JEGS cargo carrier info and review

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

JEGS is a brand that is marketed in the United States. You may have heard about the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier for a while, and you can not decide to get it or invest in some other brands of cargo boxes. In this article, you will learn enough foundational info about this roof box, and you will also hear the voice of other customers who have already used it for days.

With all of the information in this content, you can judge if the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier fits both your needs and your vehicle or not. On our site, informational articles will bring you much more knowledge about cargo boxes from different perspectives. The most frequently asked questions have answers in the Informational Guide category.

Where can you find JEGS cargo carrier?

You can find JEGS cargo carriers on Amazon or Ebay.

Smaller Alternative – 10 cubic feet

Rear Opening Model – 18 cubic feet

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier Kit

General Info


JEGS cargo carrier review

The 18 cubic feet of interior space allows you to stow accessories and luggage for your future camping, road trips, seasonal sporting events, and more outdoor adventures.

Loading Capacity

It can carry up to 110 lbs of items for outdoor enthusiasts. When the cargo box is empty, it is only 28 lbs(12.7006kg). You can lift it alone, but we recommend you ask for help when you are carrying it up to the top of your car.

4-Corner Locks

The JEGS cargo box offers a 4-corner locking system that provides added security to your belongings. 

lid holder of JEGS cargo carrier

Dual-Side Opening

It is a dual-side opening cargo box that allows to load or unload things from both sides. The dual-side opening feature brings many conveniences to its users.

The installation process does not require any assistance from tools but only your bare hands.

The manufacturer offers customers only one black color option. In the package box, there are the mounting hardware and two sets of keys.

dual-opening feature

Company Info

According to the manufacturer, the JEGS cargo box fits only on the crossbars that can hold 150 lbs and more. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the cargo box. If you have any problem with using it, you can contact customer service at 1-800-345-4545 for further help.

Side look of JEGS roof box


JEGS cargo box is 57 inches (144.78cm) in length, 38 1/2 inches(97.79cm) in width, 17 3/4 inches(45.085cm) in height.


It works on round, square, and aerodynamic bars that are 4 inches in width. When you install the JEGS cargo box on the rack bars, you have to ensure that it has enough clearance for the rear hatchback, antennas, and navigation fins. We proudly announce that JEGS cargo boxes are made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the JEGS cargo carrier affect the gas mileage?

Yes, it increases the MPG at high-speed conditions. If you drive slowly down to 45 MPH, it can minimize the effect to MPG close to zero. However, on the highways, a cargo box can cause 2-3 MPG waste of fuel. 

Does it work on my vehicle?

First, you have to know what type of crossbars you have. Do they suit for the use of the JEGS cargo carrier? There are two numbers you need to remember when you make your decisions. Your rack system must have the capability to hold 150 lbs or more in weight. The width of your bars must be no more than 4 inches.

Then you can search our site to find out that JEGS cargo carrier fits which specific vehicles.

Does the JEGS cargo carrier fit the Thule Aeroblade rack system?

Yes, it is suitable for the Thule Aeroblade.

Can you bring it through a car wash?

We highly recommend you not to use an automatic car washing service with your cargo box

Does the cargo carrier work with all the rack systems?

It fits most of the square, round, and factory rack bars. However, you have to adjust the distance between your rack bars to 24 inches for attaching the JEGS cargo carrier to them with pre-drilled holes. If your rack bars are not adjustable, you can drill other thirls on the bottom of your cargo box to fit the distance between the rack bars.

the bottom of the JEGS cargo carrier

Videos Of JEGS Cargo Carrier

Intro Video of JEGS cargo box

User Video of JEGS roof box

What do people say about the JEGS cargo carrier?

review scores of JEGS cargo carrier
2020/01/04 results (it changes as time goes)


  • The quality of U-bolts is cheap, and If the center distance between your crossbars is not 24 inches, you have to drill new holes in the bottom of your cargo carrier to make sure that you can attach it on top of your rack system.
  • The black print on the threads is causing the nuts hard to tighten in position, but you can use some wire brushes to wipe off the printing. Then, those nuts can fully tighten to those threads.
  • The locking system is flimsy and easy to manipulate to an open position. Consequently, you need to purchase extra locks to offer added security to the cargo carrier.
  • It is high. If your vehicle is large and tall, you have to use a ladder to reach and access the cargo carrier. Consequently, some people may have trouble using it, but there is always a solution to questions.


  • Easy and fast install: You can install it on your rack system in minutes.
  • It is a large cargo carrier for a large family.
  • lightweight and excellent cargo carrier
  • Great price
  • Large, sturdy, waterproof, durable, and high-quality
  • Read More Customer Feedback on Amazon

More you need to know about Cargo Carriers

Before buying a rooftop cargo carrier, you need to ensure that there is a pair of crossbars or rails on your car roof or not. If your car doesn’t have roof rails, you have to order one for mounting roof racks on it. We have a list of roof racks that are for bare car roofs, you can check out if they fit your situation. You must measure the dimensions of your car roof before purchasing a pair of rack bars for your cargo management.

If your car has a pair of roof rails, you can contact the local dealer to get compatible crossbars for holding cargo on top of it. We believe that you should get a pair of high-quality rack bars because of safety reasons.

Except for using cargo boxes, you also can consider using roof bags or baskets for transportation jobs. You can use our site to find differences between cargo boxes vs cargo bags, and cargo boxes vs cargo baskets. After finding the detail of each rooftop cargo option, you can use some product lists to learn and compare items for the final informed decision. You can find these lists: here.

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