best cargo boxes for mercedes benz GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

7 Cargo Boxes For Mercedes Benz Models

You can find cargo boxes for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class in this article. Before starting, you have to make sure which Mercedes Benz model you have in the garage. Can you find the car manual? If it is near you, please take it out for later. You have to refer to some statistics on the car manual, so you better have it on the table. If you cannot find yours, you can find a PDF version on the Mercedes Benz official site. Then, you can grab a cup of coffee and sit down to read the article for picking the most compatible roof boxes for both your vehicle and items. 

It is hard to choose a cargo box without any knowledge and experience because you have many different choices on the market in various dimensions, loading capacities, features, prices, and brands. We are here to assist you in finding out the most suitable one, no worries. 

best cargo box for mercedes banz GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

Whatever your Mercedes Benz model is, you and other Benz owners want to use a cargo box to expand the loading space for outdoor events like camping, road trips, traveling, and sports. Although car roof carriers have many kinds like cargo bags, roof baskets, and cargo boxes, we strongly recommend roof boxes to everyone, not only you. 

Before choosing a cargo box, you have to make sure there is a roof rack on top of your Mercedes Benz luxury car or not. If the car roof is naked, you have to get a roof rack before investing in a roof box. Cargo boxes have mounting hardware that usually clips on the rack bars to make roof boxes stay on top of cars when they are in motion. Consequently, it is impossible to use a cargo box without a pair of crossbars. 

We recommend considering using the OEM roof racks from Mercedes dealers, or you can find universal fitting roof racks on Amazon or Ebay for your car. When picking a roof rack, you can have many different options: round, square, aerodynamic, and factory racks. We suggest people put the factory racks as the priority of their consideration; otherwise, you can also use those aerodynamic racks that can eliminate the wind noise and minimize the effects on gas mileage. You don’t have to worry too much about choosing a roof rack because those roof rack manufacturers will check the compatibility between their products and your vehicle to prevent your future return. 

When you have a general idea about how a cargo box works, you can start to learn the best 11 cargo boxes for your Mercedes Benz model. 

Quick-Pick List Of 7 Cargo Boxes For Mercedes Benz Models:

71RtiOHJ5PL. AC SL1500 2024Thule SideKick Roof Box View it On Amazon
717RgMONnBL. SL1500 2024Thule  Force XT roof boxView it On Amazon
6135jQHiJkL. SL1500 2024Thule Pulse roof box View it On Amazon
71Uf9SAdJcL. AC SL1500 2024 Thule Motion XT roof boxView it On Amazon
712mnYmNX+L. AC SL1500 2024Yakima Rocketbox Pro  View it On Amazon
51wnPPo7hRL. AC SL1500 2024JEGS roof boxView it On Amazon
71 m9ETIXeL. AC SL1500 2024SportRack Vista Cargo carrierView it On Amazon

7 Best Cargo Boxes For Mercedes Benz Models:

Thule SideKick Roof Boxes

thule sidekick cargo box for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

It is an option for small families, and it is the smallest cargo box on the market. If you use a cargo box in a low frequency and don’t require too much loading capacity, you can use the Sidekick cargo box as a temporary added storage for your car. The Sidekick is for road trips or camping holidays but not for long gear like skis and snowboards. If you are newly married, the Sidekick is a perfect travel companion for you and your love. If you are interested in knowing more about the Thule SideKick roof box, you can refer to a page for detail. 

Thule Force XT Cargo Boxes

thule force cargo box for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

The Thule Force XT roof boxes are perfect for a family with up to 5 people, and the Force XT cargo boxes have different models with different dimensions for customers’ various demands. However, it is expensive because of its outstanding quality and brand value. The Thule Group is the best manufacturer in the cargo boxes industry, so it is not a mistake to try Thule Products.
The Thule Force XT cargo boxes have a beautiful design and sleek finish that perfectly fit your luxury Mercedes Benz vehicle’s style, especially those black ones.
Whatever your family size is, you can use the Thule Force XT cargo boxes as added storage space on top of your car. When you want to know more about it, you can refer to a page for detail.

Thule Pulse Cargo Boxes

thule pulse cargo box for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

It is another recommendation from the Thule Group, and it is much cheaper than other Thule products. In the Thule Pulse series, you have three different dimensions to pick for your demands. We like the Thule Pulse’s aerodynamic design and its sleek printing finish, and we believe that your Mercedes Benz car can become much more beautiful and fashionable after installing a Thule Pulse on top. Your Mercedes Benz can gain much attractiveness on the street because of the newly installed Thule Pulse cargo box.
You can use the button below to find detail about the Thule Pulse cargo boxes.

Thule Motion XT Roof Boxes

thule motion xt cargo box for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

It is the most secure cargo box on the market, and it is another product from the Thule Group. We like its aerodynamic design and sleek finish, but it is expensive. It has a lock indicator that tells if the lid is securely locked or not, and this feature makes the Motion XT cargo boxes the most secure roof boxes on the market. The Motion XT has different dimensions with different prices, so you can choose one that fits your needs and your family size. We recommend the XXL option for you because its ample loading space is long and tall enough for both long gear and tall luggage bags. You can find user videos and specifications about the Thule Motion XT cargo boxes by clicking the button below.

Yakima RocketBox Pro Roof Boxes

yakima rocketbox cargo box for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

Yakima is another big brand of cargo boxes, and it offers different models with various dimensions and loading capacities for customers’ hauling demands. Yakima RocketBbox cargo box is not often in stock, so you need to pay attention to its availability. If you have concerns about the differences between Thule roof boxes and Yakima’s, we have some advice for you.

JEGS Cargo Boxes

jegs cargo box for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

It is a cheap pick with just fine quality. We like its price, but we cannot expect too much from several hundred dollars. It has a flimsy lock core that requires lubrication to live longer, and you may need replacement after some time of using it. You can find a lock core replacement part on its official site. It has three different sizes for people to choose from for their different outdoor needs. You can use the button below to find its feedback, specifications, dimensions, features, and other info.

SportRack Vista Roof Boxes

sportrack vista cargo box for Mercedes Benz Models: GLC, GLS-Class, GLB, G-Class, A-Class, and E-Class

It is a pick that sacrifices some quality to gain a price cut, so it has a flimsy lock core that may be broken after a while. You can lubricate the lock core to increase its lifespan, but you finally need a replacement. It is easy to buy a replacement from its official site. We like its aerodynamic design that can reduce the wind noise on the highways. There is much you need to know if you want it, so you can use the button below to find more detail about the SportRack Vista roof boxes.

More Tips for Choosing Cargo Boxes For Mercedes Benz Models:

Types of Car Racks:

You need more loading space for your Mercedes Benz car, and you consider using a roof box for that purpose. Before making that decision, do you want to know other ways to expand the hauling capacity of your car? If you do, you can follow a guide to find 4 kinds of car racks that can do the job for you. 

Fix A Cargo Box

After having a roof box, you may use it at a high frequency. Some people even leave their cargo boxes on top of their vehicle year-long without taking them off. Consequently, you can encounter some unexpected crashes and incidents when you drive with your roof box. You better know how to fix a small scratch on your roof box to get ready for an unpredictable future.

Watch Your Speed:

Driving with a cargo box on top is not like usual, so you must pay attention to the speed. Safety is the top priority above everything in our life, so you cannot ignore this point if you want to use a cargo box for your future outdoor adventures. You should follow this guide to control the driving speed when, especially with a fully loaded cargo box, on top of your car.

Cargo Bags For Your Consideration:

After viewing these cargo boxes, you didn’t find a guy that meets your budget or tastes. Then you can take a look at these best-selling cargo bags that fit on most vehicles without a roof rack. It means you don’t need to purchase a roof rack to expand storage space for your car. However, cargo bags have weaknesses that you may need to know before making the decisions.

Know Your Car Limit:

Could you please open your car manual to find how much weight your car can hold on top of the roof? It is easy to find by using the menu section on your car manual, and you can use the number to estimate how much weight you can load into a cargo box. You cannot overload a roof box for any reason because it is the top potential risky situation for all cargo box users. Never do it for the safety of your family. You can follow a guide to discover more safety concerns about using a roof box on the roads.

Car Roof Weight Limit – Total Weight (roof rack + empty cargo box) = Actual Loading Limit.

Cargo Box on Mercedes Benz Models Gallery

In Conclusion:

In this article, you can find the best cargo boxes for Mercedes Benz Models. Different cargo boxes are for different outdoor needs, so you have to choose one based on what you do with the cargo box. If you are new to cargo boxes, we recommend you read through some articles in the user guide to build knowledge about accurately using a cargo box.

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