can you drive with an empty car roof box

Can You Drive With an Empty Car Roof Box?

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

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Can you drive with an empty car roof box?

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Can you drive with an empty car roof box?

You should not drive with an empty roof box on top of your roof rack for reasons.

The answer is No.

After we have done tons of searches online for this question, we have found that many experts recommend not driving with an empty cargo box. The most significant reason is fuel consumption. Although many manufacturers claimed that cargo boxes have little effect on gas mileage, you have to be aware that the “little” is not a small amount of money in your bills.

Many car roof boxes have simple-to-use installation hardware, so it will not take you a lot of time to disassemble a cargo box. Most of the car roof boxes have memorial mounting hardware, so after the first time of installation, the process of mounting it will become pretty quick and easy.

For financial reasons, we highly recommend disassembling your car roof box when you don’t need it. If you are rich enough, you can ignore this advice.

Are there any other disadvantages of driving your car with an empty car roof box? Yes

An empty car roof box not only affects your gas mileage but also increases the difficulty of your driving. While you are driving on the highways, the wind is lifting the cargo box. If you don’t accurately install your cargo box, the wind will blow it off the roof of your car.

Consequently, you have to assemble a car roof box securely and accurately. We highly recommend you read the manufacturer’s user guide several times until you fully understand how to correctly and safely assemble your cargo box to the rack system.

Many people are trying to store a spare tire in their empty cargo box without taking it off after use. It is a bad habit. If there is a heavy thing in your cargo box, your car’s gravity center will rise. Then, when you are braking, accelerating, or turning your vehicle, the stuff in your car roof box will move forward or backward to cause a risk of making the operation of your car out of control. Unless you can tightly attach the spare tire to the bottom of your cargo box with straps or bungee ropes, it will slide around in the roof box.

If you insist on driving your vehicle with an empty cargo box, you can do that when you have done the checks below:

Check if your cargo box is securely and accurately attached to the rack bars.
Check if the lock of your cargo box is fully and securely locked.
Check if the balance of your tire pressure is accurate and safe to drive.
Check the position of your car roof box is right for having clean interference with the hatchback.
Check if the height of your garage door allows you to drive in with a cargo box.

After you have checked all of these tips, you can try to drive your car with an empty car roof box. If you decide to store the cargo box in the garage, what methods you will use to store it without occupying a large area in the garage? You can use a guide to find some solutions to help you find the best ways to store your roof boxes in the garage.

Can you drive with a pair of rack bars? Can you leave the roof rack on your car?

drive with roof racks
You can leave the roof racks on the car roof without worry.

A car roof box is standing on top of a pair of rack bars. Is it ok to drive with a rack system on top of your car? It is ok. There are square, round, and aerodynamic rack systems for sale, and they are light in weight. The little weight on the roof of your vehicle will affect nothing but create an opportunity for you to attach something on top of the pair of rack bars.

Leaving the roof racks on top may cause wind noise when your car is in motion; consequently, you can follow a guide to learn how to DIY the solution for decreasing the wind effects.

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In conclusion

We recommend you disassemble your car roof box and leave the roof rack system in position. The first reason for not driving a car with an empty cargo box is the monetary expense of fuel consumption. The second reason is safety concerns because empty cargo boxes create potential risks to your driving. However, you can leave roof racks on top of your car because they bring only benefits to your life.

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