7 cargo carrier for Honda Accord

7 Best Cargo Carriers For Honda Accord

Finding compatible cargo carriers for the Honda Accord sedan is challenging because there are many different options on the market with varying sizes and features. We will help you with choosing the most suitable cargo carriers for both your family and your vehicle.

Honda Accord has seven models: LX, Hybrid, Sport, Sport Special Edition, Hybrid EX, and EX-L. However, they can use the below cargo carriers as an added storage space for your outdoor adventures. 

According to the Honda official site statistics, all of the Honda Accord models have 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space for stowing stuff. Unfortunately, sometimes, the trunk space is not enough to store all you want to bring for a road trip or a camping vacation. 

7 best cargo carriers for Honda Accord

Consequently, we recommend you use a cargo carrier for loading extra luggage or belongings. There are seven rooftop cargo carriers for your Honda Accord.

Roof Racks for Honda Accord

If you are searching for roof racks for your Honda Accord, you can order one from your local auto dealer or buy one on Amazon or Ebay.

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Quick-Pick List of 7 Cargo Carrier For Honda Accord

blue color 2019 Honda Accord
Cargo Carriers for Honda Accord
ImageNameDimensionsLoading CapacityLinks
honda accord options (6)Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier Bag3.9 x 11.18 x 12.6 inches9 cubic feetCheck Price
honda accord options (7)Thule Pulse Cargo Box88.5″ x 25.5″ x 12.5″11 cubic feetCheck Price
honda accord options (5)Motorup America Rooftop Cargo Carrier33.8 x 32.6 x 15.7″ Inches10 cubic feetCheck Price
honda accord options (4)STDY 20 Cubic Feet Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag15 x 12 x 6.8 inches20 cubic feetCheck Price
honda accord options (3)Smashier Car Rooftop-Cargo-Carrier Bag14.72 x 12.32 x 8.19 inches16 cubic feetCheck Price
honda accord options (2)RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier48 x 38 x 14.5 inches15 cubic feetCheck Price
honda accord options (1)FIVKLEMNZ 15 Cubic Rooftop Cargo Carrier44 x 34 x 17 inch15 cubic feetCheck Price
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Detail of 7 Cargo Carriers For Honda Accord

Rightline Gear Rooftop Carrier

It is the first option for you. It has two sizes for you to consider: 9 cubic feet and 15 cubic feet. If you don’t need to bring that much stuff for your outdoor vacations, you can consider buying the smaller option. However, If you have lots of items to bring on a road trip or a camping event, you can choose the larger one.

The Rightline Gear cargo carrier’s dimensions are 3.9 x 11.18 x 12.6 inches, and you can use these numbers to estimate if you can perfectly attach it to the roof of your Honda Accord.

front look of the Rightline Gear waterproof rooftop cargo carrier
photo from Rightline Gear

It is a soft roof bag, and it can install on a roof rack or attach to the car roof without a roof rack. You can do the installation in minutes without a tool, and the manufacturers offer you a set of attachment straps, several car clips, and an installation guide. Consequently, you won’t have trouble installing it without any assistance.

It is foldable, so it is easy to carry and store anywhere in your car. You even can put it in your backpack because it is only 4 pounds in weight.

As we have mentioned above, it can work with a roof rack or without one; thus, the manufacturer offers two different options: w/ or w/o roof rack and w/roof rack only when you buy it. If you have a roof rack, you choose the previous one; on the other hand, you choose the latter option instead.

When you use it in a wet condition, its waterproof materials can safely protect your belongings from rain, mud, snow, and dust. If you wonder if the water can leak into the roof bag from the zipper, you don’t need to worry about that because there is a protective flap that can cover the zipper.

We have found some PDFs (User guideProduct documentation)that help you better understand this rooftop cargo bag in detail.

Thule Pulse Cargo Box

dimensions image of Thule Pulse cargo box

It is the second option for your Honda Accord. We have published an article that introduces it in detail, and you can jump to the content to read more. Thule Pulse models are popular with many positive reviews on different marketplaces. Most outdoor enthusiasts choose to use Thule Pulse roof boxes to carry items for their outings. However, Thule Pulse models have different size options for various demands from different customers. (Find more hardshell roof boxes for your Honda Accord – Best Cargo Boxes)

Thule Pulse Cargo Boxes Buyer Guide – what we know about it

Motorup America Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Motorup America Rooftop Cargo Carrier is installed on a sedan with roof rack.

It is the third option for your Honda Accord. It provides 10 cubic feet of interior space for stowing stuff for your outdoor adventures. Its dimensions are 33.8 x 32.6 x 15.7″ Inches, so you can also use these numbers to estimate if you can perfectly attach it to your car roof or not. Its water-resistance materials ensure that your belongings will not get wet after a long time road journey.

STDY Cargo Top Carrier Bag

What your car will look like after having the cargo carrier on top of it.

It is the fourth option for your Honda Accord. It is not a soft cargo bag, and it is a half-softshell and half-hardshell cargo carrier that makes it unique on the market. It is a combination of waterproof fabric materials that are anti-rip, anti-peel, and anti-crack. We highly recommend it to you for your Honda Accord not only because of its outstanding preforms but also its fashion design and its aerodynamic shape.

Its dimensions are 51” x 40” x 17”, and it gives you 20 cubic feet of inner space for storing what you need during a road trip or camping holidays.

It is the top-large option on this list, and it also can fold up to a small piece of stuff that you can store in the trunk of your car. 

When you install it to your Honda Accord, you can use 8 built-in straps to hold it in position without a hassle. If you encounter any problem during the first couple of days of using it, you can contact excellent customer service for getting help in need.

The Smashier Cargo Carrier Bag

how much luggage can you put into the cargo carrier.

It is the fifth option for your Honda Accord. It offers 16 cubic feet of storage space for carrying items when you need to; besides, its sturdy fabric materials provide waterproof, long-lasting, anti-peel, anti-crack characteristics to the cargo bag. You can use it with a roof rack or without a roof rack, and you can use built-in widened straps to attach it to your Honda Accord in minutes without a tool. The 3.8cm wide straps ensure that you can firmly attach it to the car roof without risks. It won’t slide backward or forward when your car is in motion.

RoofBag Cargo Bag

the RoofBag cargo bag is attached to a black SUV

It is the sixth option for your Honda Accord. A USA product that offers you two size selections: 11 cubic feet and 15 cubic feet. It is a combination of heavy-duty canvas, so it is waterproof, anti-crack, and anti-peel. It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, so if you encounter any problems with using it, you can communicate with excellent customer service to find solutions.

When you do the installation, you have to face its logo to the front and put it 8 inches away from the front end of your car roof to reduce the wind noise.

FIVKLEMNZ 15 Cubic Rooftop Cargo Carrier

You can load 4 medium size carry-on suitcases and 3 sleeping bags into the cargo bag.

It is the seventh option for your Honda Accord. When you don’t want to buy roof racks for using a cargo box, you can choose to use it without a pair of crossbars. You can use the button below to find more information about the item.

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In Conclusion

We have listed 7 cargo carriers for your Honda Accord. With these cargo carriers, your vehicle will have extra hauling space that is enough for most outdoor adventures. 

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