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Thule Motion XT Cargo Boxes – Find and Compare

Do you need a cargo box for your family? If you do so, you can consider using the Thule Motion XT cargo carrier as an added loading space for your vehicle. It is the best choice for beginners because of its simple installation and its top-grade quality. If you do not know the Thule company, you can jump to another post to learn a brief history of it. 

When you want to go out for a road trip with your family, you may need to bring a lot of luggage and gear. However, your vehicle doesn’t have enough space for loading that many items; thus, you check the Internet for solutions. We know your situation, and we can help you by introducing cargo carriers for you. Who else needs a cargo box? As we know, people, who use their car to move home, transport sporting gear, go fishing, go golfing, go camping, or do other outdoor adventures, may require to add storage space to their car for convenience. 

all about Thule Motion XT cargo boxes

If you are still have confusion about why you need a cargo box, you can read Common Reasons For Having A Cargo Box to know more. 

Thule Motion XT is the main topic of this post, so we start to learn its advantages and weaknesses.

Quick-Pick List of Thule Motion Cargo Boxes

thule motion xt large option cargo box
  • Dimensions: 77″ x 36″ x 17″
  • Loading Capacity: 165 lbs
  • Loading Volume: 16 cu ft
  • Opening: Dual-sides
  • Weight: 42 lbs

thule motion xt extra large option cargo box
  • Dimensions: 84.5″ x 36″ x 17″
  • Loading Capacity: 165 lbs
  • Loading Volume: 18 cu ft
  • Opening: Dual-sides
  • Weight: 46 lbs

thule motion xt xxl option cargo box
  • Dimensions: 91.5″ x 37.5″ x 18″
  • Loading Capacity: 165 lbs
  • Loading Volume: 22 cu ft
  • Opening: Dual-sides
  • Weight: 55 lbs

Merchant Introduction Video


The Thule Motion XT series has three size options: 16 cubic feet, 18 cubic feet, and 22 cubic feet. You can choose one that fits your vehicle and your needs. The numbers indicate how ample the interior space of each option is, so if you have many items, you can use the largest one. Each size option has its dimensions, so you have to ensure that the wanted one fits your vehicle’s roof size. We suggest that you use the car’s roof dimensions to estimate if you can use the wanted option or not before buying actions. 


The Thule Motion XT series has two color sets: Glossy Black and Glossy Titan. These two color sets fit most cars’ styles, and you even can change the cargo box’s color in an Auto shop. If you want to do the DIY for changing color, you should follow a professional guide and use the right tools. Otherwise, you may damage the printing and waste your time and energy. 

Enhance Security and Convenience with Thule Motion XT SlideLock Feature

About SlideLock System

Thule, a big shot in outdoor transport gear, is all about making your stuff-transport game easier and safer. Their latest gadget? It’s the Thule Motion XT SlideLock feature. This cool doohickey changes how you interact with your cargo boxes by introducing an uber-robust lock system that gives peace of mind when on the move.

Thule Motion XT Slidelock SYSTEM

This review will dish out everything you need to know – from all the chops this SlideLock dude can offer, its setting up process, compatibility scoop along responses from folks who’ve given it a whirl already! We’re looking to get down to whether shelling out some cash for this modern-day tech would be worth your while.

How does the SlideLock feature work?

The Thule Motion XT’s SlideLock is basically a super nifty lock system that ramps up the safety of your stuff. With its cool and easy-to-use design, you can work it with one hand, making locking or unlocking your gear a breeze. The SlideLock swings into action to let you open, shut, and lock your cargo box without breaking a sweat.

This modern twist is all about a simple slide-it-in motion that only Thule cargo boxes have got going on. As soon as you shut the lid, BAM! The SlideLock kicks in automatically to keep everything tucked tight inside. It zaps any pesky rattling or wobbling – even when driving over those bumpy roads or dealing with lousy weather conditions.

The benefits of the SlideLock feature

  1. Super Secure – Imagine having your own personal bouncer for your stuff while traveling – that’s what our SlideLock gizmo is all about! It stands guard over your goods, shielding them from prying hands and jolts en route. This mint lock system keeps the cargo box sealed super snug; no more unexpected “dang, it popped open” moments!
  2. One-Hand Wonder – You can flick our slick SlideLock feature on and off using just one hand! So you can grab whatever you need from your cargo with not a shred of danger to stress about. Packing up or unloading? Piece of cake! Ideal for families or solo fliers who are perpetually on the move.
  3. All-Weather Warrior – Our SlideLock device isn’t just brainy; it’s brawny too! Meticulously made to handle any curveball Mother Nature pitches — whether rain or shine — keeping everything tucked inside comfy and secure throughout the journey.
    No worries about rusting, scratches, or tear-apart situations here — making this tough guy a top-notch pick for long-lasting use.

Installation and compatibility

Putting the SlideLock thingy on your Thule Motion XT cargo box is a piece of cake, mate – no need for any fancy tools. The how-to guide in the user manual is as clear as day and easy peasy to understand. It’s made to fit snugly right inside your cargo box like they’re match-made.

Here’s the cool part, this SlideLock can go with any Thule Motion XT model you have, which means it doesn’t matter what size or capacity yours has. That’s smashing news! So whatever stuff you’re moving around, having that extra layer of safety with SlideLock will give you peace of mind. Go ahead and take advantage of it!

Customer feedback

People who’ve tried out the SlideLock are absolutely buzzing about its speed and handiness. They love how easy it is to use and reckon it’s great for keeping things secure, especially on long trips. Plus, heaps of folks have mentioned how stoked they were with the no-fuss set-up – just another reason why they’re big fans!

Comparing the SlideLock feature with other cargo box locks

Hey there, I know you’ll find tons of cargo box locks out there, but Thule’s SlideLock is a real game changer. Why? Because it’s a perfect blend of safety and simplicity – something you won’t typically find in your age-old locks that almost feels like solving a puzzle every time to lock and unlock. The beauty of the SlideLock is just how easy it is to use – you can flip it open or close it with one hand! So if you’re after both speed and security for your gear… well, this thing here might just be your savior from all those mundane locking options around.

Is the SlideLock feature worth it?

So, the bottom line – the Thule Motion XT SlideLock is a real gem for anyone using a cargo box. It’s super easy to use, works with different Motion XT models, and customers really swear by it! If you’re hitting the road and need your gear safely stowed away, this nifty little lock system is worth every penny. Say hello to stress-free travels and take your gear-hauling experience up a notch!

Thule Motion XT-L

It is the smallest option in the Thule Motion XT series, and it offers 16 cubic feet of inner space for holding items for up to 3 people. If you are a camping lover, you have to ensure that the chosen cargo box can load enough gear and items for your family’s outdoor adventures. It can carry up to 165 lbs of stuff, and it weighs 42 pounds. According to the manufacturer’s statistics, its dimensions are 77″ long, 36″ wide, and 17″ tall, so you may use these numbers to figure out if you can use it on the roof of your vehicle or not. It works with most factory rack systems and other roof racks: aero crossbars, elliptical bars, round bars, and square bars. Even if it has broad compatibility with roof racks, we recommend you contact your local auto dealer to get one. By the way, cargo boxes must work with a crossbar because they can not independently stand on a car roof without any support. 

When you want to go for a sporting event like skiinggolfingfishing, or other gear-needed sports, you may need storage space on your car for transporting gear between locations. At a time like this, a cargo carrier can help a lot. According to the measurement of the Thule Motion XT 16 cubic feet cargo box, it can hold 5 to 7 pairs of skis3 to 5 snowboards, and you can put any gear that is no longer than 175 cm into the box with ease. 

It can open from both sides, so it is pretty easy to use when you pack it at home, beside a road, in the woods, or in other environments. It doesn’t have internal LED lights for dark time, but you can get one online. When the lid is open, two inner lifters hold the cover for you until you manually shut it down. 

The SideLock system automatically locks the lid when it is fully closed, so you have no chance to leave a half-open box behind before you start the car engine. Safe is always the priority for everything, so we recommend you read an article-is it safe to use a cargo box.

It is a combination of ABS plastic materials, and it is waterproof, durable, and sturdy. Its aerodynamic design reduces the wind drag and minimizes the effect on gas mileage, and its glossy black and gel-coat finish is resistant to chips, scratches, and UV rays

The Thule Motion XT series’ three options have some features in common, and the differences between options are the measurement and loading capacities. We won’t repeat the same info over and over again in this article, so you better know about that. 

A list of PDFs may help:

Thule Motion XT XL

  • Loading Volume: 18 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 84.5″ x 36″ x 17″

Thule Motion XT XXL

  • Loading Volume: 22 cu ft
  • Dimensions: 91.5″ x 37.5″ x 18″

What do other people say about the Thule Motion XT series?

From Liam(Interview):

I had the Thule Motion XT XXL option for a while, and I cannot hold my passion for writing something down about the box. It is a great travel companion, and my kids love it. I drove 8k miles on a road journey with my kids and our luggage and kids’ soccer gear. We went through days of extreme weather conditions like a rainstorm, and our items were dry and safe all the time. I love this product, and it brings many conveniences to our life. 

From Oliver(Interview):

I have successfully installed it on my Honda Odyssey. It came to my home as expected, and there was slight damage on the corner because of the long way delivery through Phoenix, Arizona, and other territories. I drove at 85mph with it on the highways without a problem, but it affected the gas mileage by about 4%. When I install it, those clamps functioned smoothly. I did the installation alone, so I think everyone can do the assembly alone without a tool in minutes.

From Henry(Interview):

We had a black cargo carrier before we get the Thule Motion XT XXL, for we cannot fully open the hatchback with the previous one because it is too long. When we receive the new Thule cargo box in our hands, we knew we had made the right decision. We were impressed we first looked at the Thule cargo box, and we liked its color, style, features, and design. When we were installing it on our vehicle, we encountered a problem with the Slidelock component. It was not fully functioning, so we contacted Thule’s customer service for solutions. After a comfortable communication, Thule’s employee solved the problem by sending us a replacement part for free. We appreciated that a lot. 

Read more customer feedback

Customer Videos

We searched on Youtube, and we have found some most relevant videos about Thule Motion XT cargo boxes below. You can watch them without leaving our site, and we thank those YouTubers for creating good videos like these.

The Thule Motion XT L Cargo Carrier represents an indispensable add-on for those seeking enhanced storage capacity during their voyages. The deployment of this superior cargo carrier is a markedly uncomplicated process that can be executed in several easy steps.

Upon unpacking the consignment, you will discover the sleek cargo carrier itself, accompanied by all requisite hardware and comprehensive instructions. Initiate assembly of the unit by securing together its four main components; ensure rigorous placement for an optimum fit.

Subsequent to assembly, rest it atop your vehicle’s roof rack while aligning emergency well with the crossbars seamlessly. Utilise the supplied brackets and screws to affix firmly the carrier onto your vehicle’s roof rack; confirm a taut and robust attachment.

To conclude, recheck every connection as well as adjustments rigorously prior to commencing your journey. Rest assuredly with unmatched peace of mind knowing you have additional space courtesy of Thule Motion XT L Cargo Carrier – enabling explorative freedom on all future travels.

A user puts the Thule Motion XT XL on top of his Subaru Outback

Let us see what a customer says after using the Thule Motion Cargo box on his Subaru Forester Sport

In an user video from Rack Outfitters, let us see what the experts say about the Thule Motion XT cargo box.

How it looks like after installation on an Audi A3

Unboxing and Installing a Thule Motion XT XXL on Honda Civic 2007

Thule Motion XT Gallery

How High Above the Crossbars?

Thule Motion XT L Cargo Box is a popular choice among travelers and outdoor enthusiasts as it provides ample storage space for their luggage and equipment. One of the common questions that arise when considering purchasing this cargo box is how high above the crossbars it sits.

The Thule Motion XT L Cargo Box is designed to sit at a specific height above the crossbars of your vehicle. This height ensures that there is enough clearance between the bottom of the cargo box and the roof of your vehicle, allowing for easy access to the contents of the box without any hindrance.

The exact height at which the Thule Motion XT L Cargo Box sits above the crossbars may vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the type of crossbars you have installed. However, on average, the cargo box sits approximately 15-17 inches above the crossbars.

This height is carefully determined to strike a balance between providing sufficient clearance for the contents of the cargo box and maintaining a sleek and aerodynamic profile for your vehicle. The low profile design of the Thule Motion XT L Cargo Box helps reduce wind resistance, minimizing any impact on fuel efficiency and noise levels during travel.

It’s important to note that before installation, you should consult the user manual provided by Thule for specific instructions and recommendations for your particular vehicle. This will ensure proper installation and help maximize the performance and functionality of the cargo box.

In conclusion, the Thule Motion XT L Cargo Box sits at an average height of 15-17 inches above the crossbars of your vehicle. This height allows for easy access to the contents of the cargo box while maintaining a sleek and aerodynamic profile. However, it is always advisable to consult the user manual for specific installation instructions and recommendations for your vehicle to ensure optimal performance.

Final Thought

If you are new to cargo boxes, the Thule products are perfect for beginners. You can read other articles on our site to learn how correctly use and choose a cargo box. On the other hand, if you think your budget does not allow you to afford a Thule product, you can consider using a roof bag instead. We have a list of 5 best-selling roof bags for all cars. When you have no idea what a cargo bag is, you can read a post that describes the differences between cargo boxes and cargo bags.

Tips for using Thule Motion XT cargo box:
When first unboxing your Thule Motion XT cargo box, you can find keys and other accessories together with the cargo box in the package. Remember to read the user manual several times to fully understand how correctly use the roof box. You can leave the key somewhere that always stay with your vehicle. You have to double-check the loading capacity of the cargo box and pay attention to it for safety reasons, and you must never overload it. You cannot drive over 90 MPH with a cargo box because of the changed gravity center. When you read the user manual, you have to do it step by step and make sure every step is correct. An accurate installation is the beginning of future enjoyment.

best rooftop cargo carriers and hitch-mounted cargo boxes for different outdoor activities like hunting, camping, skiing, fishing, travling, training, golfing, and more.
Drive with a car rooftop box on the freeways

2023 April 1st Update:

A rooftop cargo box can increase your car’s storage loading capacity, but most aerodynamic roof boxes won’t affect your car’s mileage for extra costs on gas bills. The Thule Motion XT is one of the most popular choices among outdoor enthusiasts when they need to bring more luggage or equipment on the roads.

After having compatible roof racks on your vehicle, you can use the Thule Motion XT as an added loading room for your camping equipment, road trip luggage, sporting gear, hiking equipment, and more.

When installing the Thule Motion XT roof box, you can follow these five steps:

One: If your car has a naked car roof, you should consider contacting the local auto dealer to buy compatible crossbars or find one online. If you can find existing crossbars on your vehicle, you can use the Thule Motion XT without a worry because it fits on most roof racks: round, square, aerodynamic, and factory rack systems. You must accurately mount a pair of crossbars on your vehicle’s roof before adding a roof box to the rack system; otherwise, we don’t recommend those poor-quality roof racks because they are not sturdy enough to hold the job.

Two: Putting a rooftop cargo box in the appropriate position on your car roof is vital, so you should follow a guide on our site to decide where the most accurate spot is on your car roof to mount the Thule Motion XT without creating further troubles in the future.

Three: After putting the roof box in the wanted place, you can open the lid and operate four quick-mount knobs to lock it on the roof racks. During the mounting process, you need to open the box and loosen the knobs – lift the box on the roof racks – make sure the clamps stand on the roof bars – tighten the knobs – close the lid and test the results.

Four: You must perform a final test after the installation and ensure it is safe and trustable when your vehicle is in motion, even in extreme weather. You can manually shake the roof box in different directions for minutes to check if the installation is steady enough without any potential risks.

Five: Finally, you can put your stuff in the roof box and get ready for another outdoor journey. When packing things into a roof box, you should know that weight balancing is important; moreover, you should learn how to effectively load a roof box and safely drive after having a loaded roof box on your vehicle.

TIPS: Don’t drive too fast when having a rooftop cargo carrier on your vehicle because the extra weight on the car roof can change your car’s gravity center and make your driving not like usual; Consequently, you should know how fast you should drive with a loaded roof cargo carrier.

Words From Scarlett:

Interviewed in 2023 on Fed 26 in New York City

I ordered the Thule Motion XT on Amazon for my 2012 Toyota Sienna with factory crossbars. I did not find any interference between the roof box and the open hatchback, and I can find at least 4.5 inches distance between them when the hatchback is fully open.

Before buying the Thule Motion XT Large, I checked my Sienna’s size and decided to choose the L, which is the most suitable option in size with Sienna. I like its dual-opening feature and the advanced locking system, and I was satisfied with the purchase of the Motion XT L.

Words From Audrey:

Interviewed in 2023 on March 2nd in New York City

Thule Motion XT Large on Hyundai Palisade

I decided to attach the Thule Motion XT XXL to my 2021 Hyundai Palisade and haul luggage for my future family road trips. Although the Thule Motion XT is expensive, it is worth my investment. The XXL option is surprisingly big enough to hold everything I need for most outdoor adventures.

I spent 11 minutes installing the Motion XT on my Hyundai Palisade, and the glossy Motion XT perfectly matched my Palisade’s style. I tried to load four large suitcases in the Motion XT without a problem, and I tested the box through two long-way trips: 1900 miles and 800 miles; additionally, it performed well without potential problems.

Words From Clover:

Interviewed in 2023 On March 14 in San Diego

Thule Motion XT roof box on Volvo S90

I drove my VOLVO S90 for years, and I wanted to use it to load more luggage when I take my friends to enjoy a road journey. I checked the most available roof boxes, but I decided to have the Motion XT as added storage space on top of my Volvo S90.

I didn’t notice much wind noise when my Volvo S90 was full of luggage, and the noise became noticeable if my car was empty; however, the wind noise is tiny and ignorable.

Furthermore, I noticed a 1mpg decrease in mileage, but it was acceptable with 22 cubic feet of loading storage added.

I like the Thule Motion XT, and I will use it on my future cars after the end of Volvo’s leasing contract.

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