Find compatible roof racks and cargo carriers for Honda Clarity

3 Roof Racks and 10 More Cargo Carriers For Honda Clarity

You can find compatible roof racks and roof-mounted cargo carriers for Honda Clarity here. With a rooftop cargo carrier, you can carry enough luggage or equipment on the roof of your Honda Clarity for outdoor vacations. Most people want to take their families or friends on a road trip or other types of outdoor journeys on the weekends, so they want to pack enough road essentials in their Honda Clarity to ensure happiness and relaxation during the trips.

Honda Clarity has a bare roof without factory-installed roof rails, so you need to find compatible third-party roof racks and accessories to clamp on the Honda Clarity’s doorjambs to build a complete roof rack system.

Honda Clarity gives you 15.5 cubic feet of trunk space for transporting luggage on the roads, but it is far from enough when it comes to events like road trips or camping; therefore, you can utilize a rooftop cargo carrier to add an extra 10 to 20 cubic feet of storage space on the car roof to bring enough items for outdoor needs.

cargo carrier and roof racks for Honda Clarity

We are here to give you some options that you can use to build up a versatile roof rack system to carry almost everything you want. After comparing many high-quality aftermarket roof racks, we picked these crossbars for your consideration. When choosing a pair of reliable crossbars for your Honda Clarity, you should put safety first and find the most sturdy items to support the cargo weight.

You can contact the local Honda dealer to find OEM roof racks or select one on Amazon or eBay.

Roof Racks For Honda Clarity

Yakima RoundBar Crossbars

Yakima RoundBar Crossbars for Honda Clarity

It is the first choice we pick for your Honda Clarity. The Yakima RoundBar crossbars are galvanized-steel-made, so they are sturdier than aluminum roof bars. You better choose the 48-inch model to work with Honda Clarity and perfectly fit on the car roof without bringing driving difficulties.

How to install the Yakima RoundBar Crossbars on the Honda Clarity?

If you decide to add a pair of the Yakima RoundBar Crossbars on the roof of your Honda Clarity, you must use compatible accessories to stabilize the roof bars on the car roof. You can use four Yakima BaseLine towers with a suitable BaseClip Fit Kit to install the RoundBar Crossbars on the Clarity.

The installation process is easy to conduct without tools.

First, you should get a pair of Yakima RoundBar Crossbars, four BaseLine Mounting Towers, and a set of BaseClip Fit Kit. On each BaseLine Tower, you can find a concave part to grab a RoundBar SL Adapter with an integrated screw and to hold one side of a RoundBar roof bar.

Second, after combining one Yakima RoundBar Crossbar with two BaseLine Towers, you should install compatible clips on the towers to ensure you can mount the Yakima RoundBar crossbars on Honda Clarity.

Third, when you have assembled one Yakima RoundBar Crossbar with two BaseLine towers, two RoundBar SL Adapters, and two BaseLine Clips, you get one ready-to-install RoundBar Crossbar for your Honda Clarity.

Fourth, it is time to repeat the steps above to get another RoundBar Crossbar ready, and you can get a complete Yakima roof rack system after the assembly of two RoundBar Crossbars.

Fifth, you should add soft pads between the clips and the car doorjambs to protect your vehicle from unexpected scratches.

Following the above steps, you can install the Yakima RoundBar Crossbars on your Honda Clarity without a tool. We recommend you invite someone else to join the installation for better accuracy and security. Each Yakima BaseLine tower has a locking system to protect your cargo on the roads. If you want to know if you can open the mounting towers without a key, you can refer to a guide to learn some methods for such a situation.

Yakima HD Crossbars

Yakima HD Crossbars For Honda Clarity

Do you often go for off-roading events? If you do, you may need to find a pair of heavy-duty crossbars to build a reliable roof rack system and stably carry luggage on unpaved roads. When selecting the Yakima HD Crossbars for Honda Clarity, you can use the 55-inch model to fit the car roof width.

The Yakima HD Crossbars can hold up to 500 pounds, but your Honda Clarity’s roof loading limit is about 150 lbs. Although you must follow the roof loading limit to put weight on the roof racks, the Yakima HD Crossbars’s 500-pound loading capacity shows sturdiness when transporting luggage on rough roads. Low-quality roof racks will break during transit on off-roading events.

You can get compatible mounting towers, HD bar adapters, two HD crossbars, and a BaseClip Fit Kit to assemble a complete Yakima HD roof rack system for your Honda Clarity. 

You can refer to the installation steps above to assemble these items and mount them on the Honda Clarity to carry roof-mounted cargo carriers like cargo baskets, boxes, and soft cargo bags. 

Rooftop Cargo Carriers For Honda Clarity

Types of Rooftop Cargo Carriers

The most popular roof-mounted cargo carriers are cargo baskets, boxes, and soft cargo bags. If you don’t want complex, you can use cargo bags without assembling a complete roof rack system because soft cargo bags don’t require mounting on roof racks. Cargo baskets are open to the air without lids and locks, but you can use cargo nets to cover and stabilize the luggage on cargo baskets. We find some significant differences between cargo baskets and cargo boxes.

Cargo boxes are the most popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts because they are the most secure option. There are other roof-mounted cargo carriers: ski carriers, kayak carriers, roof tents, and bike racks. You can check on these accessories to find solutions for specific outdoor needs.

Hardshell Cargo Boxes

cargo boxes for Honda Clarity

When choosing a hardshell cargo box for Honda Clarity, we recommend smaller boxes because of the limited roof loading rate. It is inappropriate when mounting a big cargo box on a smaller sedan with a low roof loading limit. You can refer to an article and understand how much weight you can load on the car roof and the differences between dynamic roof loading rate and static roof loading limit.

We carefully pick some popular hardshell cargo boxes for your consideration.

Cargo Baskets

cargo baskets for Honda Clarity

Cargo baskets are the most insecure options for carrying waterproof items like spare tires, gasoline tanks, tools, waterproof bags, and more. 

Cargo Bags

cargo bags For Honda Clarity

Soft cargo bags are the most affordable option and more secure than cargo baskets. You don’t need a roof rack system when using a soft cargo bag on the car roof. 

In Conclusion

If you own a Honda Clarity, you can follow this article to find roof racks and roof-mounted cargo carriers to boost your vehicle’s loading capacity for most outdoor needs. We find compatible cargo carriers for other Honda Models: Odyssey (roof racks, cargo boxes), Civic (roof racks, cargo boxes), Pilot, Passport, Insight, HR-V, Fit, Accord, CR-V (roof racks, cargo boxes).

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