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Surprising Mattress Sizes That Fit Perfectly in Your Subaru Outback

Introduction: The Versatility of the Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is known for its unwavering endurance, expansive interior, and off-road prowess. When it comes to dependability on even the most challenging terrains, roominess to accommodate all your needs, and the ability to explore off the conventional path, the Subaru Outback has garnered widespread acclaim and high regard. From navigating winding mountain roads to cruising along open highways, this versatile vehicle can conquer any adventure that comes its way. And what better way to enhance your Outback experience than by converting it into the ultimate adventure-mobile? By equipping it with a properly-sized mattress, you can transform the back of your Subaru Outback into a snug sanctuary for rejuvenating nights while on the go.

what size mattress can you fit in the trunk of your Subaru Outback

The Perfect Fit: Finding the Right Size Mattress for Your Subaru Outback

When it comes to selecting the perfect mattress size for your Subaru Outback, you have plenty of options to consider. Comfort and fit are key factors in this important decision. Choosing the right size mattress ensures a night of restful sleep and unmatched comfort. Fortunately, there are surprising mattress sizes that perfectly complement the spacious interior of your Outback.

While a standard twin or full-size mattress may seem like the obvious choice, there are alternative options that can provide an even better fit for your specific model. One intriguing option is a custom-sized mattress explicitly designed to match the dimensions of your Subaru Outback length 72 inches and width 38 inches. These mattresses are meticulously crafted with precision, guaranteeing a snug and tailored fit in the back of your vehicle.

If you prefer versatility and convenience, camping mattresses or foldable futon mattresses present excellent possibilities. These options can be easily folded or rolled up for effortless storage during the day while still delivering exceptional comfort at night. So, whether you prioritize portability or space-saving qualities, you’ll find an ideal solution with either a camping mattress or a foldable futon mattress.

Choose wisely and experience unparalleled comfort on all your journeys with your Subaru Outback!

157incarmattressesConvenient and Compact: The D-Hive SUV Air Mattress comes in one piece, eliminating the need to gather additional tools. It is compact and easy to store when not in use.
Built-in Electric Pump: The mattress features a built-in electric pump, allowing you to directly plug it into your car and inflate it in minutes. No need to carry a separate pump or manually inflate the mattress.
Robust and Durable: Made with reinforced waterproof PVC, this air mattress is designed to withstand harsh conditions of use. It is resistant to damage and can be used on any surface without worry.
Air-Tight Guarantee: Each mattress undergoes rigorous testing for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure there are no air leaks. This guarantees uninterrupted nights of sleep without unexpected deflation.
Comfortable Sleep: The ergonomic honeycomb design of the mattress surface provides optimal comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. It rivals the comfort of your own bed at home.
Designed to Fit: The mattress is designed to accommodate two people comfortably. It is a full-size mattress that fits well in SUVs, Jeep Wranglers, 4runners, and other mid to large-sized SUVs. Make sure to check the specific sizes and measure your vehicle for a perfect fit.
 71.9″L x 45.4″W x 10″ Th D-Hive SUV Air MattressCheck Price
156incarmattressesThickened and Double-sided Flocking: The WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress is made with thickened and double-sided flocking, providing a comfortable and soft surface for resting or sleeping.
High Standard Material and Exquisite Design: This air mattress is made with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. The 6P environmental protection, 38UM thickness, and 58P PVC material make it durable and resistant to pressure and shock. The composite breathable double-sided surface layer polymer corduroy bed surface adds to the comfort and softness of the mattress.
4 Separate Air Chambers for Inflation: The mat is designed with a hidden line in the middle, dividing it into 4 inflation segments. This allows you to fully inflate the mattress for multiple people to use or partially inflate it (40% or 60%) for a single person, depending on the back space of your SUV.
Adapted to Different Weather Conditions: This air mattress can be used in various weather conditions, with an ambient temperature range of -25℃ to 50℃ (-13°F to 122°F). Whether it’s a summer camp or a winter hiking trip, this mattress can withstand the temperature and provide comfort.
Easy to Install: The WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress comes with a DC 12V air pump, making it easy to inflate. Simply plug the pump into the car cigarette lighter socket and pump air into the nozzles. The mattress can be quickly and conveniently inflated for immediate use.
Used in Various Occasions and Easy to Carry: This mattress can be used in different settings, whether it’s in your SUV as a resting bed or in a tent for camping and outdoor sports. It is also easy to carry, allowing you to bring it wherever you go for a comfortable sleeping or resting experience.
 76″L x 51.1″W x 3.9″ Th WEY&FLY SUV Air MattressCheck Price
155incarmattressesDurable & PVC Free Fabric: The HEYTRIP SUV Inflatable Air Mattress is made with 600D polyester pongee lining fabric, which is more durable than traditional PVC material. It can withstand pet claws and wood chips without getting damaged. Plus, it does not have any chemical smell, making it safe to sleep on.
Single or Double Options: This air mattress has two air chambers, allowing you to inflate both sides for a full bed measuring 72 x 47 (35.4) x 4 inches. Alternatively, you can inflate only one side and use the other half for storage when you are going solo car camping.
Adjustable Firmness: Designed with couples in mind, the HEYTRIP air mattress features a firmness-adjusted valve on both sides. You and your partner can easily adjust the firmness of the mattress on each side for personalized comfort.
Inflates and Deflates Easily: With the included 12V electric air pump, this air mattress can be inflated in just 2 minutes. Deflating and packing it down is also quick and easy. When not in use, simply store it in the provided storage bag.
Fit Most SUV: The HEYTRIP air mattress is tailored to fit around the wheel wells of your SUV, allowing you to use the entire trunk space for sleeping. It is designed to fit over 1,800 different vehicle models, including Subaru, Toyota, Jeep, Tesla, and more.
Satisfaction Assured: The HEYTRIP air mattress goes through rigorous air leak testing for 72 hours before packing. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the air mattress, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee and will make it right for you.
 72″L x 47″W x 4″ ThHEYTRIP SUV Inflatable Air MattressCheck Price
154incarmattressesIntegrated Design: The JOYTUTUS SUV Air Mattress features an integrated design for easy inflation. With just one inflation, you can set up the air mattress effortlessly.
Thicker Fabric: The air mattress is made of thickened PVC material, ensuring stability and comfort. It can easily bear the weight of two adults and provides a cushiony feel with its soft velvet-like flocking fabric surface and pillows.
Good Air Tightness: This truck air mattress offers excellent air tightness, allowing it to bear the weight of two adults without deflating for more than 48 hours. It is recommended to inflate it in the living room and let it stay inflated overnight to remove any wrinkles before initial use.
Quick Inflation: The double-layer air valve makes it convenient to inflate and deflate the air mattress. It comes with a plug and a car air pump that can be connected to the cigarette lighter for easy and fast inflation. The air mattress also holds the air very well, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience.
Versatile: This air mattress can be easily moved from your car to the campsite. It is suitable for various vehicles such as Jeep WK2, JK, JKU, JL, JLU, pickup trucks, Toyota 4Runner, Ford Bronco 2021-2022, Subaru Forester, Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X, and more. It is perfect for road trips, camping, fishing, or even for cozy movie nights in your car.
 71″ L x 55″ W x 4″ H JOYTUTUS SUV Air MattressCheck Price
153incarmattressesVersatile Use: The KMZ SUV Air Mattress can be used in a variety of settings, including at home, in the courtyard, on the balcony, in the bedroom or living room for guests, and even for outdoor activities such as camping, at the beach, and for car travel in SUVs, RVs, and trucks.
Built-in Electric Pump: This air mattress comes with a built-in electric pump that is easily chargeable with its included Type-C to USB charging cable. It also includes a USB interface, allowing you to conveniently charge your phone while using the mattress.
Skin and Environmentally Friendly: The mattress is made of high-quality, thick flocked PVC material that is both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. It provides a comfortable sleeping surface while also ensuring you are taking care of the environment.
Easy to Use and Carry: The SUV air mattress comes with an electric air pump that quickly inflates the mattress when outdoors. It can be fully charged within 2 minutes and has widened vents for easy deflation. The mattress can be folded and stored in the included gift storage bag, making it convenient to carry and doesn’t take up much space.
Adapted to Different Weather Conditions: The camping mattress is designed to be adaptable to various weather conditions, with an ambient temperature range of -25℃ to 50℃ (-13°F to 122°F). This means you can enjoy using the mattress during summer camping trips or even in colder temperatures.
 75.2″L x 50.8″W x 6.7″ Th KMZ SUV Air MattressCheck Price
151incarmattresses3-in-1 Use: This air mattress is designed to be versatile and functional. It can be used at home, in SUV cars, or for outdoor activities such as camping or beach trips.
6 Separate Air Chamber Design: The mattress features 6 chambers that improve stability and compatibility with different car models, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
Comfortable and Durable Material: Made of thick PVC material, this air mattress is designed to support up to 3 large people without leaking air. It offers a comfortable and durable sleeping surface.
Easy to Inflate/Deflate: The mattress comes with a car air pump and 3 different inflate funnels, making it quick and easy to inflate and deflate. It takes approximately 6-10 minutes to inflate and 6-8 minutes to deflate.
Complete Package: The package includes the air mattress, 2 pillows for added comfort, a long pier for inflation, an air pump, a carry bag for easy transportation, an instruction manual, and a colorful carton for packaging. The mattress also comes with a warranty.
Convenient and Portable: This air mattress is designed to be easy to use and portable for everyone. It can be easily packed and carried in the provided carry bag, making it ideal for travel and outdoor activities.
 69″L x 51″W x 6″ ThSAYGOGO SUV Air MattressCheck Price
152incarmattressesElectric air pump, repair kit, carrying bag, and two inflatable pillows, providing you with everything you need for a comfortable and convenient travel experience. The electric air pump allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation, saving you time and effort. The repair kit ensures that you can fix any accidental punctures or damages while on the road. The carrying bag allows for easy storage and transportation of the air mattress, while the two inflatable pillows add extra comfort and support during your journey. With these abundant accessories, you can enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience with the FineBud SUV Car Air Mattress. 67″L x 45″W x 2.7″ Th FineBud SUV Car Air MattressCheck Price

Finding the perfect size mattress for your Subaru Outback may seem like a daunting task. With its roomy interior and adaptable cargo space, the Subaru Outback is an ideal vehicle for all your outdoor escapades and long drives. But when it comes to catching some Zs in your car, having a comfortable and properly fitting mattress becomes an absolute necessity. Ensuring that you find a mattress that offers both comfort and a snug fit is vital, especially if you’re planning on spending nights in your vehicle. However, don’t fret! There are countless options available to guarantee a restful slumber during your adventures.

When selecting a mattress for your Subaru Outback, it’s important to consider the size of your vehicle’s cargo area. The Subaru Outback offers ample space, but accurate measurements are necessary to ensure a proper fit. Take precise measurements of the length, width, and height of the cargo area to determine the maximum dimensions for your mattress. By doing so, you can confidently find a mattress that fits perfectly and enjoy a hassle-free transportation experience.

Once you have determined the maximum dimensions, explore various options for mattresses that suit your Subaru Outback. There is a range of choices including air mattresses, foam mattresses, and inflatable camping mattresses. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to consider your personal preferences and requirements. Remember that each type of mattress—from memory foam to innerspring—provides its unique advantages and disadvantages to meet individual needs.

Air mattresses are an excellent choice for camping and road trips due to their portability and ease of use. You can easily inflate and deflate them, adjusting the firmness to your preference for a comfortable sleep. However, it’s essential to consider storage options as air mattresses can be bulky when inflated.

If you’re looking for a more compact option, foam mattresses are worth considering. They are lightweight, and easy to store, making them perfect for camping and road trips with your Subaru Outback. With different thicknesses and densities available, you can find a foam mattress that offers the right balance of support and comfort.

put a mattress in the trunk for camping events with Subaru Outback

For outdoor adventures, inflatable camping mattresses are designed specifically to withstand rough terrains and weather conditions. Made from durable materials, they offer convenience with easy inflation and deflation. While they may not provide the same level of comfort as air or foam mattresses, their lightweight design makes them a practical choice for camping trips.

When selecting a mattress for your Subaru Outback, you have the opportunity to prioritize your personal comfort preferences and requirements. It’s crucial to take precise measurements of your vehicle’s cargo area and assess storage possibilities for when the mattress is not in use. By finding a mattress that fits properly, you can enhance your outdoor adventures and road trips in your Subaru Outback by enjoying a truly comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Making Room: Creative Tips to Accommodate a Mattress in Your Outback

For optimal comfort during your camping or road trip, it’s essential to find the perfect-sized mattress for your Subaru Outback. Once you have that sorted, it’s time to unleash your creativity and make the most of the available space. A handy trick is investing in a cargo organizer or storage bin that can be conveniently placed on top of the folded mattress. This ingenious solution allows you to efficiently store camping gear, clothing, or even a portable fridge.

inflatable mattress can fit the trunk size of Subaru Outback

To add an extra touch of comfort while saving space, consider using inflatable pillows or cushions as makeshift headrests or armrests. This not only maximizes comfort but also serves as a practical way to optimize your limited space.

Furthermore, if you have additional items that won’t fit inside your vehicle, why not take advantage of a camping gear hammock? Easily attachable to the roof of your Outback, this hammock provides extra storage capacity for those odds and ends that are essential for outdoor adventures.

Get ready for an incredible experience in nature with these innovative ideas! Rest assured knowing that you’ll enjoy a restful night’s sleep under the beautiful starry sky with these creative solutions for mattress accommodation in your sturdy Outback.

Let’s begin by discussing the available space in your outback. While it may not be the largest, there are creative solutions to make the most of it. One option is investing in a rooftop tent, which can easily attach to your vehicle and provide a comfortable sleeping area with a built-in mattress. It’s like having a cozy hideaway on top of your outback!

If a rooftop tent isn’t your preferred choice, you can consider using inflatable mattresses. These can be deflated and stored during the day, freeing up valuable space for you to move around. When it’s time to sleep, simply inflate the mattress and enjoy instant comfort.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of organization. Utilizing storage containers or bins will keep your camping gear and supplies neatly packed away. This allows for more usable space and makes it easier to fit a mattress inside your outback.

Let’s now discuss the topic of bedding. Consider choosing compact bedding options such as sleeping bags or lightweight blankets. These items can be conveniently rolled up and stored during the day, allowing for more space for your mattress. Additionally, they add a pleasant and cozy touch to your sleeping arrangement.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to explore the versatility of your outback setting. Incorporate foldable furniture or hammocks into your sleeping arrangements. Who says you have to sleep on the ground? With a touch of creativity, you can design a distinctive and comfortable sleeping space that will make your outback area the envy of other campers.

So there you have it – some imaginative suggestions for incorporating a mattress into your outback experience. By tapping into your imagination and resourcefulness, you can transform your outdoor adventure into a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Safe travels!

Comfort on the Road: Choosing a Mattress with the Subaru Outback in Mind

Let’s now discuss the topic of bedding. Consider choosing compact bedding options such as sleeping bags or lightweight blankets. These items can be conveniently rolled up and stored during the day, allowing for more space for your mattress. Additionally, they add a pleasant and cozy touch to your sleeping arrangement.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to explore the versatility of your outback setting. Incorporate foldable furniture or hammocks into your sleeping arrangements. Who says you have to sleep on the ground? With a touch of creativity, you can design a distinctive and comfortable sleeping space that will make your outback area the envy of other campers.

So there you have it – some imaginative suggestions for incorporating a mattress into your outback experience. By tapping into your imagination and resourcefulness, you can transform your outdoor adventure into a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Safe travels!

Choosing a mattress for your Subaru Outback can be quite challenging

Choosing a mattress for your Subaru Outback can be quite challenging. There are several factors to consider, and it’s important to make the right choice. First and foremost, you’ll need to find a mattress that fits properly in the back of your vehicle. While most Subaru Outback models have sufficient cargo space, it’s always wise to measure the dimensions beforehand.

In addition to size, you should also take into account the material and comfort level of the mattress. Foam mattresses are a popular option due to their ability to conform to your body and provide excellent support. Look for mattresses with multiple layers as they offer enhanced comfort and ensure a restful night’s sleep. Memory foam mattresses are another great choice as they alleviate pressure points and mold themselves according to your body’s unique contours.

For those who enjoy outdoor expeditions, it may be worth considering a camping or backpacking mattress specifically designed for such activities. These mattresses are lightweight, compact, and built with durability in mind, making them perfect companions for off-road adventures. Look out for features like built-in air pumps or self-inflating capabilities; they can save you considerable time and effort when setting up camp.

Selecting the right mattress is crucial for ensuring optimal comfort during your travels in the Subaru Outback. Take your time exploring different options before making a decision that will guarantee restful nights wherever you go on your exciting journeys.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider your budget. Mattresses can vary greatly in price, so it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you’re willing to spend before beginning your search. Keep in mind that investing in a high-quality mattress is well worth it, as a good night’s sleep is essential for both physical and mental well-being.

what do you need to bring on a camping day in your Subaru Outback?

In conclusion, choosing a mattress with your Subaru Outback in mind doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By considering factors such as size, material, comfort level, and budget, you can find the perfect mattress to ensure a restful night’s sleep on all your adventures. So go ahead and hit the road with confidence, knowing that comfort is just a mattress away!

Adventures Await: Exploring the Outdoors with Your Cozy Subaru Outback Sleeping Set-up

With your Subaru Outback now equipped with a comfortable mattress, it’s time to embark on the adventures that await. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to the mountains or a cross-country road trip, you can now experience the freedom of camping wherever your heart desires. Wake up to breathtaking views, enjoy a warm cup of coffee while watching the sunrise, and embrace the beauty of the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

Sweet Dreams on the Go: Embracing the Freedom of Sleeping in Your Subaru Outback

Sleeping in your Subaru Outback opens up a world of possibilities for spontaneous adventures and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re stargazing in the desert, listening to the calming sounds of the ocean, or waking up to the chirping of birds in a national park, falling asleep and waking up to the wonders of nature is an experience like no other.

The freedom to choose where you sleep allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature’s beauty without the constraints of traditional accommodations. From campsites and beaches to remote locations off the beaten path, the possibilities are endless when you have a comfortable mattress waiting for you in your Subaru Outback.

Conclusion: Transforming Your Subaru Outback into the Ultimate Adventure Mobile with the Perfect Mattress Fit

In conclusion, adding a well-fitting mattress to your Subaru Outback opens up a world of comfort and adventure. Whether you choose a custom-sized mattress or a foldable futon, finding the perfect fit ensures restful nights and rejuvenating mornings on the road. With creative organization solutions and a focus on comfort, your Subaru Outback can transform into the ultimate adventure mobile, ready to take you on unforgettable journeys filled with restful nights and endless possibilities. So, pack your bags, buckle up, and get ready for a lifetime of sweet dreams ahead in your cozy Subaru Outback.

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