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A cargo box helps you to carry items on top of your car (compatible with most sedans, SUVs, and trucks) and protect your items from unexpected weather and incidents. Although we have many different cargo carriers on the market like cargo bags, cargo baskets, hitch cargo boxes, and even more, cargo boxes are the best in people’s mouths.
We build this site to heavily introduce cargo boxes to people who need a cargo carrier for whatever reasons. You are here to know more about car rooftop cargo boxes, and you are on the right boat. After reading this article, you can fully understand how to choose and use a cargo box like a pro.

information about cargo box for people who want to buy one for their sedans, SUVs, Trucks, or Vans
Find what you need about cargo boxes in one place

Cargo Boxes – Beginner Guide

Why do you need a cargo box?

The first thing is the first. We start by discussing the reasons why people need a cargo box. Most people have cars at home in different sizes, from sedans to trucks. However, our outdoor dreams are growing as time goes by, and we have more ways to enjoy our holidays in the wild.

Most people drive their vehicles to enjoy the beach and sunshine during their holidays, and they need cargo boxes for carrying items between places. We have many cargo boxes in different sizes, big to small, so you can pick one that fits your gear’s measurement and your actual needs.

Packing a cargo box is not a simple job that you can do the way you thought it should be, and you must follow some instructions to do it like a pro. In general, you can follow the “heaviest things at the middle” principle without a chance to make huge mistakes. You can use the info box below to find more info about packing a cargo box like a pro.

load luggage on the car roof with a roof-mounted cargo box

A cargo box opens your mind to the natural, and you can go somewhere that you have never arrived. You have enough resources to support your wildlife for some time, and you can enjoy the woods and beach with your family for fun and enjoyment. You can put gear, clothes, luggage, shoes, foods, sleeping bags, snacks, electronic devices, golf clubs, fishing rods, hunting equipment, skis, snowboards, surfing boards, and more in a cargo box to ensure that you can do whatever you want at the place where you want to reach. After having a cargo box, the frequency of going out for a family holiday goes up and staying there for years; however, you can generate many fantastic moments with your loved ones.

Nowadays, a cargo box has gradually become a car accessory, and most car dealers introduce it when someone wants to buy a car. Car rooftop boxes became more and more popular in the past five years, and it boosted in the year 2020. Whatever car you have, you can install a cargo box on the roof of SUVs, sedans, trucks, or Vans.

What can you do with a cargo box?

We can use cargo boxes for many different purposes like moving home, road trips, camping, skiing, surfing, training, hunting, fishing, golfing, climbing, and hiking. Thus, we have to ensure that we use the correct size of cargo boxes for the job. Car roof boxes are the most secure cargo carriers on the market, and that is why most people choose to use cargo boxes for transporting their belongings.
Most car roof boxes have lock systems, and they are sturdy, waterproof, and durable; therefore, your items or gear are dry and safe during the time of your holidays.
Except for using cargo boxes, you have other choices for carrying items on the roof of your cars like cargo bags, cargo baskets, and other cargo carriers. However, the construction of cargo boxes makes them the most popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

It is time to learn how to pack a cargo box like a pro

At this point, you have a general knowledge about cargo boxes and why you need one. It is time to talk about some detail of using one. When you get a cargo box, you have to mount it on top of the car roof. You must read the instruction several times to install a cargo box without making any potential mistakes.
Most cargo boxes have clips or torque components to help you mount them on top of the roof racks, and you must get familiar with these small parts and use them correctly. After a successful installation, you have to remember to lubricate the lock core, the lid holders, the hinges after months of using the roof box.
When you are ready to do the installation, could you please call someone else to help you to lift the cargo box? Cargo boxes are big containers that have lightweight but large bodies, so if you heft them alone, there is a chance that they can suddenly fall to damage your car. When the cargo box is in position, you can do the installation alone without a tool or assistance from others.

After a perfect installation process, you can start to think about how to put your items into the box. You can follow the “heaviest things the first” principle to do the loading, and you have to arrange those heavy things in the middle for balance. After loading all your essentials, it is time to check the lock system and use straps or other tools for added security. You cannot overload a cargo box in any situation because it is super dangerous when you drive with an overloaded cargo box on the highways.

Is it safe to have a roof box on top of your car?

Most people don’t use cargo boxes because they don’t know whether cargo boxes are safe to use or not. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and tips, you can safely use a roof box without potential risks. You have to watch the speed limit when you drive with a roof box, and speeding is prohibited. Whatever car you are about to use for the roof box, you have to make your luggage evenly separated in the box.

Must-know tips of the Thule brand

Until now, we believe you have gradually understood what you need to learn about roof boxes. We want to introduce the Thule brand to you because the Thule roof boxes are perfect for beginners. We have a post that gives some background information about the Thule Group and its products. You can judge if a Thule cargo box is the right choice for your family. The Thule cargo boxes are expensive, and they are worth the price you pay because of their quality and designs. We have listed 17 roof boxes in the post below for your better understanding of the Thule brand.

Cleaning a cargo box for better enjoyment

We assume that you have read all the articles that we recommend for reading then we want to give you an instruction on cleaning a car roof box. You can follow several steps to do the cleaning like a pro.
First, you have to choose a towel and an auto-grade cleaner for the job. Then, you lift the cargo box on top of a table and take a deep clean of every corner. Moreover, you leave the cargo roof box there for hours; then, when it is dry, you can use a piece of the soft wiper to apply some UV-resistant liquid for weather-proof.

Don’t use auto-carwash services when using a cargo box

Some people want to use an auto-carwash service to clean their cargo roof boxes while washing their vehicles. It is a mistake, and you have to stop right away. If you use an auto-carwash service to shower your car, you have to take the cargo box off; otherwise, you put both the vehicle and the cargo box at risk. However, you can use touchless carwash services without concerns. We highly recommend hand washing for cargo boxes.

Tips for dealing with wind noise

Cargo boxes can produce wind noise and negatively affect the gas mileage, so we find a solution. You can refer to a post for learning how to eliminate wind noise and minimize the effect on gas mileage.

Can you drive with an empty cargo box

Most people want to leave their car roof box on their car roof for years, and it is possible but not recommended.
First, cargo boxes may produce wind noise and affect the gas mileage. Second, a cargo box may make your driving harder. Third, you can not drive into some places like underground parking grounds that have high limitations.

It is time to choose a cargo box

After learning all the above info and tips, you can choose a roof box confidently. When selecting one, you pay attention to some concepts: price, quality, loading capacity, opening, and features. You choose a cargo box based on your actual needs. What you will put in it and how far you will go, so think before action.

It is time to know how to install a cargo roof box

Now, you have the knowledge to choose a compatible cargo box for your family. You can start to learn the detail of installing a roof box from beginning to end. Cargo boxes, whatever brand, have almost the same installation process. As a result, you have to learn the theory of mounting a cargo box on the roof rack then you can operate all of the roof boxes without a hassle. We have a post that covers the topic of assembling a cargo box on top of a pair of crossbars, and you can refer to the post for more info. According to our experiences, you may spend almost an hour mounting a cargo box for the first time; subsequently, you can mount a cargo box in minutes without a tool. In general, you lift a cargo box to stand on top of the roof racks then use four clips or clamps to lock the roof box on the bars. Finally, you have to test the installation by grabbing and shaking.

Differences between cargo bags and roof boxes

what types of cargo carriers do you need?

When choosing a cargo box, you may find some cargo bags at an attractive and affordable price. However, do you know the difference between cargo boxes and cargo bags? If you have no idea about that, we have info for you. In general, car rooftop bags don’t require roof racks to work on top of your car; consequently, you don’t need to buy roof racks to use a cargo bag. Furthermore, cargo bags are not as safe as cargo boxes because of their designs and materials. You can find more differences in the post below.

Storing the cargo box in a garage

After using a cargo box on a road trip, you may need to take it off and store it somewhere in the garage. Do you know how to do that? You cannot randomly put it somewhere on the floor because of animals, natural elements, moisture, and dust. These elements can corrupt the cargo box in months, so you have to follow a guide to do it correctly. If you don’t want to spend money on storing your car roof box, you can put it vertically against the wall.

Do you need a license for using a cargo box?

Some people want to know if they need to apply for a special license for using a cargo box, and you don’t need one for sure. You can find some detail in another post. It is different between countries, so you may need to call your local police department to require a further accurate policy.

You Can Make Your Cargo Box More Secure

We live in a world with bad guys, so we have to learn how to protect ourselves. When you have a cargo box on top of your car, the giant box becomes more visible to thieves. You can use some tactics to prevent thefts when you are away from your vehicle. If you have brought an affordable cargo box, it is necessary to learn some tactics to prevent thefts.

You Can Use A Cargo Box On Panoramic Sunroof

You can use a cargo box on the panoramic sunroof, but you need to know something before action. The panoramic moonroof belongs to expensive car models, so you don’t want to hurt yours because of a pair of cheap crossbars(roof racks); thus, you have to use high-quality and durable roof racks on your panoramic sunroof. Don’t save money on roof racks! You can use the Info Box below to find more advice about fitting a cargo box on panoramic sunroofs.

Can You Use Cargo Carriers On A Rental Car?

If you plan to rent a car and put your already-have cargo box on it for an outing, you may need to read an article about if you can or cannot. The article tells you the answer and provides solutions to your future outdoor trips with a rental car. In general, most car rental companies don’t want you to use a cargo box on their vehicles because of potential risks to the cars’ roof surface.

Where is the best position of a cargo box on top of a car?

Do Roof Racks or Cargo Boxes Damage Your Car?

Questions For Outdoor Lovers

Don’t Do To Cargo Boxes

  1. Don’t use a cargo box to transport people, animals, explosive liquid, chemical substances, bricks, large pieces of metal, large pieces of wood because of safety concerns.
  2. Not use a cargo box that is too large for your car because it makes driving even more difficult and dangerous, especially turning or braking.
  3. Don’t overload a cargo box for whatever reason because it makes the car’s gravity center change a lot can cause difficulties to drive.
  4. Don’t use the road site to open a cargo box when parking on sides of highways because of the risk of coming traffic.
  5. Don’t carelessly install a cargo box without a security check because it may cause a sudden fall of the box while the car is in highspeed motion.
  6. Don’t put your expensive devices or belongings in a cargo box because of potential safety concerns of thefts.
  7. Don’t overspeeding while using a cargo box on top of your vehicle because it is super dangerous when turning or braking.
  8. Don’t leave a cargo box in the garage without covering or properly storing it because of corrosion and animals. You can check the above sections to find the correct way to keep a cargo box in the garage.
  9. Don’t use a cargo box without maintenance like lubricating the lock core, printing protection, mounting hardware regular checking.
  10. Don’t leave the backup key at home because it is needed when driving the car; thus, leaving it in the car.
  11. Don’t choose a cheap cargo box for heavy-duty jobs because it may disappoint you right away.

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