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Goplus Car Roof Box

You have already heard about the Goplus car roof box, and you want to know more about the product. In this article, you will discover information about the Goplus car roof box in detail. Goplus is a company that has a variety of products in stock in different categories like outdoor gear, home & garden, furniture, hardware tools, automotive tools, and more. Goplus company has two marketing channels on Ebay and Amazon. So if you want to buy its merchandise, you can either purchase on Ebay or buy from Amazon.

goplus cargo box for suv
What Goplus roof box looks like after installation

According to the manufacturer’s description, The Goplus car roof box is universally fitting to all kinds of rack bars. What does this mean? For example, If you already had a pair of rack bars on the roof of your vehicle, you can use the Goplus cargo box without concerns about compatibility. Besides, SUVs, trucks, sedans, minivans, and coupes can use the Goplus car roof box as a cargo carrier. Consequently, you can stop wondering if your car can use the Goplus car roof box or not, and you must have a pair of rack bars on top of your vehicle.

info of Goplus cargo box
Goplus Car Roof Box
info of Goplus cargo box
Goplus 2022 Small Model

Goplus released its new rooftop cargo box on May 14th, 2022. The small model has 8.83 cubic feet of space for loading things, and its dimensions are 52” x 30.5” x 12”.

A list of universal roof racks for all vehicles – For compatibility reasons, you should consider using OEM roof racks; however, there are also some good-quality aerodynamic crossbars out there.

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Info of Goplus Car roof box

goplus car roof box high-lighted features
What Goplus cargo box looks like after installation

On the market, such as Amazon, there are three color options for the Goplus cargo box: Black, White, and Titanium Gray. Thus, you can choose a color to match the style and color of your vehicle. On the Amazon store, if you have Amazon Store Card, you can pay for this product in 6 months period with 0% interest. Besides, the Goplus cargo box’s price on Amazon is around $460 and is subject to change in days.

What can you do with this Goplus cargo box?

A car roof box is a car attachment for outdoor adventures such as camping, seasonal sports, road journeys, and other outdoor activities. In general, it is a container that can carry belongings for you on your car roof rack. When you have securely and fully attached a cargo box to your rack bars, you can stow luggage, gear, and other stuff in it for your vacations.

What size do you need? 

Unfortunately, the Goplus car roof box only has one size on the market, but if you are looking for other-sized cargo boxes, you can also find their information on our site. An ample 14 cubic feet provides you enough space to carry essentials for a family of 2 to 4 people. The dimension of the Goplus car roof box is 63.00L x 31.00W x 15.00H inches/160.02L x 78.74W x 38.1H cmAlthough it fits all types of vehicles, you still need to ensure that the Goplus cargo box is not longer or wider than the roof of your car. (You have to make sure that the adjustable distance of your rack system is between 16.1 inches and 24.8 inches, and the width of your crossbar is less than 3.1 inches.) If you want other sizes of cargo boxes, you can read our size guide to know more.

What is the structure of the Goplus car roof box? 

The construction of the Goplus car roof box is a combination of sturdy ABS and PC plastic materials, and it is light enough for carrying up by one person. However, we recommend you call someone else to help you with the installation of a car roof box because roof boxes are big. ABS materials are durable, waterproof, and long-lastingconsequently, you don’t need to worry about using the Goplus roof box in extreme weather, using it in wild fields, and using it in unexpected accidents. The sturdy ABS material will perfectly protect your belongings from all kinds of real-life conditions.

What is the load capacity of the Goplus car roof box?

The load capacity of the Goplus roof box is up to 165 lbs (74.8427kg).

How to install the Goplus Car roof box?

There are four anchors to connect the roof box to the crossbars, and it doesn’t matter what kind of rack bars you have. The Goplus car roof box can attach to all rack systems: round, square, aerodynamic, or factory-designed roof bars. When you want to install a roof box to the roof of your car, you need to call someone to help you with carrying it up. When the position is confirmed, it is time to use those anchors to securely and accurately connect the roof box to the crossbars. While you are adjusting the roof box’s position, you have to ensure that it has no interference between the roof box and the hatchback or the front view.

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the newest feedback from users after 1.5 years of use

Other highlighted Features of the Goplus Car Roof Box


dual-opening feature

A dual-opening feature allows you to open the roof box from both sides. When you drive on the highways, you should avoid using the roadside to use the roof box because of the potential risks from coming traffic. In the woods, you can use both sides to pack or unpack your roof box for convenience. 

Double Locks System

double locks
double locks system

There are two locks on the box to ensure that your luggage stays safe and clean inside the Goplus car roof box. Although the roof box is sturdy and durable, we recommend you not stow expensive devices in it. 

Metal Stiffeners

construction stiffeners
metal stiffeners

The Goplus car roof box has added rigidity and durability, for there is a pair of stiffeners at the bottom of it.

On the other hand, there is a pair of lid-stiffeners for holding the lid during its opening time.

What do users say about the Goplus car roof box?

220 global real customers have reviewed Goplus car roof box on Amazon site.
2020/12/24 Results (it changes as time goes forward)
goplus review score on 2021 Dec 10
2021/12/10 Results (it changes as time flies )
  • User No.1: One person can do the installation with ease. The Goplus car roof box generates no noise in its use.
  • User No.2: When you are packing the roof box, you should pack things around the four knobs. You can use some flat metal bars, U-bolts, and nuts to offer added security to the installation. You can buy those things from Home Depot.
  • User No.3: Compare to other big brands of car roof boxes, the Goplus is much cheaper. I used it for a recent trip to Florida, and I did not hear any noticeable wind noise. According to my observation of the gas mileage, the roof box only costs me 1 mile per gallon.
  • User No.4: It is not what I am looking for, and it has a fake description. When you want to ask for a return, the seller won’t let that happen by offering you some money as a discount to ask you to keep the box. You cannot contact the seller because they are in China, and their phone number on Amazon is not working. If you want to chase your money back, you must fly to China and find them. They don’t have an office in the US. It is not a universal fitting cargo box, and it doesn’t work on Toyota RAV4 or Mazda CX5.
  • User No.5: I’m extremely happy with this Goplus roof box. It’s very lightweight, and I love that it opens from either side to give more versatility for mounting other things to the roof. The locks are all plastic inside, with only a metal keyhole, and I don’t think they can last very long.
  • User No.6: The box fits perfectly on top of the car. At first, I was a little worried about how light it was. I thought the box might not hold up easily, but it worked great. There was no road noise as we drove down the streets. The clamps stayed tight and firm, even after 15 days on the road. An extra bonus was that it made it really easy to see in the parking zones.
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goplus car roof box
Goplus car roof box will help you with relaxing and feeling the natural journey.
goplus accessories and attention grabber
Max Load: 75kg / 4 Clamps go through the bottom holes to lock on roof racks. / Lid stiffeners hold the lid until you close it.
goplus cargo box for SUV, sedan, truck, and van
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use Goplus roof cargo boxes for road trips, travel, hiking, camping, hunting, skiing, and other outdoor adventures.

Other Alternatives of Goplus Car Roof Box

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