3 rooftop cargo carriers for Honda CRV

3 Better Rooftop Cargo Carriers For Honda CR-V

You are about to discover three rooftop cargo carriers for your beautiful Honda CRV. Whatever model of Honda CRV you have in your garage, these rooftop cargo carriers below are going to fit your car perfectly.

If you are thinking about buying a roof box for your Honda CRV, this is the right article for you. However, if this is the first time that you want to purchase a rooftop cargo carrier for your family, you probably need to learn something before your buying actions. 

We have created several contents that have foundational knowledge about the cargo boxes.

  1. Why do you need a rooftop cargo carrier?
  2. What can rooftop cargo carriers do for you?
  3. What are the cargo boxes for camping and golfing clubs?
  4. Car roof boxes buying guides for different cars.
You can load more luggage or gear on the car roof after having a rooftop cargo box on Honda CRV
Find cargo carriers For Honda CRV

Your Honda CRV has large interior space, but when you are having road trips or vacation camping with friends or families, your Honda CRV is too small for those holiday events. You will find no space for your belongings, and people are squeezing together as hard as they can on the seats to create room for luggage and equipment. Under the circumstances, you will never have a comfortable, relaxing, unforgettable road trip or camping holiday with your friends or families. What is the solution? A cargo carrier can help you to solve the problem without spending too much investment or energy.

What are the tips for buying a rooftop cargo carrier?

You can read the other recommended articles on our site; you can also follow this article to get some general ideas about the tips for choosing a cargo box.

  1. Dimension – why dimensions are so important? First, your Honda CRV’s roof has dimensions, so you cannot assemble a longer or broader roof box on the top of your Honda CRV. If you do, there is an interference between the hatchback and the cargo box; consequently, you can not fully open your trunk. Moreover, roof boxes’ dimensions decide what you can load into it; thus, if you are a skiing fan, you have to consider if you can stow your skis or snowboards into the roof box.
  2. Loading Capacity – how many things can you put into the cargo carrier? If you have a big family, you can choose a cargo carrier with a larger capacity number. In opposite, a smaller loading capacity indicates that the roof box has less interior space for packing.
  3. Mounting system – how to install a rooftop cargo carrier on the rack system of your Honda CRV? If you use the roof box very often, you can choose a roof box with a secure and easy-to-use mounting system. When you don’t use it, you can disassemble it from the roof rack in minutes without a tool. Also, you can install it on the rack system with ease. On the market, there are memorial, audible, and sliding mounting systems for your selections.

You will discover three rooftop cargo carriers for Honda CRV, and we are going to discuss them a little bit. We hope that we will help you to choose the right rooftop cargo carrier for your car.

Roof Racks for Honda CRV

If you need to order a pair of roof bars for your Honda CRV, you can contact your local dealer for getting one or you can buy one online from Amazon or Ebay. If your Hond CRV has empty roof, you can find crossbars that work without roof rails.

best cargo box for 2018 honda CRV
cargo boxes for honda CRV

Quick-Pick List of Rooftop Cargo Carriers For Honda CRV

yakima rocketBOX pro roof box for honda crv
 Yakima – RocketBox Pro 14 cubic ft L: 74″ W: 33″ H: 16″ 50.8 lbs Both sides

yakima showcase 20 cubic feet option
 Yakima – Showcase 20 20 cubic ft L: 93″ W: 38″ H: 19″ 60 lbs Both sides

thule motion xt roof cargo box side look
Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier16 Cubic Ft77″ x 36″ x 17″42 lbsDual-sides

5 Cargo Bags For Honda CRV

After checking out the above cargo boxes, you don’t find any of those that fit your demands; thus, you can consider using a roof bag as an alternative for carrying items for your outdoor life. We list 5 best roof bags for all cars, so you can have a look at them before leaving.

A list of cargo baskets for all SUVs, Sedans, Vans, Trucks, and your Honda CRV

Details about Rooftop Cargo Carriers For Honda CRV

Yakima – RocketBox Pro

Yakima company has a good reputation on the market in the outdoor equipment field. The Yakima rooftop cargo boxes are performing outstandingly in the mouth of their users. 

Yakima RocketBox Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes Buyer Guide

The advanced ABS materials offer durable, sturdy, and waterproof characteristics to the Yakima RocketBox cargo boxes. Your belongings or luggage will stay secure, safe, and dry in it under any extreme weather conditions. We thank Yakima to produce a trustable product like it. 

From its outside, you can observe that its aerodynamic shape not only reduces the wind noise in motion but also creates zero effects on your gas mileage. Its UV resistance ensures that its color is not going to fade away.

The Yakima RocketBox has three models:

  1. RocketBox Pro 11: Weight: 38.00 lbs. Dimensions: L 89.00 in x W 24.00 in x H 16.00 in.
  2. RocketBox Pro 12: Weight: 30.00 lbs. Dimensions: L 58.00 in x W 36.00 in x H 16.00 in.
  3. RocketBox Pro 14: Weight: 40.00 lbs. Dimensions: L 74.00 in x W 33.00 in x H 16.00 in.

You can choose one to fit your specific needs. 

Attention here:

You have to measure from the center of the front crossbar to the nearest edge of the open hatchback, and you have to make sure you measure across the flat surface of the crossbars.

RocketBox 12: Minimum distance required 40 in (101.6cm)

RocketBox 11 and 14: Minimum distance required 45 in (137.16 cm)

You should never buy one without the measurement.

Attention here:

You have to measure from the center of the front crossbar to the nearest edge of the open trunk hatch. Make sure you measure across the flat surface of the crossbars.

RocketBox 12: Minimum distance required 40 in (101.6cm)

RocketBox 11 and 14: Minimum distance required 45 in (137.16 cm)

You should never buy one without the measurement.

YAKIMA – Showcase, Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Space for Larger Vehicles

Yakima Showcase builds for large cars like your Honda CRV. It offers 20 cubic interior space for your extra storage on road trips or camping events.

Its dimensions are enough to carry snowboards, skis, or other large equipment. The 93 inches L x 38 inches W x 19 inches H is the number for you to estimate if you can load your items into it or not. The roof box is 60 lbs in weight, and it is a little bit heavier than other options on the market. You might need someone’s help in assembling it or removing it from the top of your roof rack.

You can open the Yakima RocketBox from both sides, so you won’t worry about where to park for creating the convenience of using the cargo box. According to its dimensions, if your Honda CRV has a broader rack system, you can also mount your bikes or other equipment in the spare space beside the roof box.

There are two options for the Showcase model that are Showcase 20 and Showcase 15. Showcase 20 is 210cm in length which is 30cm longer than Showcase 15. 

Thule Rooftop Cargo Carriers

If this is the first time you visit our site, you may not know the Thule cargo boxes. In short, Thule is the best. The universal fitting mount system ensures that you can use the Thule rooftop cargo box for most vehicles. All the Thule rooftop cargo hard-shell carriers come with high-quality materials and aerodynamic and durable, sturdy constructions. 

Each Thule cargo box model has several options with different sizes and capacities, so you can choose one to fit both your car and your needs.

Thule cargo boxes are highly revered in the industry, and if you are new to our site, allow us to introduce you to their exceptional features. Thule stands as a leading brand, known for their top-notch quality and innovation. One of the standout attributes of Thule cargo boxes is their universal fitting mount system, which allows for seamless compatibility with most vehicles. This means that whether you have a sedan, SUV, or even a truck, you can trust that Thule has got you covered.

Moreover, Thule cargo boxes are designed with utmost precision, using high-quality materials that guarantee durability and longevity. The hard-shell carriers are aerodynamic in shape, ensuring minimal wind resistance during travel. This not only contributes to a smoother driving experience but also aids in reducing fuel consumption.

When it comes to selecting a Thule cargo box, there is no shortage of options. Each model offers a range of sizes and capacities, catering to different preferences and requirements. So, whether you have a compact car with limited storage space or need to transport bulkier items, Thule provides the perfect solution tailored to both your vehicle and specific needs.

In summary, Thule cargo boxes are a wise choice for anyone seeking reliability, versatility, and convenience. Their superior design aesthetics combined with sturdy constructions make them an ideal companion for any journey.

Thule Motion XT Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes Information Guide

If you are still curious about how good is Thule products, you can read other articles on our site. Also, we put a link below for you that will lead you to the Thule store on Amazon. 

Cargo Box On Honda CRV Gallery


In this article, we discussed two rooftop cargo carriers for your Honda CRV, and we also introduced the Thule brand to you. Why is no detailed info about the Thule products? We are a little bit lazy about writing repeating words about the Thule products, and you can read more about the Thule rooftop cargo carriers in other content. Sorry about that, and we hope we can have your understanding.


We guess that you wonder about what type of cargo boxes are compatible with your Honda CR-V. We are here to help you out of the problem with our picks. When you consider buying a roof box for a vehicle, you need to consider many things like measurement, intentions, load capacity, installation, and wind noise caused by cargo boxes. We will show you some advice on these topics on our site, and you can use the menu section to locate the article for these ideas. After reading some of the articles, you can generate knowledge about correctly using your cargo box in your future outdoor adventures.

Your Honda CR-V is a small 4WD SUV, and it has about 35 to 40 cubic feet of cargo area. Its original storage space is not enough for active life or a big family, so you may need to add extra storage space for your Honda CR-V for your outdoor life. You have many options on the market to achieve that purpose as using a cargo bag, a cargo box, a roof basket, or other cargo carriers.

Other car rooftop or rear cargo carriers for bikes, kayaks, luggage, and more.

We recommend you consider attaching a cargo box to your vehicle because it is easy to use and install. In this article, we will list three compatible cargo boxes for your Honda CR-V, and you can choose one of them as your added storage space without spending time on further learning and searching.

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