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5 Better Cargo Boxes For Nissan Sentra

Last Updated on November 23, 2022

You are searching for cargo boxes for your Nissan Sentra because you want more space to carry belongings on a road trip or other outdoor journeys. Your Nissan Sentra doesn’t offer you enough loading room for all your gear or luggage, and you can solve this problem after reading this buying guide.

Your Nissan Sentra is a small sedan with plenty of room for seats and 14.3 cubic feet of trunk space for loading stuff, but the small trunk is not enough for outdoor adventures when you want to take your family to enjoy a camping holiday. Although you can fold down the 60/40 split rear seats for things, you cannot find more space for your travel companions. Consequently, if you have more than 3 companions on the roads, your Nissan Sentra does not have the loading capacity to fulfill your outdoor dreams. 

5 cargo carriers and cargo boxes for nissan sentra
You can use this article to find cargo boxes and other cargo carriers for Nissan Sentra.

Except for changing a large car, you can use cargo carriers to make your Nissan Sentra be able for the loading job. There are plenty of choices for you on the market: cargo bags, cargo baskets, cargo boxes, car racks. Cargo boxes are the best because they are weather-proof, rugged, long-lasting, and easy to use, so we mainly recommend some compatible car roof boxes for your Nissan Sentra with our opinions on them. We also introduce some other cargo carriers for your consideration because they may be your favorites.

As we all know, there are many cargo rooftop boxes on the market with different sizes, features, designs, brands, and price tags; consequently, most people don’t know what to think when choosing a car rooftop box for their vehicle. We have some advice for you as below. 

When you need info about your Nissan Sentra, you can use the official PDF brochure to look for specific knowledge like its cargo weight limit.

Before adding a roof box on the roof of your Nissan Sentra, you have to use car roof racks to build a framework on the car roof rails. We recommend contacting your local auto dealer to require an OEM roof rack, or you can find a pair of roof crossbars on Amazon or Ebay. Otherwise, you can use universal fit roof racks for your Nissan Sentra, and we have a list of roof racks for all vehicles in all sizes. Scroll down to the bottom to find crossbars that work without roof rails or gutters on Nissan Sentra.

A list of universal roof racks for all vehicles and your Nissan Sentra (compatibility check required). You can use any of these racks to build a cargo management system on the roof of your Nissan Sentra.

After having a pair of crossbars, you can install other cargo carriers for carrying stuff between places. If you are interested in knowing the general process of installing a cargo box, you can read an article to learn more. You cannot use a cargo box without a pair of car roof crossbars because roof boxes require locking and standing on roof racks. However, if your Nissan Sentra has a naked roof, and you don’t want to buy roof racks for it. You can use soft cargo bags to transport items, but they are not as sturdy, waterproof, and durable as cargo boxes are. When you think about using a cargo bag, you may want to know the differences between car roof boxes and soft cargo bags.

Quick-Pick List of 5 Cargo Boxes For Nissan Sentra

Image Product Weight Capacity Opening Dimensions Link
nissan sentra cargo box59  Thule SideKick Rooftop Cargo Box  19.85 Pounds  75 pounds Passenger side opening  54 x 25 x 15.5 inches Check Price On Amazon
nissan sentra cargo box60  JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier  ‎25 pounds  150 lbs dual side opening  47.5 x 28 x 12.5 inches Check Price On Amazon
nissan sentra cargo box61  TRUNX Rooftop Cargo Carrier  21 Pounds  110 Pounds Side access opening 46.6 x 27.4 x 17.3 inches Check Price On Amazon
nissan sentra cargo box62  SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Box  30 Pounds  150 Pounds Passenger side opening  55 x 41 x 14 inches

Check Price On Amazon
nissan sentra cargo box63  INNO BRA240BK Ridge Cargo Box  20 lbs.  110 lbs  Box Opening: Right  ‎54.5 x 28.5 x 14 inches Check Price On Amazon

Detail of 5 Cargo Boxes For Nissan Sentra

Thule Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box

thule sidekick cargo box for nissan sentra

Thule SideKick cargo box is the first choice for you. It is a product of the Thule Group-a global company in the outdoor industry. Your Nissan Sentra is a small sedan, so small car rooftop boxes are perfect. We don’t recommend large cargo boxes for your car because of safety concerns. 

what it looks like after installation - Thule sidekick cargo box

The Thule SideKick rooftop box has two color options: gray and black. You can pick a color that matches your car’s style. 

Your Nissan Sentra’s roof width is 64.4 inches (158cm), and the Sidekick cargo box is 25 inches (63cm) wide. If you use the Sidekick cargo box on top of your car’s roof, you can have at least 95cm wide of free space for mounting other cargo carriers like kayak carriers, bike car racks, roof bags, and others. 

The Thule sidekick roof box offers 8 cubic feet of interior space for loading items, and its dimensions are 54 x 25 x 15.5 inches. You can use the measurement to estimate that if you can load your gear or equipment into the box or not. Otherwise, when you drive through the garage gate with a cargo box on top, you must make sure the garage gate is high enough. Some people accidentally damage their roof boxes when they drive through some height-limited places. If you encounter situations like the above, you can repair small crushes and scratches with some tools.

Thule SideKick Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes Buyer Guide

The manufacturer uses polyurethane to build the Sidekick cargo box, so it is waterproof, long-lasting, UV-resistant, and sturdy. If you require further info about the Thule Sidekick cargo boxes, you can refer to a post for more knowledge. 

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

JEGS cargo carriers for nissan sentra

It is the second option for your Nissan Sentra. Its dimensions are 46.5 L x 30.5 W x 17.5 H inches, and it is higher and broader than the Thule Sidekick roof boxes. The JEGS provides 10 cubic feet of loading space for users, and you can load up to 150 lbs of items in it. Every cargo carrier has a loading capacity, and you cannot overload a cargo box in any situation.

dual side open JEGS cargo box for nissan sentra

The JEGS rooftop cargo box has two size options: 10 cubic feet and 18 cubic feet. You can use any of them without a compatibility problem. If you require more info on JEGS cargo carriers, you can use the link below to discover more specifications, features, installations, tips, pictures, and more.

JEGS Car Rooftop Cargo Carriers Buyer Guide

TRUNX Rooftop Cargo Box

TRUNX cargo box for nissan sentra

It is the third option for your Nissan Sentra. Its dimensions are 46.6L x 27.4W x 17.3H inches, and it is another small cargo box that does not occupy your entire roof racks. You can utilize the rest space on the crossbars to mount other car racks or cargo carriers to make your Nissan Sentra be able to carry whatever you want to bring on the roads.

what you can load in a TRUNX cargo box

The TRUNX cargo box weighs 21 pounds, so you can lift it alone for installation. It gives you 9 cubic feet of internal space for hauling things between locations, and you can put up to 110 lbs of stuff in it without a problem. 

It is a universal roof box that fits almost all roof racks: factory, round, square, and aerodynamic. However, you have to ensure that your existing rack system has a distance between 22 inches and 28 inches. You cannot use it if the distance between two bars is out of the range. 

TRUNX cargo box dimensions

Most people say that the TRUNX cargo boxes are super easy to install, and they love the affordable price tag. They think they have paid what they have got, so the TRUNX cargo boxes receive many positive feedbacks on Amazon from global customers.

If you feel the TRUNX car rooftop box is too small, you can consider using a cargo basket + a cargo box to create more loading space for long gear or items. 

SportRack Skyline Cargo Box

sportrack skyline cargo box for nissan sentra

It is the fourth choice for your Nissan Sentra. Its dimensions are 55L x 41W x 14H inches, and you can use it to carry up to 150 pounds of belongings on the roads. It is made of high-density plastic materials, so it is rugged, waterproof, durable, and weather-resistant

what it looks like after installation on a SUV - sportrack skyline cargo box on a suv

You can only open the box on the passenger side for safety concerns, and you will not put yourself in danger when using it on the highways. When installing the cargo box, you can use 4 U-bolts to mount the roof box to roof racks in minutes without a tool. 

You have to lubricate the lock core after using the cargo box for weeks because the lock system is flimsy. You can use lubricate lube to make the lock live longer. 

It has an aerodynamic design that can reduce the wind drag when the cargo box is in motion, but the gas mileage can be affected negatively. However, you can use some tools to minimize the wind effect, and we have a post on that topic about reducing the wind noise or the whistling sound for cargo carriers.

INNO Ridge Cargo Box

INNO ridge cargo box for nissan sentra

It is the fifth option for your Nissan Sentra. Its measurement is 54.5L x 28.5W x 14H inches, and it weighs 20 pounds. The INNO brand is a well-known outdoor brand with a variety of outdoor products in many different categories. 

The INNO ridge cargo box comes with 4 easy to use U-bolt mounting hardware for easy installation. You can use the car roof box for many outdoor activities: training, cycling, hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, fishing, and golfing. 

It gives 8 cubic feet of inner loading space for carrying up to 150 lbs of belongings in your outdoor journeys. It is made of a blend of plastic materials, so it is light, sturdy, and waterproof.

Other Recommendations:

After checking the above small cargo boxes, you don’t like their style or appearance; consequently, you want something better for your fancy Nissan Sentra.

We push the above small roof boxes for you because of safety concerns, and we choose them for you based on the size of Nissan Sentra. However, you can use large car rooftop boxes, and it is not wrong. If you want a large and beautiful roof box, you can consider using the Thule Motion XT cargo boxes.

The Thule Motion XT has 4 size options, and you can use any of them without a compatibility problem. The Thule Motion XT series is the most secure cargo boxes on the market because of its high-quality lock system. We know the Thule Motion XT in detail with specifications, features, videos, photos, dimensions, and you can learn more on the post. 

Thule Motion XT Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes Buyer Guide

Except of the Thule Motion XT cargo boxes, you have a list of other cargo boxes for consideration.

A list of best roof boxes for all SUVs, Sedans, Trucks, Vans

Tips for using a cargo box:

When using a cargo box, you have to use it wisely. You can refer to the Tips Of Having A Cargo Box for knowledge and experience. Packing a cargo box is not as easy as loading other containers, and you have to follow a user guide to learn how accurately load a cargo box for safety and enjoyment.

When driving with a cargo box, you must follow a user guide to control your speed. It is super dangerous when speeding with a car roof box on top. We recommend putting the safety and health of your family as a priority above everything else.


In this article, you can find 5 small cargo boxes for your Nissan Sentra, and these small roof boxes are also compatible with other vehicles. If you want a large one, you can use the Thule Motion XT roof boxes. When you think about buying a cargo box, you have to learn and compare before buying actions. After purchasing a car roof box, you also need to generate knowledge and experience to safely and accurately use a cargo box. You can use the header section to discover more relevant topics about cargo boxes from different perspectives. 

Other car rooftop or rear cargo carriers for bikes, kayaks, luggage, and more.


We recommend these roof racks (crossbars) for your Nissan Sentra to be able to use a car roof box. Yakima JetStream roof rack system is an aluminum-made bar that you can use without roof rails or gutters on your Sentra. Its aerodynamic design reduces the wind drag and minimizes the effects on gas consumption, but you may still want to find some strategies to deal with the wind noise problem for rooftop cargo carriers.

Yakima JetStream Aerodynamic Crossbars for 2019 Nissan Sentra

Yakima JetStream roof bars have three size options: 50 inches, 60 inches, and 70 inches. We believe your Nissan Sentra can perfectly work with the 50″ option.
Of course, the Yakima JetStream crossbars are one of the working roof racks for your Nissan Sentra, but not the only one. We choose it to be your choice because of its brand power and quality score (rated by nearly 1500 real customers on Amazon and other E-commerce retailers).
Most sellers offer a lifetime warranty on this type of product, so you can give it a try. You can contact the customer service to file a replacement or return it if it doesn’t fit on your Nissan.
The aerodynamic design is one of the advantages, and the sturdy and durable are also outstanding when comparing JetStream bars to other choices on the market. Yakima offers super durable inner construction for the JetStream bars to hold enough weight for most outdoor activities. When shopping for a car roof rack system, you don’t choose cheap ones because their quality is not trustable for carrying the weight of your cargo.

Yakima Adjustable Rack Towers 4 in a set
BaseClip Attachment For Cars without roof rails or gutters

At the bottom of each Yakima JetStream bar, you can find measurements that help you to find the center position of your car roof.
The Yakima Baseline Adjustable Towers and the BaseClip Vehicle Attachment components are the bottom parts of the Yakima JetStream bars, so you can combine these three things to build an entire rack system (without roof rails or gutters) for your Nissan sedan. If your Nissan Sentra has a bare roof, you need to get the BaseClip Vehicle Attachment; otherwise, you need to find crossbars that work on roof rails, but not this one.

Official Manual: PDF

  1. Yakima Aerodynamic JetStream Roof Rack Crossbars
  2. Yakima Adjustable Rack Towers
  3. Yakima BaseClip Attachment
Follow this video to learn how to install the crossbars
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