus official site. We found that you cannot exceed 154 pounds (70kg roof loading limit) of cargo when packing the rooftop luggage carrier on the roof of your Lexus LX.

Lexus LX manual quote for people who want to use cargo carriers on their SUV

For example, you find a cargo box with 200 lbs of loading capacity, but you cannot follow the 200 lbs limit to pack the box. You should follow the Lexus LX’s roof loading limit (154 lbs) to load the luggage with caution.

Where to find roof racks for your Lexus LX?

You can contact the local auto Lexus dealer to order one or find one on Amazon or Ebay. Most rooftop cargo boxes work with factory, round, square, and aero roof bars. 

Do you have roof racks (crossbars) on the roof of your Lexus LX?

A pair of crossbars is a must-have component for mounting a rooftop cargo box on top of your Lexus LX, and you should use high-quality roof racks because they hold all the cargo you have on the roads. 

If your Lexus LX has a bare roof, you can follow a guide to find some high-quality crossbars that work without car roof rails. When choosing crossbars, you should pay attention to the length; otherwise, if you are wondering and not sure about the compatibility, you can select roof racks that are longer than the width of the car roof. You remember that longer is better than shorter when finding roof racks for a car. 

Detail of Rooftop Cargo Boxes For Lexus LX

Thule Pulse Large Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box For Lexus LX

Most outdoor enthusiasts choose it to carry what they need in their outdoor activities. The Thule Pulse series has three size options: Medium, Large, and Alpine. You can select one to boost your Lexus LX’s loading capacity with another 14, 16, or 11 cubic feet of room on the car roof. 

We like Thule’s customer service and the quality of its merchandise. Thule has a complicated testing system that is on duty for examining products’ durability and sturdiness in simulated real-life conditions. 

Heavy Duty Auto Dynasty Hard Shell Cargo Boxes

heavy duty roof cargo boxes for Lexus LX

It is another roof cargo box that can handle the job for your outdoor events. It has two size options: 11 cubic feet and 12.7 cubic feet. These two options are not so different in detail, but they have two different designs on their finishes: textured black and glossy black.

Auto Dynasty is another big brand that manufactures many accessories for cars. Cargo boxes are a branch of the Auto Dynasty’s business. 

We want to recommend the 11 cubic feet option for your Lexus LX because of its textured surface. It is easy to maintain and clean. Before making a decision, you have to make sure that the distance between the crossbars must be no more than 13 inches; otherwise, you cannot use it.

The roof boxes are made of ABS plastic, so they are waterproof, durable, and rugged to stand in extreme weather conditions. Its dimensions are 53″ L x 34″ W x 15″ H, and these numbers tell you if it is suitable for your belongings.

You have to watch the height limit when driving with a roof box. For example, underground parking may not be friendly to the added height on top of your Lexus LX. If you accidentally damage a cargo box, you can follow this guide to DIY the fix.

INNO Shadow Cargo Box

INNO shadow roof cargo box for Lexus LX

It is the third one for your Lexus LX. You can use it to carry up to 110 lbs of items. It is a thin-designed cargo box that is perfect for carrying snowboards and skis. You can load 6 snowboards or 8 skis in the Shadow cargo box, according to the manufacturer. You can use its dimensions (78.7″ x 31.9″ x 13.4″) to figure out if it fits your needs. There are more INNO roof boxes that you can use to haul items on top of your Lexus LX. You can use the button below to discover more information about the INNO cargo boxes.

Perflex Bosphorus Rooftop Cargo Box

Perflex Bosphorus roof cargo box for Lexus LX

It is the fourth option for your Lexus LX. The Perflex Bosphorus is a new brand when it comes to cargo boxes. The Bosphorus roof boxes are made of environment-friendly ABS plastic, and the ABS materials are recyclable; consequently, you can recycle the cargo box after years.

The Perflex Bosphorus has two color options: black and silver. You can choose one that fits the style of your Lexus LX. It provides 17 cubic feet of interior space for what you may need on the road, in the woods, or along the beach. It is enough to use, and the Perflex allows users to pack up to 130 lbs (60 kg) of belongings in the cargo box. 

For installation, most cargo boxes have a similar installation procedure that is easy to understand and perform; thus, you can mount a cargo box on the roof of your LX in minutes. We recommend you ask someone else to make the installation more accurate and safe. 

Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Box

Yakima Rocketbox Pro roof box for Lexus LX

It is the fifth option for your Lexus LX. Yakima and Thule are the best cargo box brands on the market. You can find some differences between these two brands’ roof boxes by reading through another guide.

If you like to know more about the Yakima RocketBox Pro roof boxes, you can refer to another post to learn the dimensions, features, designs, and installations of the RocketBox Pro. 

In Conclusion

In this article, you can find some top-rated rooftop cargo boxes for your Lexus LX, and you can use one to maximize the enjoyment of your active life. If you are new to roof boxes, you can go back to the homepage for more relevant topics. We find roof-mounted cargo carriers for other Lexus models: GS, NX, LX,GX, RX, ES.

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