best cargo boxes for Chrysler Pacifica

5 Cargo Boxes For Chrysler Pacifica

Last Updated on September 17, 2023

Do you need a cargo box for your Chrysler Pacifica? If you do, you may want to make your minivan bigger for loading more luggage. Your Chrysler Pacifica is a popular vehicle in North America for people who love the outdoors and have a large family.

Your Chrysler Pacifica has three rows of seats that can carry up to 8 passengers at one time, and your minivan has 32.3 cubic feet of trunk space. If you fold those third row of seats down, you can get a total of 141 cubic feet of space for transporting items at the back of the Chrysler Pacifica. 

Cargo boxes help you create additional hauling space on top of your minivan and protect your items on the roads in extreme weather. Consequently, you can use roof boxes to carry almost everything you need out there for camping, traveling, hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, golfing, hunting, and other adventures. 

you can use roof-mounted cargo carriers or hitch mounted carriers to load more stuff on the roads at the top of rear of your Chrysler Pacifica. best cargo boxes
You are here to find additional cargo carriers for your Chrysler Pacifica.

Your Chrysler Pacifica has a roof loading limit near 150 pounds or 69 kg, so you must not exceed the limit for any reason. You can find the exact roof loading limit in the car manual.

Before choosing a roof box, you should know why you need one and what you will put in the carrier; otherwise, you have to learn the general installation process of a cargo box. Moreover, you have to know what to compare and think when selecting a roof box. We have articles on these topics, and you can use the search bar or the archive page to find what you may be interested in for making better decisions. 

Does your Chrysler Pacifica have roof racks?

If your Chrysler Pacifica does not have a pair of crossbars, you cannot use a cargo box; however, you can think about using a roof-mounted cargo bag for transporting belongings. 

We recommend you contact your local Chrysler dealer to order rooftop crossbars or find one on Amazon or Ebay

Quick-Pick List Of Cargo Boxes For Chrysler Pacifica

Thule Force XT XXL for chrysler pacifica
What does Thule Force XT XXL look like after installation
  • Name: Thule Force XT XXL Cargo Box
  • Dimensions: 90.5 x 35.5 x 18.5 in
  • Loading Capacity: 165 lb
  • Weight: 52 lb
  • Materials: ABS Recyclable
  • Locks: Yes
  • Brand: Thule

the skinny Thule Pulse Alpine roof box for vehicle
side look of Thule Pulse Alpine roof box
  • Name: Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Carrier
  • Dimensions: 88.5″ x 25.5″ x 12.5″
  • Loading Capacity: 110 lbs
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Materials: ABS Recyclable Plastic
  • Locks: Yes
  • Brand: Thule

SportRack Vista XL roof box
rear opening SportRack Vista XL
  • Name: SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box
  • Dimensions: 63″ x 38″ x 19″ (160 cm x 96.5 cm x 48.3 cm)
  • Loading Capacity: 100 lbs
  • Weight: 28 Pounds
  • Materials: ABS Recyclable Plastic
  • Locks: Yes
  • Brand: Thule

what does the DNA Motoring roof box look like after installation on a SUV
Side look of DNA MOTROING Cargo Box
  • Name: DNA Motoring Dual Sides Opening Roof Box
  • Dimensions: 78″ L X 31″ W X 15″ H
  • Loading Capacity: 110lbs
  • Weight: 37Lbs 
  • Materials: ABS Recyclable Plastic
  • Locks: Yes

side look of the Auto Dynasty cargo box
What does the Auto Dynasty cargo carrier look like after installation on roof racks?
  • Name: Auto Dynasty Hardshell cargo box
  • Dimensions: 53″ L x 34″ W x 15″ H
  • Loading Capacity: 110 LBS
  • Weight: ‎39 pounds
  • Materials: ABS Recyclable Plastic
  • Locks: Yes
  • Brand: Auto Dynasty

Detail Of 5 Cargo Boxes For Chrysler Pacifica

Thule Force XT XXL Rooftop Cargo Box

It is the first option for your Chrysler Pacifica. It is expensive with premium features and high-quality materials, so if you don’t care about the costs, you can choose it for better enjoyment and a nice looking. 

The Thule Force XXL offers 22 cubic feet of interior space for loading stuff on top of your minivan. The internal space is ample, but you cannot exceed the roof loading limit of your Chrysler Pacifica. Most manufacturers and experts don’t allow overloading because it is risky. You can use an article to find the consequences of overloading a roof box for learning from mistakes. 

The Thule Force XXL’s dimensions are 90.5 inches L x 35.5 inches W x 18.5 inches H, and you can use these numbers to find out if it suits your needs or not. 

For example, you can load 5 to 7 pairs of skis or 3 to 5 snowboards in the box. (the maximum length allowed is 215 cm)

Thule uses high-density ABS plastic materials to produce the box for durability and sturdiness. Although it is super rugged and ultra-durable, you should offer it proper storage when it is not in use. Most people want to know if they can drive their car with an empty roof box or not, and you can find the suggestions here.

The Thule Force XT XXL cargo box opens from dual sides, so you are not at risk when packing or unloading it on the highways. If you cannot reach the roof area when standing up, it becomes difficult to use a cargo box; therefore, you can use a car doorstep to generate easy accessibility. 

We put the Thule Force XXL in the first place on this list because of its ample space, trustable quality, and brand popularity. 

Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box

What you need to know about Thule Pulse Alpine cargo box

It is the second option for your Chrysler Pacifica. It has a thin design, and it provides 11 cubic feet of inner storage space on top of your Pacifica. 

The Thule Pulse Alpine roof box is perfect for long items like skis, snowboards, hunting equipment, fishing gear, and golf clubs. 

When using the Thule Pulse Alpine box, you don’t worry about the added height when accessing places like underground parking because the roof box adds 12.5 inches of height above the roof racks. 

If you are interested in finding more skinny or low-profile cargo boxes, you can use a list to discover more options.

The Thule Pulse Alpine opens from the passenger side. You can mount it on one side of your vehicle for easy loading. You can use an article to find the best position of a roof box on a car.

The Thule Pulse Alpine’s dimensions are 88.5″ L x 25.5″ W x 12.5″ H, and you can use the measurement to find if it suits your actual needs or not.

The box weighs 30 pounds, and you can lift it alone for installation; however, you should invite someone else to help you for better accuracy and security. You can finish the assembly without a tool in 10 minutes. 

Whatever roof racks you have on top of your Chrysler Pacifica, the Thule Pulse Alpine can fit it because of the universal compatibility with most factory racks, round, square, and aerodynamic racks. If you need a roof box for your minivan, you can use a list to find 10 universal roof racks for building your creative cargo management system.

We choose the Thule Pulse Alpine roof box because of its low-profile design and aesthetic appearance.

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

It is the third choice for your Chrysler Pacifica. The SportRack Vista XL roof box opens from the back, and it is unique and rare. It is perfect for SUVs or vans. 

Its dimensions are 63″ L x 38″ W x 19″ H (160 cm x 96.5 cm x 48.3 cm), and you can use the numbers to estimate what you can put in the box.

18 cubic feet of interior space allows you to stow up to 100 pounds of belongings on the roads. SportRack Vista cargo box is affordable for people who have a tight budget, and it is also a product from the well-known Thule brand. SportRack brand is a part of the Thule company. You don’t need to worry about the after-sale services because Thule stands behind its products.

You can use the PDF below to learn before making decisions.

What you must know when thinking about using SportRack Vista roof box as your rooftop carrier:

  • Rear-opening – it may not suit everyone’s loading habit.
  • Flimsy Lock core – the lock system requires lubrication, especially after using the roof box for a while.
  • Mounting hardware – you must make sure the existing roof bars meet the required bar spread between 23 5/8″ 60 cm and 29 3/4″ 75.5 cm to use the SportRack Vista XL cargo box. Otherwise, you may need to drill new holes at the bottom of the newly purchased box for mounting it on top of your existing roof racks. You can double-check the compatibility with the manufacturer before buying it for your Chrysler Pacifica.

There is much more information you need to know about using, choosing, repairing, and installing a roof box, and you can continue finding relevant topics for your interest on a list.

DNA Motoring Rooftop Mounting Box

aerydynamic design reduce wind noise
mounting hardware universallg fits most roof racks

It is the fourth option for your Chrysler Pacifica. The DNA Motoring roof box has 4 size options, and you can consider using any of the options to be additional storage for your Chrysler Pacifica. We recommend the 17 cubic feet model for you because of its ample interior space.

DNA MOTORING is a Chinese brand that started in 2007 with 10 employees, and the company now has 160 global employees. In 2020, DNA MOTORING donated supplies to prevent the global pandemic Covid-19. 

It fits vehicles with roof racks, so you need to install a pair of crossbars before investing in a DNA MOTORING roof box. The cargo box fits factory, round, square, and aerodynamic racks.

You can put up to 110 pounds of items in the roof box for transportation, and the roof box protects your belongings in extreme weather. The manufacturer uses rugged ABS plastic materials to build the roof box, and the materials are 80% recyclable. A central lock ensures the security of your luggage on the roads, but you may require to lubricate the lock core after using the roof box for a while. 

The 17 cubic feet DNA MOTORING model’s dimensions are 78″ L x 31″ W x 5″ H, and you can use the length and height to estimate if you can put your longest or highest item in the box or not.

The DNA MOTORING roof box has 4 mounting pieces of hardware that help you to lock the box on top of the crossbars. When installing the roof box, you don’t require to use any tools. However, you may need other people when lifting the cargo carrier upon the roof of your Chrysler Pacifica. 

The maximum width of the roof racks should be:

  • Bars must be at least 24 inches in width.
  • Bars Spread must be between 20 inches and 34 inches.

Auto Dynasty HardShell Luggage Rooftop Carrier

use the cargo box to load luggage for outdoor needs

It is the fifth option for your Chrysler Pacifica. The rooftop cargo carrier requires roof racks to stand on top of the car roof and transport what you may need for outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, climbing, traveling, skiing, golfing, and more.

Auto Dynasty utilizes ABS plastic to construct the rooftop luggage box for heavy-duty jobs, and the carrier is waterproof, sturdy, and durable. The rooftop carrier opens from the passenger side for easy accessibility and convenience.

Its dimensions are 53″ L x 34″ W x 15 ” H, and it is a good roof box for road trips. It has 11 cubic feet of inner room for carrying your belongings, and you can pack up to 110 lbs of stuff in the box. 

It universally fits most factory, round, square, and aerodynamic racks. The box has a central lock mechanism that requires lubrication when it is necessary. You can find a local locksmith to repair the lock core when needed. 

In Conclusion

In this article, you can find some roof boxes for your Chrysler Pacifica. You can use our site to discover more topics about rooftop cargo carriers. Except for using cargo boxes, you can consider using roof bags, baskets, or hitch cargo boxes for hauling items between locations.

Cargo boxes are the best rooftop carriers because of the security they add to your belongings. Roof bags and cargo baskets are less secure options that you can find on the market.

Roof bags are soft bags that don’t require roof racks when mounting them on top of your car roof. 

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