Cargo roof box for audi q5

5 Roof Boxes For Audi Q5

An Audi Q5 brings you not only convenience but also fancy looking on roads, but if you want to drive your Audi Q5 to enjoy a vacation, you should consider putting a car roof box on top of your Audi Q5.

A convenient and fancy-looking car roof box can satisfy your needs on your vacation days, and the cargo box provides you extra large room for carry-on luggage and other belongings.

On the market, there are many different cargo boxes for Audi Q5, but you need to pick out the perfect and suitable one for your vehicle, and it is not very easy.

We are here to provide you with a quick list of four car-roof boxes that are working with your Audi Q5. You are about to pick one from our recommendation, but before you do that, you should learn more by reading through this article to know more about cargo boxes and their characteristics.

Cargo Roof Boxes for audi Q5 are discussed here.

Roof Rack For Audi Q5

If you are looking for roof racks for Audi Q5, you can contact your local Audi dealer to order one or purchase one from Amazon or Ebay.

Quick-pick list of Cargo roof boxes for Audi Q5

cargo boxes for audi q5
cargo carriers for Audi q5

INNO Wedge

inno wedge 13 cubic feet cargo box
  • Product: INNO Wedge
  • Dimensions(inches L, W ,H): L: 73″ W: 33″ H: 14″
  • Capacity: 13 cu ft
  • Box Open: Both sides

Thule Motion XT

thule motion xt 18 cubic feet option for Audi Q5
  • Product: Thule Motion XT
  • Dimensions: L: 90″ W: 35″ H: 15″
  • Capacity: 18 cu ft
  • Box Open: Both sides


SportRack Skyline Cargo Box for Audi Q5
  • Product: SPORTRACK Skyline XL
  • Dimensions: L: 54″ W: 39″ H: 19.5″
  • Capacity: 18 cu ft
  • Box Open: Passenger

Thule 868 Outbound

thule 868 outbound cargo bag for Audi Q5
  • Product: Thule 868 Outbound
  • Dimensions: L:15″ W: 10″ H: 7″
  • Capacity: 13 cu ft
  • Box Open: 3 sides

5 Best Selling Cargo Bags For Audi Q5

When you have checked the above options of cargo boxes for your vehicle, you may lose interest in using a hard-shell cargo box because of your reasons. We created a list of 5 best-selling cargo bags for serving your better with alternatives to cargo boxes that you can use on your car as an extra storage space.

After careful consideration of all the options provided below, it is understandable that you may have reservations about using a hard-shell cargo box for your Audi Q5. Perhaps you are concerned about the extra weight it adds or the potential for it to affect your car’s aerodynamics. Maybe you simply prefer a more flexible and versatile storage solution. Whatever your reasons may be, rest assured that there are excellent alternatives available – the top 5 best-selling cargo bags that we have curated just for you. These innovative storage solutions are designed to provide additional space for all your belongings, whether you are planning a long road trip or simply in need of extra storage for everyday use. What sets these cargo bags apart is their durable materials and convenient designs. They are specifically created to offer a practical and efficient solution for transporting your items while ensuring they remain secure and protected. So instead of opting for a traditional cargo box, why not explore the possibilities offered by these versatile cargo bags? They can bring a whole new level of convenience and ease to your travel experiences. Say goodbye to worries and hello to an enhanced storage solution that meets all your needs.

Do you know what a cargo basket is? If you do, we have a list of the best cargo baskets for your Audi Q5. If you have no idea about it, you can look at the list to learn how to choose and use a cargo basket. Cargo baskets are car accessories that can work as roof racks to carry multiple items on top of a car. You can put a cargo bag on a cargo basket to create a waterproof carrier as cargo boxes are.

Detail of five car roof boxes for Audi Q5

1. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Thule motion cargo box for audi q5
Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo carrier

Thule is a famous brand of cargo boxes on the market, and the Thule brand has high-quality cargo boxes for their customers. You don’t need to worry about the Thule cargo boxes’ installations because they provide you the easy-to-use mounting hardware.

Thule Motion XT on Audi Q5

The Thule Motion XT rooftop cargo box comes with easy-grip handles that make it easy to use and carry in different weather conditions. Furthermore, the lid-lifter will automatically open the box and hold the lid for you to reach every corner inside the box. Besides, the audible slide-lock component indicates that if the lid is securely closed or not with a “click” sound when you pull it down to the locking position. When the cargo carrier is fully closed, it will notify you that it is safe to drive; consequently, you will have no chance to leave with an open or half-locked cargo box on top of your vehicle.

This model of the car-roof box will not interfere with the open of your trunk and hatch, and it will also not obstruct the view of your surrounding while you are driving your Audi Q5.

2. INNO Wedge Rooftop Cargo Box

A detailed video shows you everything from beginning to end of the process of installing an INNO wedge cargo box on top of a Porsche Sport car. If you like the video, please share it to your social network as a Thank You to the author.

This beautiful-looking car-roof box if suitable for your Audi Q5 car, and it can install on most factory racks without a problem. Opening from two sides makes this cargo carrier easy to loading and unloading, and you do not need to memorize the opening side. Its fancy aerodynamic design not only reduces wind noise but also saves extra waste on gas.

INNO Wedge on Audi Q5

When you want to open your hatchback, you can push or pull the cargo box forward or backward on its track to create clean interference between it and the gate of the trunk. In other words, the position of this cargo carrier is adjustable on the crossbars.
INNO company gives its customer a life-long warranty for its cargo boxes, so if you have any questions after purchasing, you can inquire about information from customer service or ask for repair or assistance from INNO professionals at any time. All in all, this INNO wedge rooftop cargo box is suitable for your Audi Q5 because of its durable material, fancy looking, adjustable track system, dual-opening, and smart locking system.

inno wedge cargo box 13 cubic feet option for Audi Q5

3.SportRack SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Roof Box

SportRack skyline cargo carrier

Don’t be afraid of installing it because it is super easy to assemble by one person in minutes. After you have done the installation, you will find that you have a treasure to get the most of your road trips.

For Audi Q5, it is suitable and perfect for people who travel a lot on the roads because of its large internal space. Then, the powerful dual-locking system offers added security to your belongings.

SportRack Skyline on Audi A5

Its materials are one of its advantages that makes it super durable and sturdy. The high-density plastic body allows this cargo box to last a very long time without being damaged by bad weather conditions, breaking, or other unpredictable accidents. Besides, it comes from the SportRack family that has a good reputation for quality and security.

If you are considering choosing this model of the car-roof box, you should know that the extra-large room of the box makes the height of the box reach 19 inches, so you should do the measurement for some height limitation on roads, such as the height of your garage door, the height of an over-road bridge.

4.Thule 868 Outbound Cargo Bag

Thule 868 outbound cargo bag

It is another suitable option for the Audi Q5 car. Thule 868 cargo bag is very simple to install and waterproof, so many people are choosing this roof box as their favorite equipment for their road trips. (More soft roof bags for your consideration)

According to our researches, it is made of soft material that is durable and long-lasting. There is a large space inside the bag to allow you to put everything you need into it without worry, so if you are traveling a lot on roads, this car-roof bag can be the best option within a low-budget range. It is hard to bread or damage the roof bag because of its sturdy soft material.

Thule 868 Outbound on Audi Q5

On the other hand, its aerodynamic design makes it produce a little noise and prevent wasting too much gas on the roads. Additionally, the heavy-duty tying straps offer extra security and safety to your road trips, and it also creates convenience for the installation or disassembling. You won’t feel disappointed on your road traveling with this car-roof bag, and all of its features make you feel satisfied and happy. Furthermore, the three-sided zipper gives you easy access to the inside of the car-roof bag from both sides of your car.

5.INNO Shadow Rooftop Cargo Box

inno shadow cargo box for Audi Q5

We should thank INNO that it produces the Shadow rooftop cargo box with its highlighted features. Its sturdy, waterproof, and durable materials provide extra safety to your luggage. It also has an aerodynamic design to reduce wind noise and to decrease the waste on fuel economy.

inno shadow on Audi Q5

The simplified mounting system makes this car-roof box very easy to use. Although its size is large, it will not interfere with the opening of your trunk. Dual-opening and an advanced locking system are two outstanding features that make it easy to operate by one person, so you can enjoy your one-person travel with it without worrying about how to deal with your luggage.


We have recommended five different car-roof boxes to you for your Audi Q5, and we have discussed the features of these cool boxes. You might need more information about them, so you can use the above buttons to read more information on the seller’s pages. If you plan a road trip, we recommend you search for what you need on the roads. The wrong equipment can ruin your travel and cause you many unpredictable troubles, so you have to know more before your next move.

We also have an article about Cargo roof boxes for VW Golf. Otherwise, you can find roof boxes for Audi Q7, Audi A4, Audi A3, Audi A6, and Audi A8 on our site.

Cargo Boxes For Audi Q5 Gallery

More About Choosing Cargo Boxes For Audi Q5

What are the best Thule cargo boxes for Audi Q5?

We believe the Thule Force cargo boxes are the best choices for your Audi Q5. If you want comparisons, you should compare the Thule Force with Thule Motion XT or Thule Pulse because the Motion and Pulse are well-designed aerodynamic cargo boxes with different sizes and advanced features. Thule cargo boxes have easy-to-use mounting hardware to simplify the installation process for everyone.

Audi Q5 with a car top carrier

How big is the Audi roof cargo box?

It depends on which cargo boxes you use on your Audi Q5, and we have a SIZE GUIDE with the most available cargo boxes’ length, width, and height. You can use these dimensions to know how big these boxes will be on the Audi Q5’s roof. You can find the Audi Q5’s roof sizes in the car manual. When having the roof’s measurement in hand, it is easier to make sense of the large of each cargo box you want to check with.

Before choosing a cargo box for Audi Q5:

When building a rooftop cargo management system on Audi Q5, you can start by mounting roof racks or crossbars on the factory-installed flush roof rails. We found three aftermarket roof racks or crossbars for your consideration, and you can choose them without a compatibility check. 

Before choosing roof racks or crossbars for Audi Q5:

You can follow these guides to prepare some knowledge for picking up the most suitable solutions to your cargo needs:

Do you know why you should install roof racks on the Audi Q5? We have some advice and opinions for car owners. If you are new to cargo carriers, you can start by getting knowledge about roof racks and types of rooftop cargo carriers.

What are roof rails, crossbars, and roof racks? You can refer to an article to understand the differences between these car rooftop accessories.

Most people want to know if roof racks or crossbars can damage their vehicles, so you probably also need some information about the topic.

When choosing a cargo box for Audi Q5:

You better use adjustable roof racks or crossbars on your Audi Q5 because some particular cargo boxes require specific bar spreads between two roof bars. If your crossbars are slidable on roof rails, you don’t get any trouble while checking the compatibility between roof racks and the wanted cargo boxes. 

More hardshell cargo boxes you can compare and use on your Audi Q5:

Best Car Roof Boxes and Their Differences

Low-profile cargo boxes

Smaller and cheaper cargo boxes

Biggest Rooftop Cargo Carriers

Aerodynamic cargo carriers

Rooftop cargo baskets

Soft cargo bags

The list above gives you choices on rooftop cargo carriers, including hardshell car roof boxes, rooftop baskets, and soft cargo bags.

When using a rooftop cargo box:

After mounting a cargo box or other rooftop cargo carriers on the roof racks on your Audi Q5, you should know some tips to maximize their overall performance.

Here is a list of topics that you may focus on when having a rooftop cargo box on your Audi Q5:

You should know the accurate driving techniques after having rooftop cargo carriers on your Audi Q5, the correct ways of cleaning and maintaining roof racks and cargo boxes, the best solutions to protect your cargo carriers from thefts, the methods of fixing scratches or holes on cargo boxes, the tactics to deal with wind noises, the advice on driving with an empty cargo box, and the most effective ways of packing a cargo box.

People are also concerned about whether they need licenses when adding a rooftop cargo box on their Audi Q5, whether they need to control the speed while driving with a cargo box, and if they can store their cargo boxes in the garage; as a result, we have solutions to these wonders.

For other Audi Model owners:

We find compatible car roof boxes for Audi A8, A6, A3, A4, Q7

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