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Car Roof Boxes For SUVs and Trucks

Do you need a roof box for your SUV or truck? If you do, you can find one in this article. First, you can find some commonly asked questions about using rooftop cargo carriers on SUVs or trucks. Then, you can find a list of high-quality cargo carriers (roof-mounted or hitch-mounted) for SUVs or Trucks. 

We guess that you require extra loading space on your vehicles for carrying items on the go. If you are planning a road trip, you can use a guide to learn how to prepare for a road journey for enjoyment and security. 

Otherwise, we have a list of hitch cargo carriers (hitch-mounted) that can be mounted at the rear of your SUV and transport belongings on the roads. You can visit the page to understand how to use these hitch cargo boxes and compare them with the rooftop carriers below for better decisions.

Quick-Pick List of Roof boxes and Other cargo carriers For SUVs and Trucks

61MIS8JGB0L. SL1500 2024Thule Pulse Medium Roof Box Check Price
81DHCrVk7nL. AC SL1500 202417 cubic feet SportRack Horizon Roof Box Check Price
514GmBcIsfS. AC SL1500 2024Goplus Gary Roof Box 14 cubic feet Check Price
71 m9ETIXeL. AC SL1500 2024 SportRack Vista XL roof boxCheck Price
51m9y4VWd3L. AC SL1500 2024 JEGS 18 CUBIC FEET roof boxCheck Price
2024Thule Motion XT 22 cubic feet roof boxCheck Price
71HEoNg3A0L. AC SL1500 2024ARKSEN 84 Inch Universal Roof Rack basketCheck Price
71Fo c8qJoL. AC SL1500 2024Ark Motoring Roof Rack 64″x 39″ Rooftop BasketCheck Price
2024Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

Check Price
71UM1k0+P1S. AC SL1500 2024Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Rack
Check Price

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Our Roof Boxes Worth Buying?

Car Roof Boxes are a secure way to transport items and keep belongings safe on the roads. They are useful for people who travel a lot or have had outdoor dreams since their childhood. A cargo box protects your items with its hard shell body, so you do not worry about exposing the contents while driving. It also has convenient compartments and partitions to organize and secure items as needed. If you frequently transport large or awkwardly shaped items, it is worth considering a roof-mounted cargo box. Many of them are made with durable materials like ABS plastic and bottom metal reinforcement, which can handle heavy loads without denting or rusting.

roof box on SUV in summer time for camping and other outdoor trips
find roof tent for your SUV

Cargo boxes are easy to install and can be used on most vehicles (sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans). They are made with hinges and lid supporters that allow them to swing open so you can access the contents when you want to do so. Most cargo boxes also have a locking mechanism, which allows you to secure the box for added protection to your contents. If you frequently transport items in your car, consider adding a cargo box for extra storage then free up the cab for passengers. This will help you organize your items and make them easier to transport. Thule and Yakima are the best brands that produce the best roof boxes for outdoor adventures, and you can use a guide to learn the differences between these brands and find out if their roof boxes best suit your situation on top of your SUV or truck.

What Are Rooftop Cargo Carriers Used For?

Thule roof cargo box on pick up truck

“Hard-shelled cargo cases are ideal for items that need extra protection, such as sensitive electronics and fragile glass items,” said Karen Rudeen, marketing manager for Nissan Commercial Vehicles. “They also can be used to stow larger outdoor accessories and other bulky stuff.” Related Topics: what you can and cannot do to your roof boxes.

A hard-shelled cargo carrier is heavier, can be mounted to a vehicle’s roof or a trailer, and offers additional protection for more items. A soft rooftop cargo carrier (roof bags/cargo bags) attaches to the roof of a vehicle with bungee cords or straps that are included with the carrier when it comes to your home. The rack sits atop the car and secures to hooks or clips attached to the car’s door frames.

The rear edge of the rack rests on the trunk lid of the car to ensure there is no interference between the open trunk gate and the carrier in use. A soft rooftop cargo carrier is typically less expensive than a hard-shelled carrier. Rooftop cargo carriers can be used to transport items that are not fragile, such as tools or groceries. They can also be used to carry items such as a bicycle or kayak when it is needed. If you want to find differences between soft roof bags and hardshell cargo boxes, you can use a guide for knowledge.

Main Types Of Cargo Carriers/Car Racks

Hatchback/SUV Car Bike Rack: 

This type of hitch-mounted carrier is ideal for people who are planning to travel with their bikes. The bike rack comes with straps and tie-downs that will secure your bike to the SUV. You can use this bike rack if you want to transport two bikes at a time. If you have only one bike, then you should consider getting a hitch mount bicycle rack instead. 

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Roof Top Truck Carriers

This type of bike rack is very similar to the rooftop cargo carrier. The difference is that this one is designed for a truck bed, which means you can use it on trucks. This bike rack comes with straps and tie-downs that will secure your bike to the vehicle. You can also opt for a hitch mount bicycle rack if you want to transport only one bike at a time. What Is A Hitch Mount Bike Rack? Hitch mount bike racks are a type of car rack system that can be mounted at the rear of your vehicle. They are attached to the receiver hitch and are used for carrying bikes or other items like skis or snowboards. These bike racks come in different sizes, and they can carry several bikes at once.

Mitsubishi Truck in snow with roof racks above the roof for carrying gear and other tools or equipment.

What Is A Hitch Mount Bike Rack Used For? Hitch mount bike racks are used for transporting bikes and other items. If you want to transport your bike in your car, this is the type of rack you should go for. It is easy to install and will hold your bike in place. They are also affordable, and you can get a great model without spending too much money. Hitch mount bike racks are designed for 2” receiver hitches. This means that they will fit on most SUVs.

However, if you have a vehicle with a larger hitch, this type of rack might not be suitable for you. You can check the specifications of the bike rack before buying it to ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle. The models we have included here have excellent features that make them stand out from the rest of the products on the market. We have also included some useful buying tips so you can choose a bike rack that will work well for your needs.

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What Can You Put In A Car Roof Box?

Do you know what you can put in a car roof box? 

While some of the items below are suitable for car roof boxes, we would always recommend that you check with your vehicle manufacturer first. Some manufacturers do not recommend transporting certain items in your car roof box. 


Cargo boxes are a cheap and convenient way to carry your things while you’re on the go and make your vehicle larger for family road trips. They are made of strong ABS materials, aluminum, steel, or plastic, and can fit on most vehicles. They are designed to be stackable and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes ranging from small and narrow to large and wide. You can put just about anything in a cargo box, but there are some things you should avoid putting in the cargo box for safety reasons. These include food, explosive materials, liquids, flammable materials, sharp objects, and breakable items. 

The types of things you can transport in a car roof box include:

Awnings Camping Equipment, Camping Chairs, Canoes, and Kayaks (with wheels), Children’s Toys, including bikes and tricycles can be loaded in a roof box. If you have a trailer, the cargo box can load road-needed essentials. Otherwise, if your roof box does not leave an opening space on the base, you will need to purchase hitch-mounted car racks. For more information on how to transport your bike on a car roof box, please see our guide here. 

Car Seat Dishes and Utensils Fishing Equipment Hammocks (with wheeled base) Ski Equipment, including skis, poles, and boots are often seen in a car roof box. Otherwise, if your roof box does not leave an opening space on the roof racks, the skis and poles can be transported at the rear of your car. When traveling with ski equipment, you should have an additional piece of luggage to transport your boots and any other gear that won’t fit in your ski bag. Kayaks must be disassembled before being transported on a roof rack or in a car roof box. They can also be transported inside the vehicle, but this is not recommended due to the likelihood of damage from hitting against the inside of the vehicle during transport. 

If you’re transporting a kayak on the roof of your car, it’s best to place it in a specially designed kayak rack, which is more secure than straps or tie-downs. Before loading the kayak onto your vehicle, always make sure that it is stable and won’t slide off during transport. Never overload your roof rack with too much weight (you should know your car’s roof loading limit before using roof-mounted carriers), as this can cause the vehicle to become unstable and potentially roll over. To prevent damage to your vehicle while transporting a kayak, make sure that the kayak is fully secured to the roof rack. 

It’s also important to place padding between the kayak and your vehicle. This will help prevent damage to both your vehicle and the kayak. It’s also important to remember that it’s illegal in many states to transport a kayak on top of a car without proper tie-downs or other safety measures. 

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In some states, if you’re caught transporting a kayak on top of your car without these measures, you could be fined or even arrested. If you’re transporting a kayak in the bed of your truck, make sure that it’s secured so that it doesn’t move around. In addition to this, you should avoid driving at high speeds and make sure that there is nothing else in the bed of your truck trunk that could shift or get damaged during transport.

Can You Use A Roof Box Without Roof Racks?

Can you use a cargo box without roof racks? Some of the newest models of pickup trucks or SUVs have what are called “roof rails”. These are basically the same thing as roof racks, but they are integrated into the vehicle itself. You can attach a cargo box to these rails just like you would on regular roof racks. This is one way to get a cargo box without having to spend money on additional accessories (a pair of crossbars).

Another option is to purchase a truck bed extender. A bed extender is a device that attaches to the bed of your truck. This gives you the extra room that you need to carry a cargo box. If you’re looking for an easy way to get more space, then this is a great option. Cargo Boxes and Roof Racks are Great for Many Uses If you have ever needed extra storage space in your truck, then it is time to consider getting a cargo box or roof rack. You can use these products for many different things including carrying sports equipment, extra tools, and many other items.

Cargo boxes are great for extra storage in your SUV. You can use them to carry just about anything that you need to take with you on the road. You can even put them in the trunk of your SUV if you have a hard time finding room for extra cargo. This gives you a way to get more out of your SUV without having to worry about taking up space inside the cab. 

Detial Of Roof Boxes and Other Rooftop Carriers for SUVs and Trucks

Thule Pulse Roof Box Medium

Thule pulse roof box for SUVs and Trucks

Thule is a brand that has been around for a long time, we’re talking over 70 years. They have built a reputation for being one of the best companies in their niche and their products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. One of those products is the Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box. The Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box is one of the highest-rated rooftop cargo boxes on Amazon. The rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars and there are many reviews as of this writing. The product also has a 5-star rating on sites like Ebay.

Thule has a range of products designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle while keeping you and your family safe. You could get in and go, or take a little extra time and head off on an adventure. What’s included? If you want to know more about the Thule Pulse roof boxes, you can use a guide to discover information about the products.

SportRack Horizon XL Roof Box

Sportrack horizon roof box for SUVs and Trucks

Are you looking for a Sportrack cargo box that will hold all of your gear, both on and off the road? SportRack’s Horizon Cargo Box is the ideal choice, with an impressive 17 cubic feet of storage space and the strength to support up to 110 pounds. This cargo box was specifically designed for maximum utility, with a dual-sides opening feature that allows easy access to your gear. The lid opens completely so it can be used as an open-air carrier for even more storage space. You should not overload the roof box for reasons.

In a nutshell, SportRack Horizon Cargo Box is the company’s most versatile cargo system to date. It mounts on almost any vehicle and can be used in a variety of different configurations. The cargo box can be installed on the roof or on a ladder rack for extra versatility. Here at SportRack, we have been creating and innovating cargo systems for over 20 years. We have worked hard to create a wide selection of cargo boxes, bike racks, and other products that are durable and easy to use. With our Horizon Cargo Boxes, you can transport your cargo with ease and style. These roof boxes can protect your belongings and make sure they are dry when you arrive at the destinations.

Goplus Gray Roof Box

gray Goplus roof box for SUVs and Trucks

This is the product that I’ve seen on the market that allows you to be able to haul around a lot of gear. This is really great for people who are driving their SUVs as an alternative means of transportation, or even if they just want to carry some items with them on short commutes. Goplus roof boxes are becoming a popular choice in cities all over the world, and they’re also becoming an increasingly popular option for people who commute. 

Thanks to the Goplus cargo box, you no longer have to worry about your stuff toppling over in transit. With this particular storage box, you can rest assured that your stuff will get where it needs to be safe and sound. This storage box is designed to protect your belongings from being jostled and damaged during transport. The top of the storage box has an integrated lid with a handle which makes it easy to carry around. You also don’t have to worry about pesky insects or animals getting into your things because the storage box comes with a fitted cover that seals everything inside, keeping them dry and safe on the roads.

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

SportRack Vista XL roof box for SUVs and Trucks

SportRack’s Vista XL cargo box is one of the largest rooftop boxes on the market. It can fit up to 6 large suitcases (up to 70 lbs) or 2 scooters in its spacious interior. The Vista XL has a one-hand quick-release latch that makes it easy to open and close. Its roll-up cover is secured with heavy-duty buckles and straps. The cover is made from a waterproof, mildew-resistant material that will protect your belongings from the weather. The SportRack Vista XL comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box is a high-quality product that fits most SUVs and other types of vehicles. The box is made from durable materials and is made in the USA. Sportrack makes sure that all products are tested to ensure the best quality and durability. The SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box has an easy installation process. The cargo box is waterproof, has a lockable lid, and can hold up to 120 pounds of weight. It also comes with a large side window and has reflective tape for safety purposes if your vehicle is parked on the side of a road. You can use a guide to discover more specifications of the SportRack Vista roof boxes.

JEGS Rooftop Roof Boxes

JEGS roof box for SUV and Trucks

JEGS Roof Racks is a family-run business that has been providing innovative products for the automotive enthusiast and racing industry for over 50 years. The company was formed in 1964 when Jack Edwards, father of current owners Jack and Kim Edwards, bought American Speed Equipment Company from former partner Bill Jenkins, who helped develop America’s first aluminum wheels. In our article today we are going to take a look at JEGS roof box.

A few years ago, a customer by the name of Jeff Gordon suggested JEGS to make a rooftop cargo carrier for a Jeep. JEGS people thought long and hard about it, but they couldn’t find one on the market that did what they wanted it to do. So, they designed their own and called it The JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier. It’s made of high-density plastic, is easy to install, and is guaranteed to carry up to 120 pounds. It won’t scratch the roof, and it comes with soft-touch rubber pads so your items won’t damage during transportation. If you desire to know more about the JEGS roof boxes, you can refer to a guide to learn more about the products.

Thule Motion XT Roof Boxes

Thule motion XT roof box for SUVs and Trucks

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a great selection for those who are looking for a high-quality yet affordable rooftop cargo carrier. The product features waterproof construction and an aerodynamic design to ensure the safety of your belongings and better fuel efficiency when you hit the road. Easily carry your gear, luggage, equipment, and other outdoor essentials with this product.

Thule Motion XT Rooftop roof box tourists are often facing the same problem – how to carry their luggage on the roof of a car? Thule Motion XT offers a solution. The Thule Motion XT is a combination of an aluminum roof rack carrier and an inflatable airbag. The base is made of aluminum with sleek and sturdy lines. The Motion XT Rooftop Carriers are compatible with Thule WingBar Edge, Thule WingBar, and most factory racks. They can be mounted on top of those crossbars and hold items to where you want to go. 

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ARKSEN 84 Inch Universal Roof Rack Cargo Basket

ARKSEN cargo basket for SUVs and Trucks

ARKSEN 84 Inch Universal Roof Rack Cargo Basket is a roof cargo basket with a stylish and modern design. This cargo basket is made of steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. It has two adjustable straps for a custom fit for most vehicles. The steel construction also protects the contents from water and dust. This cargo basket fits almost any vehicle with a roof rack. It is easy to install and works well with other car accessories, such as bike carriers, ski racks, kayak racks, etc. The large capacity allows you to transport more items when compared to other models.

However, cargo baskets are less secure than roof boxes. Most people use cargo baskets to carry items that are not easy to get wet and damaged. The ARKSEN universal roof rack system offers three size options: 43 inches, 64 inches, and 84 inches. You can accordingly choose one to meet the measurement of your belongings.

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Ark Motoring Roof Rack

Art Motoring roof basket for SUVs and trucks

Ark has built a roof rack system that is designed to take skis, snowboards, kayaks, canoes, and other gear. The racks are made with lightweight aluminum and come in two sizes: the larger version will hold up to 150 pounds and the smaller version holds up to 120 pounds

The Ark Motoring Roof Rack is a car roof rack that fits almost any vehicle and can carry up to 150 pounds of cargo. It comes with everything you need to install it: a universal fit kit, durable aluminum bars, and straps that are adjustable to accommodate different roof types. If you’re in the market for a roof rack, read this article before making your decision.

This product is an all-in-one camping accessory that includes everything you need to set up a car rooftop carrier. You get a basket, a set of nets, wind fairing, mounting hardware, and more. The cargo basket is made from durable materials with a waterproof coating and measures 64x39x6” or 43x39x6” inches when fully expanded (two sizes). The cargo basket is designed for easy setup and easy packing away. It has pre-designed shelves for organization and features a breathable mesh bottom that lets the air breeze through. There are also two strategically placed carrying handles on the outside of the cargo basket so you can easily carry it wherever you want to store it. When you don’t need it, you can leave it on top of your vehicle because it won’t produce extra gas consumption.

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack For SUVs and Trucks

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack For SUVs and Trucks

The Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack is a hitch-mounted bike carrier that makes it easy to transport your bike on the back of your SUVs and Trucks. It can hold one or two bikes and features an integrated cable lock for securing your bike to the rack. The EasyFold XT 2 is easy to load and unload, stores compactly in your garage when not in use, and includes a‎ Limited Lifetime warranty. It’s ideal for biking enthusiasts who want to travel with their bikes.
The Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack is a convenient and sturdy way to transport your bike. The rack features a loading ramp and straps that securely hold the bike in place to prevent swinging when it is in motion. This rack is designed for bikes with frames no wider than 3 inches, and it will hold up to two bikes. The bike frame rests on rubber pads to protect the frame and paint job. This rack folds down flat so it won’t take up much space when not in use and doesn’t require any assembly. The Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack works with 2 inches and 1.25 inches receivers.

Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Racks

install roof racks above the truck trunk bed

The Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Rack is a simple, stylish way to haul more gear and keep it safe. This rack system mounts to the top of your truck bed and holds your cargo securely in place both on the road and off with Thule’s patented FitDial technology. The TracOne is a modular, universal load rack that can be adjusted to fit virtually any truck. This rugged rack can carry up to 800lbs of cargo and installs in minutes with no drilling or permanent modifications required for installation. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum, so it weighs 20 kg. We believe you can lift it alone, but, for more accuracy, you should invite someone else to install the racks.

Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Rack is all about dependability, ease of use, and versatility. The rack attaches to just about any truck and it has a capacity of up to 800 lbs. You should always double-check the compatibility before ordering roof racks for your truck. After having the rack system above your trunk bed, you can mount a roof box for your truck to haul more luggage between locations.

More Considerations:

More options that you can use to expand the loading capacity for your SUV or truck:

Heavy Duty Hardshell Roof Top Carrier

Hardshell Auto Dynasty cargo box
photo from Auto Dynasty Store

If you want to add extra 11 cubic feet of storage space to your SUVs or trucks, you can use this heavy-duty hardshell rooftop cargo carrier to load up to 110 pounds of items without messing up the trunk or cabin space on a road trip or other outdoor journeys. Auto Dynasty applies ABS plastic materials to build this roof box to ensure it is waterproof and sturdy enough to handle jobs in extreme weather conditions.

Its dimensions are 53 x 34 x 15 inches or 134 x 86.36 x 38 cm, so you can use these numbers to check if it is the most suitable option for your SUVs or trucks. When comparing multiple rooftop cargo boxes’ dimensions, you should focus on their height and length; additionally, you must ensure that you can drive through places with height limitations, such as underground parking or the garage. If you have some long gear, you must check if the box is long enough to carry those items.

The Auto Dynasty rooftop cargo carrier is a small roof cargo box, and you can find many alternatives on a list to compare with if you want to go with a smaller cargo carrier.

Thule Force Cargo Box

Thule Force roof box
photo from Thule

Thule Force cargo boxes are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. If you are confused about these roof cargo boxes, you won’t be wrong with the Thule Force because of the Thule’s brand power and the countless positive feedbacks. Most people have questions when comparing the Thule Motion XT and the Thule Force, so you can refer to an article to find the differences between these two popular choices.

Find more detail of the Thule Force

DNA Motoring Rooftop Cargo Carrier

DNA motoring roof box
photo from DNA Motoring

DNA Motoring utilizes Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS Plastic) to construct different sizes of hardshell roof boxes for most car types, including SUVs and trucks. However, if you want to find a car roof box for your SUVs or trucks, you should pick a large one because of your car’s size and the large roof loading limit.

Consequently, you can choose the 17 or 15 cubic option to become the addon rooftop storage space for your SUVs or Trucks.

Vergo Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

Vergo Cargo basket for SUVs or Trucks
photo from Vergo Store

We assume you don’t like using a hardshell roof box on top of your SUVs or trucks, so you can consider using a metal-made rooftop cargo basket to hold what you need on a road trip. However, cargo baskets are not waterproof, and you can only pack water-resistant items in the basket for transportation.

Its dimensions are 64 x 39 x 6 inches or 162.56 x 99.06 x 15.24 cm. If you want to know the differences between rooftop cargo boxes and cargo baskets, you can refer to an article to learn and find what you need to know before purchasing.


We find many compatible roof cargo boxes and other rooftop cargo carriers for owners of SUVs and trucks. After adding a rooftop luggage carrier to your vehicle, you can load more items to maximize the fun of your future outdoor journeys.

When thinking about using rooftop cargo carriers, you can find three types of options to choose from: roof bags, baskets, and hardshell cargo boxes. The hardshell cargo boxes are the most secure because they have lids and locking systems. On the other hand, those cargo baskets are less secure than bags and boxes because they don’t have locks and covers to protect your belongings on the roads.

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