open roof cargo box without a key

How to Open a Roof Cargo Box Without Keys

You can follow this article to learn some methods to open a locked cargo box without a key. The coat hanger is a good helper. You can straighten out the hanger and slip it into the keyhole, then wiggle it around (four directions) until you feel the latch release. You can also try using a slim jim or other slim objects to pry the lock open. It is always a good idea to consult the local LockSmith for advice and professional help on issues related to locks.

What you can do to open a cargo box without a key

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a key to open the roof cargo box, you can try these the first time. You have to choose an option based on your own situation and what you have in hand. You can try to pry the lid open with a crowbar or other sharp objects or use a hacksaw to cut the hinges off. If none of these tactics help, you can use a hammer to knock the lock core (not recommended). Be careful not to damage your belongings and the roof box in the process!

tools for opening a cargo box without a key
more ways to open the roof box without keys

You can also try to use a crowbar or other similar tools to pry the lid open, but this has the possibility to damage the box. A better way is to use a drill. Drill a small hole in the top of the box and use a metal coat hanger or wire to unlock the clasp. Then, you can use a piece of vinyl to cover the hole.

Otherwise, you can use a jigsaw to cut open the lock core (outside part) and then use a knife (insert the knife into the cut open keyhole) to force open the lock. It is a good option without having the possibility to damage the body of the roof box. When operating the jigsaw, you have to be gentle and don’t cut the surface of the box. You can ask your friends who have experience in using jigsaws to help you cut the lock core.

what you can do when don't have a key for opening the roof cargo box

Best Lock Picking Tools

use a set of lockpicking tools to open the lock for your closed cargo box

a set of lockpicking tools for opening a cargo box without a key
A set of lockpicking tools for opening a cargo box without a key

It is the best way to open a roof cargo box without a key by using lockpicking tools. It is easy to use, and the process won’t damage your cargo box. You can get one and store it in your car for emergency times. It is not only for roof boxes but all locks around you. You can follow the video above to learn a little bit about using these kinds of lockpicking tools. The video shows a guy using the tools to open the lock for Thule crossbars. You can see what is useful for your situation.

Do you have a backup key?

Most cargo box manufacturers know you may lose the key and offer at least two keys for their customers. You can put one in the car for unpredictable situations. However, if you don’t get a backup key from the manufacturer, you can duplicate a set of keys for emergency cases. Most supermarkets have machines that can copy keys for customers, and you can ask customer service for more assistance. (When buying a cargo box on the market, you can ask the manufacturers to provide two sets of keys.)

More Tips about Opening a roof box without a key

You can utilize a bank card or ID card (something hard that holds the force on it like a piece of stone with a flathead) to unlock a roof box without a key. Simply insert the card (the thing you have in hand) into the keyhole and push down on the locking mechanism. The card can work as a lever to release the lock, luck is needed.

There are many situations where you may need to open your roof box without a key. You may lose your keys or lock the key inside the cargo box. Whatever the reason, there are a few methods you can try to get it open without damaging the box or the lock. You should choose the solutions that have the minimum damage to your cargo box.

The thing to try is jiggling the keyhole. You can use something like a butter knife or other thin objects and put it into the keyhole. You could also try spraying some lubricant into the keyhole. If there’s a screwdriver or other tool available, try using that to pry the lid off the box. If all else fails, you can try breaking the lock, but this should be your last resort.

You can also try to use a flathead screwdriver or a butter knife. If you’re strong enough, you can also try to kick the lock open.

We lost the key of our cargo box, what can we do to open it without damage?

LockSmith Helps

After damaging the lock system, you can find the local LockSmith for repairing it. The locks on the box can freeze up and stop working properly if they’re not used for a while. A locksmith can fix the locks, and make sure they’re in good working order for the next time you need them. Most Locksmith stores have many different tools, and they are professional for that kind of job. You can leave the problem to them and wait for better results.

If you have a roof cargo box, there may come a time when you need to take it to a locksmith for repair. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Remove the key from the box and keep it in a safe place. (if you have one)
  • Check if the cargo box is fully locked in position.
  • Take the box to a locksmith and explain the problem.
  • The locksmith will try to fix the problem and may need to order a new part. (replacement for the key core)
  • When the repair is finished, you will receive a set of new keys back from the locksmith.
  • If you don’t have a key, you should tell the clerk what is inside the cargo box and how they are packed.

Manufacturers Help

You can contact the manufacturers to inquire about more ideas and solutions to open the cargo box without a key. They may have solutions for you, and they also provide a key core system replacement for you (not free). If you have to damage the old key core system for opening the box, you can find a replacement online for DIY fixing. It is a good idea.

You can find the customer service number on the manual that comes with the box. It is a solution for cases that are not emergencies. It takes about a week (including delivery time for buying a replacement). 


When you don’t have a key to open a roof cargo box, you can consider using the above options for unlocking the roof box with or without tools. 

You can leave the backup keys in the car for emergency use, and it is the best way to prevent losing keys for opening the cargo box. 

When using tools to force open the cargo box, you should be gentle and try not to damage the surface of the cargo box. If accidents happen, you may need to repair more than the lock core system. 

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