find better compatible roof racks or crossbars for Audi Q5 and Q5 Sport

3 Roof Racks or Crossbars For Audi Q5

Have you heard about roof racks or crossbars? If you are new to these car accessories, you can follow the links in this content to enhance your knowledge base about roof racks or crossbars for vehicles.

Quick-Pick List of 3 Roof Racks For Audi Q5

Option One for Audi Q5 with flush roof rails

41d92HB+fpL. AC SL1200 2024 Thule WingBar EVO 50-inch modelCheck it on Amazon
71Q BlRaCEL. AC SL1500 2024 EVO compatible mounting feetCheck it on Amazon
51XOVm1TYTL. AC SL1222 2024 Audi Q5 Vehicle-fit clipsCheck it on Amazon

Option Two for Audi Q5 with flush roof rails

41Ey1IZzZjL. AC SL1000 2024INNO Aero 51-inch Crossbars Check it on Amazon
410TX8diFKL. AC SL1000 2024INNO XS450 Aero Low Profile Through Mounting Feet Check it on Amazon
41IUzjN+BHL. AC 2024 vehicle fit kits for Audi Q5Check it on Amazon

Option Three for Audi Q5 with flush roof rails

616qXvuqyHL. AC SL1500 2024 Rhino-Rack Vortex 49-inch Roof RacksCheck it on Amazon
51ZEkwPfqRL. AC SL1500 2024 Vortex SX mounting legsCheck it on Amazon

Why do you need roof racks or crossbars on your Audi Q5?

Most people don’t know what roof racks do or what these rooftop car accessories are for, so you should learn before investing in a pair of crossbars for your Audi Q5. Audi Q5 is a large SUV with ample trunk space, but it is never enough for people who want to bring more luggage or gear on their outdoor adventures.

Therefore, some outdoor enthusiasts equip their Audi Q5 with rooftop cargo carriers to transport camping equipment, sporting gear, luggage, and other bulky items; furthermore, with specific roof-mounted cargo carriers like bike carriers and kayak carriers, you can carry bikes and watercraft between locations.

Roof racks or a pair of crossbars can free up the trunk or passenger room in Audi Q5 by creating an additional storage space on the car roof, and you can mount one or multiple roof-mounted cargo carriers to haul a variety of outdoor needs for different vacation adventures.

Where to buy roof racks or crossbars for Audi Q5?

Audi Q5 comes with factory-installed flush roof rails for providing standing points for roof racks or crossbars. When considering getting a pair of compatible roof bars for the Audi Q5, you can contact the local Audi dealer to request information on adding OEM roof racks for your Audi model. You can follow the official advice to get prices on compatible OEM roof racks or crossbars that you can use on Audi Q5.

However, if you feel the price of OEM products is out of your budget, you can use aftermarket or third-party items to work with the existing flush roof rails on Audi Q5. Choosing compatible aftermarket roof racks is challenging for most of us, so you should follow this content to find fitting options without spending hours to find the same result we have found for you, Audi Q5 owners. Otherwise, some big-name aftermarket roof racks or crossbars are more expensive than OEM products.

We don’t recommend using cheap roof racks on the car roof because of potential safety concerns. If a pair of poor-quality crossbars fail on their duty during a road trip, the incident can cause damage to your vehicle and properties and the car behind you, and the accident may cause death. As a result, when buying roof racks or crossbars, you better consider getting those well-made products.

We find three roof racks or crossbars for Audi Q5 with flush roof rails.

Detail Of 3 Roof Racks or Crossbars For Audi Q5

Thule WingBar EVO rooftop crossbars

Do Thule make crossbars for Audi? Thule manufactures roof bars in different models with a wide range of length options to fit many car models, including Audi Q5. As a result, you can choose the 50-inch model to work on Audi Q5 with flush roof rails.

Thule Wingbar EVO has six different size options: 50-inch, 43-inch, 47-inch, 53-inch, and 60-inch, and you can find three color options: Black, Silver, and Aluminum. Whatever color you choose, you must use the 50-inch to fit the roof size of the Audi Q5; furthermore, options shorter than 50-inch won’t work on Audi Q5. When using longer roof bars on a car, you must ensure the two edges on each roof bar won’t exceed the distance between two rear mirrors’ outside borders.

Thule is a well-known outdoor brand, and most people use Thule products like Wingbar EVO and Thule Motion XT to maximize their enjoyment of outdoor activities. If you wish to know more about the Thule brand, you can refer to a post to check its brief history and product info, including Thule cargo boxes.

Thule WingBar EVO roof racks or crossbars for Audi Q5

Thule WingBar EVO is aluminum-made crossbars, which are ultralight in construction, but an advanced inner structure won’t reduce quality and sturdiness with less weight. Therefore, you can use Thule WingBar EVO to handle most heavy-duty jobs.

Thule WingBar EVO is a pair of low-profile crossbars with rubber-made wind-cutting strips and an elliptical shape to reduce wind noise and decrease the waste on gas consumption. Consequently, you don’t need to invest in wind-faring accessories to deal with the wind effects. Most aero-shape crossbars solve the wind effects with their designs, so it is not a big problem with modern technologies.

You can load up to 220 pounds of cargo on the Thule WingBar EVO, but the car roof loading limit is the priority, not the crossbars’ loading capacity. Audi Q5’s roof loading limit is about 165 pounds, so you cannot put more than 165 lbs on the car roof. If you add too much weight to the car roof, the car’s gravity center becomes unstable, which makes your vehicle hard to control when turning and braking.

The Thule WingBar EVO’s dimensions are 50 x 3.15 x 1.15 (L x W x H), and you can use this measurement to estimate if the WingBar EVO fits on Audi Q5 (use the L); otherwise, if you have roof-mounted cargo carriers, you should ensure their mounting hardware can fully clamp on WingBar EVO (use the W and H). 

When fitting the Thule WingBar EVO on Audi Q5, you must get compatible EVO mounting feet and a set of fit kits to create a complete roof rack system on Audi Q5 with flush roof rails.

The entire installation of the Thule WingBar EVO is not complicated, and you don’t need any modifications to your Audi Q5. 

First, you can assemble the four mounting towers with two roof bars. On each WingBar EVO crossbar, you can find two bottom channels with ruler marks to help you place each mounting foot with proper measurement. You can remove the head caps on each roof bar and then slide two mounting towers to the appropriate position to meet the distance between two side flush rails. 

Second, you use a torque tool to tighten four vehicle fitting clamps to four EVO-compatible mounting feet. 

Third, it is time to adjust the bar spread and tighten a complete Thule WingBar EVO rack system on your Audi car.

What you need:

A pair of Thule WingBar EVO crossbars

Four Thule EVO mounting towers

A set of Fit Kits or Hooks

INNO Aerodynamic Roof Rack System

INNO Aero low profile roof racks or crossbars for Audi Q5

It is the second option we choose for Audi Q5 with flush roof rails. INNO Aero bars are aerodynamic and egg-shaped bars to cut and separate the wind force to reduce the wind whistling. Therefore, you don’t need to install a fairing device on the front INNO bar to deal with wind noise problems.

INNO utilizes aluminum and advanced box-beam construction to build each INNO Aero bar. The box-beam structure costs fewer materials but provides enough holding strength. Furthermore, the aluminum materials make every INNO Aero roof bar waterproof, durable, sturdy, and anti-corrosion. 

If you wish to maximize the enjoyment of a pair of crossbars, you better learn how to clean and maintain them for their overall performance. Each INNO Aero bar has integrated T-slots on its bottom channels for mounting compatible INNO through Feet. After assembling two INNO Aero bars with four INNO Through Feet, you can install a vehicle-fit clip on each INNO Through Tower, then create a complete INNO roof rack system to work with Audi Q5 with flush roof rails.

INNO Aero crossbars can hold up to 165 pounds, but your Audi Q5’s 165 lbs roof loading limit is always the priority. When choosing INNO Aero crossbars, you can select 48-inch and 51-inch and use them on the front and rear of the roof rails.

Dimensions of 48-inch and 51-inch INNO Aero roof racks:

48-inch: 48 x 3.125 x 1.125 inches

51-inch: 51 x 3.1125 x 1.125 inches

You can use these measurements to test the fitment with Audi Q5’s roof size. After installing INNO Aero crossbars, you can adjust the bar spreads (the distance between two crossbars) to meet the requirement of specific rooftop cargo carriers.

What you need:

A pair of INNO Aero roof bars

Four INNO XS450 Aero through feet

A set of INNO fit kits

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Roof Racks

Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbars or roof racks for Audi Q5

It is the third choice we pick for Audi Q5 with flush roof rails. Rhino-Rack is another well-known brand of roof racks or crossbars, and Rhino-Rack manufactures advanced rooftop cargo boxes for people who need extra storage on their vehicles’ roofs to carry luggage or equipment. You can consider getting a cargo box after having a pair of crossbars on your Audi Q5.

Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbars are aluminum-made, oval, slim, aerodynamic options that you can set on Audi Q5’s flush roof rails to create a platform and carry cargo carriers like cargo boxes, baskets, bags, kayak carriers, bike racks, or roof-mounted camping tents.

You must select the 49-inch long Vortex crossbars to work with Audi Q5. The Vortex roof racks give you a 165-pound loading limit, but you must follow the Audi Q5’s car manual to find how much weight you can put on its roof. When calculating the exact weight of the cargo you can load on a car roof, you should use the car roof loading limit minus the total weight of both cargo carriers and crossbars (when they are empty).

On the other hand, your Audi Q5 becomes higher after having roof racks on its roof, so you better remember the height and carefully drive when going through places like underground parking zone. With roof racks on your Audi Q5, you better find accessories, like a car door step, to help you stand higher when loading or unloading things on the roof racks.

The Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbars work with SX mounting towers to lock on the flush roof rails. When combining a Vortex bar with two SX legs, you can complete the process in 10 minutes; otherwise, you don’t need a tool. First, you take two endcaps off the bar, then slide two SX legs into the bottom channels and ensure the position with accurate measurement. Second, use a torque tool to tighten the mounting towers and lock them with universal keys. Third, reassemble the endcaps and secure them on bars with keys. After these three steps, you get a ready-to-install Vortex bar with mounting clamps.

You can repeat the process to assemble the second bar. After getting these two crossbars ready, you can install them on the flush roof rails. It is a tool-free installation. You can slide these crossbars to find the most appropriate bar spreads to suit any roof-mounted cargo carrier’s requirement.

What you need:

A pair of Rhino-Rack VORTEX crossbars

Four Vortex SX mounting legs


If you want to find compatible roof racks or crossbars for Audi Q5, this content can help you save time on finding fitting options. After having roof racks on your Audi Q5, you can use cargo carriers:

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