4 roof boxes for porsche cayenne

4 Best Cargo Boxes For Porsche Cayenne

Are you looking for cargo boxes for your Porsche Cayenne? If you are doing so, you can read this article that will lead you the way to find a suitable roof box for your vehicle and your family. The first thing is first. Our site is all about cargo carriers that expand the storage space for cars, and you can load more luggage or gear into it for vacations or other outdoor activities. 

Why we created this site? We want to help people to find compatible cargo carriers for their outdoor life. There are many different cargo carriers on the market, so you need to what they work for and how they work. For example, cargo bags and cargo boxes work for carrying luggage or gear or other stuff on top of a car, and they have many different sizes. Finding a suitable cargo box can be challenging for most people, so we use other words to make things easier for you. 

In this article, you can find four cargo boxes for Porsche Cayenne.

Your Porsche Cayenne is a mid-size luxury SUV that comes with a pair of luggage racks on its roof. Thus, you can attach a cargo box to your vehicle for loading more belongings. 

Roof Racks for Porsche Cayenne

If you are looking for roof racks for your Porsche Cayenne, you can contact your local dealer to get one or buy one on Amazon or Ebay. You can use one of these roof racks for car roofs without roof rails.

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Quick-Pick List of 4 Cargo Boxes for Porsche Cayenne

4 cargo boxes for porsche cayenne
ImageProductCapacityOpeningLoading CapacitySizeLinks
thule motion porscheThule Motion XT Cargo Box18 Cubic feetDual-side opening165 Pounds84.5 x 36 x 17 inchesCheck Price
thule vector porscheThule Vector Roof Box13 Cubic feetDual-side opening165 Pounds91 x 35 x 12.5 inchesCheck Price
goplus porscheGoplus Cargo Carrier14 Cubic feetDual-side opening165 Pounds63 x 31 x 15 inchesCheck Price
thule pulse porscheThule Pulse Cargo Box16 Cubic feetPassenger Side Opening165 Pounds76 x 33 x 16.5 inchesCheck Price

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Detail of 4 Cargo Boxes for Porsche Cayenne

Thule Motion XT Cargo Box

It is the first option for your Porsche Cayenne, and we recommend it because of its sturdy construction, waterproof material, and long-lasting quality. If you are new to the Thule brand, you can know more by reading an article on our site.

The Thule Motion XT series has three size options: Large, XL, and XXL, and these options have two color choices: black and titan. We suggest you consider using the XL(18 cubic feet) option for your Porsche Cayenne, and we will mainly introduce it to you in this article. 

Thule Motion XT Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes Buying Guide

It weighs 42 pounds, and it can load up to 165 pounds of items. Its dimensions are 84.5 x 36 x 17 inches, and you can use these numbers to estimate that if you can put your stuff into it or not. For skiing enthusiasts, it can carry 5-7 pairs of skis or 3-5 snowboards. It has an aerodynamic design that can reduce wind noise in motion and minimize the effects on gas mileage; furthermore, you can learn more about eliminating wind noise in another article. 

The Motion XT roof box offers a dual-opening feature that allows you to open it from both sides for convenience. It also has grip-friendly handles and lid-holders that help you with using it with ease. We recommend you lift the cargo box with someone else because it is a big box. If you do it alone, you may accidentally drop it and hurt your car’s printing.

The advanced automatic lock system is easy to use, and the lid closes itself in seconds with an indication sound. It is as easy to install as other cargo boxes on the market, and if you want to know how easy the installation is, you can visit another post on our site to generate ideas. However, we want to mention one thing at this point, when you install your cargo box, you should adjust its position to ensure that there is enough room for an opening hatchback.

Thule Vector Cargo Box

It is the second option for your Porsche Cayenne. It has two size options: alpine and medium, and it has two color options: titan matte and black metallic. If you are a skiing enthusiast, you can use it to carry skis or snowboards. Otherwise, you also can transport your golf clubs by using a cargo box. It is also a suitable choice for camping lovers, and it can hold all kinds of camping equipment without a hassle. It is one of the most popular cargo boxes in 2023, and you can compare it with other best-selling cargo boxes.

Its weight is 59.3 pounds, and it can hold up to 165 pounds of items. It offers a built-in LED light that helps you in the nighttime when you load it.

Goplus Cargo Box

Goplus cargo box can reduce wind noise and minimize the fuel waste in your outdoor life.

It is the third option for your Porsche Cayenne. We have published a post about the Goplus cargo box, and you can learn more there.

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Thule Pulse Cargo Box

dimensions of Thule pulse cargo box

It is the fourth option for your Porsche Cayenne. We also have an article that talks about it in detail.

Thule Pulse Cargo Boxes Specs Guide

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