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How to Store your Car Roof Box in The Garage

When your car roof box is not in use, how do you deal with it? First, you may need to clean it. Then, you may have to store it somewhere in your garage. You can put it on the floor or a table or somewhere that has a flat surface. However, a large empty car roof box will make your garage that is in a complete mess. Consequently, you probably are searching online for solutions to store your roof box smartly and organizationally.

In this article, you are going to find some smart ways for storing your cargo boxes or other outdoor gear such as kayaks, skis, snowboards, or other large equipment. If you are looking for some DIY ways, this article is not for you at all. You need to invest in some tools to effectively keep your roof box without wasting too much space in your garage. 

In general, we will recommend some tools that can hang your roof box below the roof of your garage. If you are interested in using this method, you can read more below. If you are not, you can know more about car roof boxes on our site. 

how to store your car roof box in a garage by using lifters.
In this article, you can find a way to store your car roof box in a garage by using ceiling lifters.

When you have set up a system for storing your roof box, you will have an organized garage. The lifting tools can hang up a fully-loaded and ready-to-mount roof box, so you will only need to spend minutes to get everything ready for your next road journey.

There are many benefits of having a clean and organized garage. Thus, You have to properly store not only your roof box but also other unused stuff on a shelf or other containers. 

Quick Pick List of Storage Systems For Car Roof Boxes

ImageDimensionsWeight LimitaionCheck Price
71I5zhAMDwL. AC SL1500 202436 x 60 x 30 inches220 lbs/ 100 kgCheck Price
617EzIZoNWL. AC SL1500 202451 x 20 x 7 inches250 poundsCheck Price
81BAMbBhwoL. AC SL1500 202433.9 x 11.4 x 5.8 inches100 poundsNot Available
81L1f3QYzYL. AC SL1500 202438 x 12 x 10.6 inches350 lbsNot Avialable
41CJy P0IEL. AC 202454 x 5 x 2 inches1,000 poundsCheck Price
61dgO6z0W1L. AC SL1271 20246.81 x 5.12 x 1.46 inches100 lbsCheck Price
31Z0GqiH4eL. AC 2024wall mount storage systemenough to hold a roof cargo box (empty)Check Price
510aCRcvfKL. AC SL1500 2024SPAREHAND Wall Mount Rack27 inches arms hold up to 100 lbs of itemsCheck Price
81KsPrCEP4L. AC SL1500 2024Storage Hooks/‎29 x 13.5 x 3.75 inches125 lb CapacityCheck Price
71V6usptCdL. AC SL1500 2024Rhino-Rack Wall Hanger/31 x 18 x 6 inchesStore up to 176lbs (80kg) itemsCheck Price
71lHQXcF zL. AC SL1500 2024HARKEN Garage HoistFrom 45 lbs to 145 lbsCheck Price

What is the height of your ceiling?

Before you start buying a garage storage lifting system, you have to measure the height of both your vehicle and your garage. The measurement will show you if you will have a comfortable distance between the floor and the ceiling for using a lifting system. You need to ensure that there is enough clearance when the car, roof box, and ceiling lifting system are standing together in a vertical line in your garage.

Can you find beams or joists on your ceiling?

Lifting systems are not working independently but are standing on beams. Consequently, you have to know the construction structures of your ceiling, and you have to find out the locations of joists and beams. When you knock on the internal roof with your hands, you can hear two kinds of responding sounds: high and low. The low sound indicates that the location is solid with a joist or a beam underneath.

Thule MultiLift Storage System

hanging your roof cargo box on the ceiling without occupying the floor area

If you are familiar with the Thule brand, you probably choose this option without any further considerations. If you do not know the Thule company, you can read the Complete Guide of the Thule Company on our site. After you have learned info about the Thule company, you will tell yourself why choosing the products from the Thule brand is the right choice.  

How to use this MultiLift Storage System?

When you have it at home, you take everything out of the package box. Several preassembled components can make the installation process much simple. You take out your drill and get ready to install it on the ceiling of your garage. You have to drill at least ten holes for screws for the installation of the MultiLift Storage System.

When you have finished the installation process, you can raise or lower the system by turning the crank handle. You can bring down or bring up the MultiLift system between 78 inches to 6 inches to the ceiling. Thus, it is convenient to use it for storing the roof box on it.

When you put your roof box on the ropes, you have to make your roof box stay in balance. You do not want to get hurt by a sudden falling roof box, do you? How to create the balance? You have to adjust the ropes’ position to make your roof box stay in a horizontal line. If you want to ensure that your car roof box is safely staying on those ropes, you can use a leveling ruler for that purpose. 

The Thule multipurpose lifting system can hold up to 200 lbs/ 100 kg items on it. It is not only for people who want to find a way to store their roof boxes but also for people who wish to have a clean and organized garage. People can load their Kayaks, Plastic Boxes, Skis, Snowboards, or other large things on those ropes, so having the Thule MuiltLifting system in your garage is a thing that benefits all your families.
When you install the system on the ceiling of your garage, you may need to call someone else to help you because two people can make the process of installation much safer and more comfortable. If you can find the joists on your garage ceiling, you can attach the multipurpose lifting system to the joists. If you can not find any joists in the desired positions, you can use several poplar boards to create supports for the lifting system.

the way to use the Thule Multilift System
hanging your roof box on the ceiling in the garage
Thule Multilift Storage System – photo from Thule

Racor Garage Ceiling Storage Lift

heavy duty ceiling lifting system for roof cargo boxes and other equipment or gear
not only for roof cargo boxes

It creates 16 square feet of added storage space on the ceiling of your garage. The Racor lifting system has a durable and sturdy construction, and it has a flat metal board at the bottom for holding stuff on it. In comparison, the Thule product does not have a bottom supporting board, but the Racor lifting system has one. Besides, the price of these two options is almost the same, so we recommend you consider investing in the Racor storage system.

The installation process of the Racor storage system is as simple as attaching any other ceiling lifting system. However, it will take a couple of hours to finish all the steps of installation. We recommend you not do the job alone, and having someone hand tools and bring tools up and down will save much time. You have to relocate your ladder, again and again, to drill all the holes and fasten all the screws. Thus, your patience is pretty vital during the time of installation, and you must earnestly operate every step to prevent future potential risks to your vehicle and your families. If you decide to hang up a large amount of weight by using the lifting system, a secure and accurate installation is the key to safety.
According to our research online, most of the components in the package are metal. And, some reinforced plastic parts are not holding heavy jobs. However, the screws in the box are of poor quality that may not have the capacity to maximize the hanging power of the lifting system. Consequently, if you plan to store heavy things on the lifting bed, you should change the original screws to some high-quality ones.

unboxing the Racor Garage Ceiling Storage System
Racor PBL-R ceiling storage system
photo from Racor

Universal Lifter Motorized Garage Storage Hoist

If your car roof box is small or narrow and light in weight, you can consider using a lifting system that occupies a little space on the ceiling of your garage. You can also use your cellphone to remote control the lifter to raise or lower to the desired height. This smart universal fitting lifter notifies you when the weight of your gears exceeds the weight limitation. If you have many things waiting for tidying up, you can use many hoists to create a massive ceiling storage center in your garage.

Universal lifter Garage Storage System - photo from Garage Smart Store
Universal lifter Garage Storage System – photo from Garage Smart Store
It is not available

Other Options of Ceiling Lifter for Car Roof Boxes

Fasty Box Lift Straps

The Fasty lifting system is made of corrosion-resistant steel and UV-resistant polypropylene. It is easy to transport to other places without disassembling all the clamps.
It can be used to store not only your car roof box but also other large gear such as kayaks or bicycles. It is easy to install at any height in your garage, so you can use a couple of these lifters to make your garage organized and clean.

Fasty Cargo box storage system look and feel

Bigbear Iron Heavy Duty Garage Storage lifter

In our recommendations in this article, it has the most load capacity up to 1000 pounds. Consequently, if you have large equipment that you want to hang up, it will be the best option for your purpose. The height and length of this lifter can be adjustable, and you can install the lifting system at any position in your garage. You can put your car roof box and other large gears on it at once.

How to use the Bigbear Storage System in Your Garage – Video and Tips
HUEFORA garage storage ceiling lifter
photo from HUEFORA

Garage Smart Motorized Lifter

Are you thinking about making everything easier? It has a remote control system that can help you to raise or lower the platform. Once you have installed an application on your iPhone, you will have the power to operate the lifter within a reasonable distance range. On the platform, you can put not only your car roof box but also other stuff. The Garage Smart Motorized Lifter has much less load capacity than the Garage Smart Motrozied lifter. However, if you will use a lifter to load light stuff, it is sufficient for your demands. Besides, you can combine two lifters to create a lifting system, and the loading capacity will increase dramatically.

garage platform lifter for outdoor gear
photo from Garage Smart Store
It is not available

Foldable Wall Mount For Roof Box

wall mount holders keep your roof box staying against the wall in the garage

It is another pick for people who want to store their cargo boxes in the garage. This product is comparatively cheaper than other options in this article. You nail the holders on the wall with an appropriate distance between them to fit the length of your roof box. Otherwise, except for holding cargo boxes, the product can store other gear or items like snowboards, skis, cargo baskets, and other long tools. Each holder has three body parts, and you mount the bottom part to the wall for supporting the weight on the holder. After successful installation, you can take the top part away to easily put the roof box on. As you see in the photo, the middle part and the top part create a 90-degree angle for stopping the falling of items.

HARKEN Garage Cargo Box Storage Hoist

HARKEN Cargo Box Garage Storage Hoist

It is a modern garage storage system that hangs your cargo box below the ceiling with a self-leveling feature. You can choose from 12 different options to fit 10, 12, 16 feet ceiling height and lifting weight limit from low 45 pounds to max 145 lbs.
You can easily install it in the garage with proper positioning on the ceiling. You can do the installation alone without help because it is easy to follow. You can use it to store cargo boxes, kayaks, canoes, bikes, storage boxes, and more. It helps you to free up the floor space in the garage, and it gives you a better organization for garage storage arrangement.


In this article, you can find some accessories that can help you to store your cargo boxes in the garage. There are 10 more accessories that you can use to maximize the enjoyment of your roof cargo box.

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