can you pressure wash a roof bag

Can You Use a Pressure Washer to Clean the Car Roof Bag?

We have a pressure washer at home, but we don’t know if we can use it to clean our car roof bags.

Pressure washers utilize high-pressure air or gas bump to produce rapid water spray to remove natural or artificial elements from the surface of a targeted object.

You have seen people use high-pressure washers to shower their cars, so you know what a high-pressure washer is and how it works. In this article, we mainly focus on if you can use a high-pressure washer to clean your soft roof cargo bag or not, and we make points as evidence to prove that it is right or wrong.

There are two categories of high-pressure washers on the market: electronic ones and gas machine washers. They do the same job when it comes to cleaning something. You even can find small electronic high-pressure washers that you can hold in one hand, but these one-hand washers may have less force on their water spray. 

These pressure washers have the setting to adjust the power of their water spray on different levels, and you can choose the appropriate level to handle different working scenarios. For example, the power setting of water spray for cleaning a car is higher than the power level of removing dirt from a soft rooftop cargo bag. 

Some factory-use high-pressure washers can easily cut and open pieces of stones, so we are saying this to let you understand the potential risks of using a heavy-duty high-pressure cleaner to wash your car roof bag.

using pressure washers to clean roof bag require skills and knowledge

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Do you need a pressure washer for your family?

If you want to choose a pressure washer for your family, you can find one on Amazon or Ebay. It is better to shop from trustable online sellers.

Have you read the manual?

When you have gotten the car roof bag in hand, you also have received a manual brochure. Have you read it carefully? You can find much readable information on it from installation to maintenance. We believe you can find some words that tell you how to clean the roof bag after using it for a road trip. The manual tells you the most accurate way to maintain the cargo bag, and following the tips and steps, you can take good care of it. 

Consequently, we highly recommend reading through the user manual and finding the official suggestions for cleaning the roof bag with the proper tools and methods. You can put the high-pressure washer behind as a backup plan. 


As we know, a high-pressure washer uses high-speed water spray to wash away mugs, dirt, animal drops, bugs, and other elements; thus, the roof bag must be sturdy and durable enough to hold the force from the water spray. You can find the information in the manual, and you can contact the manufacturer to consult if you can use a high-pressure washer to clean the cargo bag. 

As we know, nylon-made rooftop cargo bags cannot survive under high-pressure water spray. 

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How often do you wash it?

You don’t need to wash a cargo bag every time you have used it for a road journey. Sometimes, you can use soap and a cotton cloth to wipe the bag from outside to inside, don’t forget to wash the washcloth between each wiping. If you find the roof bag is full of dirt and natural elements, you can think about using a high-pressure washer to clean the cargo bag with caution. Never use the highest level of water power to wash a soft roof bag because the high-speed water spray may damage where the water hits. 

Check the thickness

It is another way to check if your roof bag can stand on the power washers. You can use your hand to touch and know the thickness of the roof bag, and if you find it as thin as a piece of paper or several papers. 

You cannot use a high-pressure washer to clean a thin cargo bag because the water spray can make a hole or cut the roof bag. You should follow the instructions in the manual brochure to wash a flimsy roof bag with caution to prevent wear and tear.

Frequency of Using a roof bag

How often do you use the cargo bag? If you use it three times a day, it is better to use simple methods to clean it for better enjoyment. You don’t use complicated options to wash it every time, like utilizing high-pressure washers. It is not necessary and worthless. 

If you heavy-clean the cargo bag too often, the bag can be damaged very soon because of wear and tear. 

Hand washing with water and a washcloth is always the best way to deal with regular cleaning jobs for most roof bags. Don’t forget to prepare a bottle of auto-grade cleaner and pieces of washcloth in your car.

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What do you load in the roof bag?

Why do you need a roof bag? What stuff do you often transport in the roof bag? It is a factor that you need to think about before using the high-pressure washer to wash your cargo bag.

If you often carry sporting gear like hiking equipment, skis, snowboards, or other outdoor tools, you may clean the cargo bag regularly to avoid the dirt stain on the roof bag.

You can use a high-pressure washer to offer deep cleaning to the cargo bag if it is thick enough to hold the force. Otherwise, please don’t try to cause unexpected damage to your rooftop cargo bag.

When loading sharp items in a cargo bag, you better use straps or bungee to tighten those things down to the bottom. It is the best way to avoid further damage to the roof bag when your car is in motion, especially on the highways.

You should read the manufacturer’s manual carefully to find the most effective and accurate ways to operate your cargo bag for better durability.

use soap water to wash a roof bag
Soap water is the best option to clean a roof bag

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In Summary

You can use a pressure washer to clean the roof bag, but you need to check if your roof bag is thick enough to support the water spray. You can adjust the washer’s pressure level if you insist on using the high-pressure washer to clean the bag. 

You should mix the soap and water to get a DIY washer for your cargo bag, and you cannot apply harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to the bag because these elements may wash out the printing or color, even damaging the surface.

After cleaning the roof bag, you should rinse it thoroughly because the soap residue can make the cargo bag easy to be stained by dirt and grime.

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