you need to know how to clean a car roof box

How to Clean Your Car Roof Box?

If you have a car roof box in the garage or if you got one yesterday, you may need to know how to clean it for better enjoyment. After a long way trip, you have to clean and maintain your car rooftop carrier like a pro. How to do the clean? In this article, you are about to find the methods and steps of cleaning a car roof box.

You have known that having a car roof box on top of your car is a convenient way to store luggage, gears, belongings, and other stuff in your road journeys, camping days, or other outdoor adventures. 

steps of cleaning a car roof box at home

When you are using a car roof box during your vacation time, you can take advantage of it at any time for storing stuff. However, after a long time of using it, you need to clean it for future use of it. There are many reasons why you need to clean your car rooftop carrier, and you will discover them in this article. What is the best time of cleaning your car roof box? You have to clean it before you store it in your garage.

Now, you know what you will need to do before you are going to tuck your car roof box in your garage. Next time, when you want to use your car roof box, it will be nice and clean. 

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Use the Cleaner

A car roof box is working for outdoor adventures, so there is a big chance that your car rooftop box is dirty with mud, dust, water, and other natural substances. If these elements are sticking on those small and metal components such as lock system and lid-holders, the features of your car roof box may be out of order because of corrasion. 

spray cleaner for taking care of your car roof box

For that reason, you better not only use water to clean your car rooftop box. On the market, you can find automotive-grade spray cleaner to deep-clean your car roof box for better results. 

We provide you a recommendation of an all-purpose spray cleaner to help you deep-clean your car roof box like a pro. This automotive-grade product is safe to use, and it will make your car roof box nice and clean like new.

This spray is easy to use without a hose, bucket, or water, and it can lift dirt, road grime, bugs, mud off the print surface of both vehicles and car roof boxes. It is also easy to store, and you can do the clean on your road journeys at any time.

However, if you are not so rich, you can mix the spray with warm-soap water to ensure that you can wash every corner of your car rooftop box without a large investment in many bottles of the cleaner, even it is only $15 for each.

Use the Towel

You cannot randomly use a piece of cloth to clean your car rooftop box because it can scuff or scrap the print surface of your car rooftop carrier. As a result, a microfiber towel is the best option to use for cleaning a car rooftop box. The soft and safe touch of the towel will prevent surface damages to your car roof carrier from the process of cleaning.


We recommend you to use an automotive-grade Towel for cleaning both vehicle and car rooftop box. This type of towel is soft, gentle, and strong enough to handle your daily jobs of cleaning. The microfiber ensures that there will not have any scratches during the progress of the cleaning. You can wash the towel in your usual ways without any special attention.

The towel can also work in dry conditions. You can also use it to wipe your devices, car, furniture, and other stuff that have print-surfaces.

Carry it Up

When you have finished wiping your car roof box with warm soap water, it is time to move it upward for further washing and final drying. There are many methods to do this. If you have a table, you can carry your roof box on top of it. Then, you use a hose to water your roof box for taking off those dirty soap water at the corners of your roof box. You will gradually see a shinning surface after you have watered the entire surface of your roof box. Finally, you can use the towel to dry the outside and inside to get ready for storage. 

wall hooks

If you can hang your car roof box, it is better than putting it on the table for cleaning. There are ways to hang up a car rooftop box. For example, putting it on the wall with hooks or carrying it up with strings are acceptable methods for the solutions

We will discuss these methods later in our articles, and you can bookmark our site to receive massage about new content.

Wait for Several Hours

After you have done everything of cleaning your car roof box, you also need to wait for other several hours to allow it to be dry. You can put it on a table in your backyard, garage, or room. We recommend you store your car roof box in a clean place, and you do not leave your car roof box on the floor where it is easy to collect dust and dirt. 

After several hours, you can start to store your car roof box in a safe place like your garage. If you can, you have to cover your roof box with a plastic bag or something else that can protect your roof box from dirt, dust, sunlight, and animals.

plastic cover

We will recommend you some products for doing the coverage here. 

You can use a heavy-duty cover to wrap your car roof box for better protection from rays of the sun and other natural elements. The heavy-duty wrapper is durable and waterproof, so you won’t worry about corrosion on your roof box.

Deal with Sun-fading

If you have used your cargo box for a long time, you have to consider applying anti-sun-fading products to the surface of your cargo carrier. Although most of the car roof boxes on the market are UV-resistant, long-time using of them may cause the color of printing was fading as time went by. 

anti sun fading

You can apply the color restorer to your car roof box with a soft wiper like the towel we recommended above or a piece of napkin paper. If you do the color restoring, your car cargo carrier will stay as new forever.

In conclusion

In this article, you have learned how to clean a car roof box, and you are very clear about what to use in the process of washing your cargo carrier.

During the cleaning procedure, you can follow a repair guide to DIY the fix of some scratches or holes.

First, you need to ensure that you have the correct tools for cleaning. You have to purchase a professional cleaner and microfiber towel. Second, you have to locate your car roof box in a place like a table where you can wash every corner of your roof box. Third, you can apply chemicals on the printed surface of your cargo carrier to restore the color of it. Finally, you can store your car roof box under a heavy-duty cover that is waterproof and durable. (Some accessories for roof cargo boxes)

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